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Title: Francis Short, [Corcreeghagh?], to George Morant, Carrickmacross.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileShort, Francis/59
SenderShort, Francis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationCarrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
RecipientMorant, George
Recipient Gendermale
RelationshipMr Francis is probably Mr Morant's tenant.
SourceD 3531/P/Box 2: Deposited by Major J.E. Shirley. #TYPE LET Shirley Papers: Francis Short, [Corcreeghagh?], to George Morant, Carrickmacross, Shirley House, [Fe?], 18[?]8, [Shirley Estate?], [Farney?], [County Monaghan?].
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9005023
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLET
Log08:05:1990 GMcE#CREATE created 15:11:1990 SB input
Word Count334
TranscriptTo George Morant Esqr [Esquire?]
Carickmaross [Carrickmacross?]
Shirly [Shirley?] house
to George Morant Esqr [Esquire?]

I am told that you have giving [given?]
my land to Thomas Nelson for the Ariars [arrears?]
of rent, I wonderd [wondered?] very much your honour
Don [done?] so witout [without?] giving Me justice in sail [sale?]
of it and if your honour would Alow [allow?]
John Melneary to action [auction?] it would
Give twelve or fourteen pounds per Acre
and Sponseable [responsible?] good tenant and phape [perhaps?]
your honour will Not refuse me in
Justifying me in the purching [purchasing?] of my
land I had the [?]are to Enland [England?] for
twenty two years and I never met more
honester Men in my life and I Expect
that I will fiend [find?] you Also-
there is Not a small farm on the
Shirly [Shirley?] Eastate [Estate?] that would have so
Many Byers [buyers?] that I would have for
My farm on the good leabour [labour?] I have
Don [done?] in it it Cost me one hundred and
fifty pounds the leabour [labor?] I have give it
in my lifetime it is well know[n?] that
the land Marching it would Not give five pounds
per Acre it is But Aleven [eleven?] months since
I [?] sixteen pounds ten shillings Purchases for it
I stand this present Day in the State
of Starvation and my helpless orphans
I hope your honour will see I and them
it is About six weeks since Thomas
Nelson Mathew Nelson of Caravally [Corvally?]
tol [told?] me that the [they?] would Bring Samuel
Dakins Along with them that the [they?] would get
30 for me in the office to help me
to America and made several Atempts [attempts?]
to spake [speak?] to you in your own office
and I would Not let in By your
as I am sinor [sinner?] Before God I
cannot pay one penny for this
[pitian?] [petition?]
I beg of your honour in Name of God
to see I and my orphans Justified
I will be in Duty Bown [Bound?] to pray
for you.

Yours [Fr?]ancis Short
Corcreeagh [Corcreeghagh?]
Fran [Francis?] Shorts adress [address?]
to Mr Morant concerning