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Title: John Seawright, Tandragree, to Joseph Malcolmson, [Pennsylvania?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSeawright, John/144
SenderSeawright, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist)
OriginTandragee, Co. Armagh, USA
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientMalcolmson, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2794/1/2/3: Presented by HH Montgomery, 4 Kensington Grds, Belfast
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9509028
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count922
TranscriptTo Joseph Malcolmson
german town state of Pen [Pennsylvania?]
Philadelphia 2« [2« cents?]

Tandragee 3rd May 1817

Dear Brother
We reced [received?] your welcomed Letter dated
the 22nd of Octr. [October?] which Informed us that you are well
as we are at presant [present?] thank God for it and all
his Mercies to us we cannot express to your home
thankful we are to hear of your Welfare in the
World but particularly when we hope that you are
Advancing in the Divine Life and in the favour
of God dayly [Daily?], we are Glad to hear that you are
a member of the Methodist Church but we hope
Dear Brother that you are not content with being
a member of the Church only but that you know
of a truth that God is reconciled with you and that
your sins are pardoned and not only so but that
you are growing in grace and in the favour of God
that is seeking for that purity of heart without which
you nor I can never see God to our comfort.

When Betty and I was Maried [Married?] I lived in
Warringstown [Waringstown?]
and we stoped [stopped?] there one year after, when Aunts House
Being idle we thought best to remove to Tandragee &
we have good trade in our way at presant [present?] that is in
Grocer trade for it is a shop of that kind we keep
we have 2 children boath [both?] of them sons their Names are
Joseph and William one is 15 Months and the other is 6
Weeks old Aunt Dobson lives with us and we are
to pay her 12œ a year for her House and out house
and garden and 14œ for 5 Acres of Land so that our
yearly rent is 26œ
[It Jos?] turn over

Previous to our Marriage Aunt and Betty as the had
made some money give 100œ to Robt Nicklison [Nicholson?] on
Interest and Shortly after he got it he failed and all
they got of it was 25œ at the same time there
was a [young?] man stoped [stopped?] with them Market days &
Aunt thought that he was an honest man and
Lent him 60œ of money Besides other goods and
Shortly after he failed and was put in prison &
he [--------?] that the call an act of grace and came
out and paid his creditors with 1s1d and that was what they
got for their 60œ of thes loses Nearly brook [broke?] Bettys
heart yet notwithstanding these things we all doing well
at presant [present?] We would like to go to America but we
could not go for some time for my part I always wished to go
to that Country But never yet got it Accomplished I was
talking to Brother Hugh yesteday concerning going to
you and he said that he would be ready to lave [leave?]
this in the latter end of July and that he hoped to be with you
in the Month of Octr. [October?] next we are all glad that
he is going for we think that he would never be worth
anything in this country for though he has a good trade &
can make a great deal of money he spends it all on fine
clothes and [------?] had he been careful he might have
been worth 60œ or on 100œ of Money whereas he will
[ill?] Enough Abstained to pay his way to [you?] he wishes you
to look out for a sittuation [situation?] for him and if he
needs any money from you he hopes that in a little he [will?]
be able to pay your Hannah is not thinking of
going at this time But she hopes to be with you
yet, I seen [Rachel?] yesterday and She Said that
as soon as she had an opportunity she would send you
Sikness [Sickness?] She is well and wishes to be remembered
to you She has one Child a fine sprightly daughter what you
herd [heard?] concerning Wms [William's?] ill treatment to
her was partly true however he has been better these 2 years
past and they are doing well and living in peace at present

Provisions in this country are very high this year
Oat Meal sells from 30 to 36 Shillings per Cwt of 120 lb
Potatoes from 2/- to 3/- per Bushel or from [-----?] of 4
the crops in General Missed this year and our Wheat
will make no flavour that is not [mottioned?] on this
account the Poor are ill of this year in Ireland

We are sorry to hear of Johns foolishness and of your
trouble with him But hopes that he will learn
wit some time from the things that he suffers

After I was Married I Wrote a Letter and
[---?] to you But the man who had it [-----?] [--?]
did not go the length After we got your Last
I rote [wrote?] Intending to Send the Letter By the man
that you mentioned but they did not go &
yesterday I herd [heard?] of Doctor Saundersons sons going
and I take the opportunity of sending you to
Lines if time and paper would alow [allow?] James
mention and your Dear Wife Betty wishes to you to remember
give her love to your partner and She and I hopes to
you and her in [America?] yet Aunt Dobson Sends her
love to you and is glad to hear of your wellfare [welfare?]
no more at present But remains your loving
Brother and sister John & Eliza Seawright