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Title: Robert & Jonathan Smith [Smyth?], Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, [U.S.A.?], to James Smith [Smyth?], Moycraig, County Antrim, Ireland, 25 February 1846
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Jonathan W/3(2)
SenderSmith, Jonathan W and Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationdistillery business, tavern keeping
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James and Jane
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD 1828/32: Presented by James Steele, The Whins, Mosside, Ballymoney, County Antrim
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.708003
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument Added by JM
Word Count355
TranscriptTo: Mr James Smith
County Antrim
Mosside [Moss-side?]
Post office

Philadelphia February 25th 1846

Dear father and Mother Brothers and
Sisters, I now take up my pen to answer
your letter of the 25 Now I was happey [happy?] for
to hear of your all being well but sorrey [sorry?] to
hear of my Mother being in so delicate A state
of health but hopes that it is nothing more
then what she formerley [formerly?] complained of, as for
my part I never was in better health nor happier
nor what I am in at preasant [present?] I have nothing
to trouble me but mind my work it is constant
but not sore, we moved to the corner
of Nixon and Callow hill, on the 28 of November
and commenced Taveren [Tavern?] and Destilery [Distillery?], and since
that time I attended Bar and done the
work of the Destillary [Distillery?] and we are doeing [doing?] A
first rate buisness [business?] I have never an hour to
call my own except when I ask liberty and
then I am onley [only?] allowed A sertain [Certain?] time to return,
but I am verrey [very?] content in my situation, I am
as well used if it could be possible as ever I was at
home onley [only?] I am not my own master I
have as good a mistress as ever Anney [any?] man served
I never saw hir [her?] frown since I first saw hir [her?]
she is better to me nor my Brother is
although he is good enough to me
Dear Parents I thought that I would been able
to sent [send?] you comething [something?] to enable you to get
along in this world but I am sorrey [sorry?] to say
that it is not in my power as I had to
purchase A new stock of clothing as all
the clothes I had was of no use to me in the
winter season but as soon as I be able I will
Reccompence [Recompense?] you for your kindness to me
espessily [especially?] my Mother, My friends would be
surprised when they would hear of John
White getting his thigh and Arm broke
but you may inform then [them?] that heis [he is?] got well
again he is able to come down stairs himself
he will then have the use of his leg and arm as well
as ever, I wish you to let me now [know?] what brother
James is doing or if he intends to come out to
this Countrey [Country?], Robert had a letter from Jane
Burnside hir {her?] and sister is well Thomas Lindsay
is well J & Archy Mcfadden is well N McElhose
is well J and H Scott is well my friends is all well
give my love to all my brothers and sisters and
sister Easter and little Robt [Robert?] John and all my
friends no more but remains your dutiful son Jonathan Smyth