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Title: Anne Scott, Londonderry, To Her Sister, Eliz, [Location?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileScott, Anne/169
SenderScott, Anne
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDerry, N.Ireland
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT.2609/2: Copied by Permission of Mrs J. F. Hodges, Glenravel House, Glenravel, County Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9701203
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October 26th

1833 or 4

My dear Elizabeth,

Here we are at last, safe & well
thank God, we returned the latter
end of last month, but I was so
engaged that I had not time to [write?]
first settling, then with a visit
from Mr & Mrs John Young, & daughter
next an enormous party, to celebrate
Kitty's coming of age, receiving
& returning visits, in this neighbourhood
no easy task, the Balteagh
family spent two days with us, I
rejoice to find Bessy more easily
drawn out of her [dim?] [period?] it is good
for the children to associate with
others. I think it is an advantage to
both parties, our last act of dissipation
was a visit to [Earlsgift?], Mr Douglas' place,
where we dined & slept last Friday,
they are an interesting family of
young people, the two eldest girls conduct
the establishment & take care of the children
in the most admirable manner
their father, is alas, a giddy thoughtless
man. after all this I am perfectly
well, never was better in my
present situation, & think I am now
quite safe, & may take my rest
I have just been writing to Kitty
Richardson, who promised us [a?]
last spring and whom we have been
putting off ever since, to propose her
now coming to us, and I venture to
make a request to you which if you
grant, it will be a great gratification
to us all, Will you allow Annie
to accompany her? & trust me with
her for a short time, Thomas & Willy
Campbell will be going to Dublin in
the course of next month & can bring
her home, I assure you I shall consider
her a sacred charge & she shall receive
equal care with my own, she can
proceed with all her studies, & as she
has not any masters at present, can
not lose much, now do not start dear
Elizabeth, but think of this, I do think
it an advantage, that relationship
should be kept up between children
& surely you & James will not fear
to trust me for so short a time with
my Godchild - I suppose thursday
week is that on which dear Edward
is to enter College, I shall feel most
anxious to hear how gets off and [what?] (sic)
his plan of study is to be, I suppose
he will return home for the present,
Our James promises to be a quick boy, he
is getting on extremely well with
his Latin & Greek grammars, but
has not got further, his uncle George
has him examined with his boys,
& he is to spend a day at Balteagh
every week for the purpose
Elizabeth Clements sent me a long letter
from Olivia, who is in Germany at present
and staying at one of the Spas there, on
account of her health, which is very delicate,
but it may I trust be accounted for by
her present situation, she expects to remain
the winter abroad, as Mr Stubbs is building,
she seems very happy & to enjoy her travels
very much. The McKinny [McKinney?] family are all
well, Thos [Thomas?] was offered the representation
of the County, but I rejoice to say declined
the honour - I have had letters from
both Maria & Jane, the latter well & enjoying
herself at Clifton, the former travelling
with James Ogilby, she wrote from Beau
Meauris [Beaumaris?], in Wales, where they had stopped,
intending to stay some weeks, as Jas. [James?] had tired
of moving, they propose spending the winter
in the Isle of Wight, & visiting [Lyncombe?]
in North Devon, on their way; James's
bother [brother?] has got a Statement of his accounts
from Mr Moss, & demanded a full one from
his cousin, Mr M. L. O [gibby?], which is promised
him in november, this is a great point
gained. Dr Carlyle is still with him -
you have never told me whether you
have weaned baby, until I hear you have
done so, it would be vain to hope for a visit
but when that is over, I hope & trust you will
contrive to come & see us. If Annie & Jane
are good english scholars, with well-regulated
minds, I think you need not regret accomplishments,
they have enough to go on with themselves,
& be a recourse to them, & it will be easy
if an opportunity accrues, now & then to get
assistance from masters, but the more experience
I gain, the more I feel convinced, accomplishments
are not education, that in consists in
the formation of right habits, is not thinking
& solid information, which they
can acquire without masters or mistresses
either, except yourself - I am beginning to
feel anxious on this score, about Lizzy & Hanna
Miss Addis is not the person to carry on this
sort of education, & we are casting about in
hopes of finding one more to our minds -
I have scribbled over all my paper & must
now come to a conclusion, with the sincere
love of all here, to all your numerous party
believe me ever dear Elizabeth

Your sincerely attached Sister

Anne Scott