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Title: R. Rothwell,Quebec,Canada, to His Mother,Co.Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRothwell, Richard Jr/24
SenderRothwell, Richard Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
RecipientRothwell, Rosa
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT2621/3/1: Copied by Permission of D.B. Rothwell Esq., Orchard Croft, Lund, Yorkshire, England
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9501320
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 25:01:1995.
Word Count672
TranscriptPoint St Charles, Dec 29. 1863

My Dear Mother
I can tell you that your letters and your newspapers
come pretty regular now cheering me on in my work and my duty. I am
again in trouble concerning lodings [lodgings?] although these
people put up for having been born and breed ladies still for the
sake of making two dollars a month they have taken another boarder
to stop in the house along with them not only unconvenincing
[unconveniencing?] me but now pretend that they do not like or want
him and yet cannot summon courage to tell him so. I will now give
you a diseriplier [description?] of him and you will then be able to
form a vague notion of what he is. First of all he is 6 feet high,
but very slender with a chubby nose, and if you can onlypicture in
your minds some old shinny [shinney?] misers hands you will then
get an idea of your sans companion or rather fellow boarder I hate
the sight of him a coarse mannered big soft blaguard, when he does
not go out at night which is not often as the snow is too deep and
it is too cold he sits on a chair with his feet on the top of the
stove which is 3 feet high dirby pipe in his mouth a novel in his
hand and to complete his carraccature [caracature?] [chiffoan?] on
the floor and that is the company that I am obliged to spend my
evenings with, he speaks nothing but what you would hear if you
entered some [lou?] tavern so you see their taking this one nasty
man has spoilt my whole enjoyment that I once had here. I can assure
you that I hate moving it is not only disagreable to oneself but it
says very little for me in the eyes of my fellow workmen, but leave
I will if they do not send him away. Mr Cordiren visited me up the
other Sunday to spend an afternoon he had got your letter and was
much pleased to hear from you or any person in Befast [Belfast?] he
sends you his respects to you and all of your family he only spoke
of one person about boarding the only person that lives near enough
for to suit me and he does not know weather [whether?] they take
boarders, but I was not at church on last Sunday for Christmas day I
was on the ice and fell and got a black eye, it was so painful on
christmas night that I had to go to bed, but it is now quite well. I
spent a very quite [quiet?] day we only got one day, but we shall
have two at news year [New Year?]. we have got one of the [pecie?]
engines but I do not know wether [whether?] we have made anything
or not. I got your poost office order and got it cashed 4$ dollars.
87. cents keeping any discount after it of. 13. cents I am much
obliged to you for it and shall not forget it . I sent you a letter
to father and I also sent you a view of the Bridge it is to him
from the opposite side of the river to which I live as it only cost
me one shilling. I hope you will get it safe the weather here is
very cold and the river nearly taken that is frozen over, there is
about a foot of snow on the ground some places 4 feet deep, the snow
hear [here?] is not like what we have at home it is like dull it is
so fine. and it will drift through anything. I am going to join a
drawing class which starts next week. I will not wish you a merry
christmas but hope that the [slew?] will shine on you and all this
year give my love and kisses to all espicelly [especially?] to
Margaritta Frank and all of
them believe me ever
Your Much
attatched Son
R. Rothwill [Rothwell?]