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Title: Jonathon Smith, Philadelphia to James Smith, Co. Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Jonathan W/10
SenderSmith, Jonathan W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James and Jane
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD 1828/34: Presented by James Steele, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9503237
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1051
TranscriptTo: Mr James Smith Moycraig
County of Antrim
Ireland Dervock
Mosside [Moss-side?]

PAID 10 [cents?]
6B OC [OCTOBER?] 1 46 [1846?]
2G OC [OCTOBER?] 2 46 [1846?]
Philadelphia August the 27 1846

Dear father and Mother Brothers and Sisters
I for the first time since I left my native
home, have it in my power to to [sic] say that
I have A sorrowful heart in writing to
you, and the reason of that is the death
of my beloved Brother he breathed his last
on the morning of the 14 of July after lingering
about one week, he was seized with A
cramp and vomiting on the night of the 8 July
and was continued with with [sic] several attacks
of it unto the 12 when he was able to be
about and expected he was well, but on
the morning of th 14th he was up before sunrise
and walked about unto about 9 oclock
when he was again taken sick and went to
bed and about 1/2 past 3 oc [oclock?] he began to waver in
his talk and seemed as if Death was fast
Approaching, then I was imediately [immediately?] sent for
as soon as the man approached me I knew
that there was something amiss, I immediately
left my work and with all the sped [speed?]
that the horses could gow [go?] I made for his house
but what as my surprise when alighting
from the coach to see the house closed and
the mourning crape [crepe?] hung at the doore [door?]
you may easily guess how I felt on entering
his bed room to see the fac which a fiew [few?]
days before smiled upon me with all the joy of nature
laying cold and pale upon the bed of
death his soul had departed to another world,
I humbley [humbly?] hope that it would met [meet?]
with a kind welcome at the gate of heaven
he died on the 14 July at 10 oclock and was
Interred on the eavenint [evening?] of the 16 in the grave
yard of the 4 Presbyterian Church at the corner
of 12 & Lombard sts [streets?] it was as respectable a
funeral as ever marched the dead march on the streets
of Philadelphia it was attended by a vast
number of friends and acquaintances both
of city and Country, there was upwards of 50
carriages 10 of which cost œ5 each, a mahogney [mahogany?]
coffin and silver mounted, he is lamented
by all who knew him for he was the poor
mans friend the orphands [orphan's?] and the widdows
[widows?] stay and the travvellers [traveller's?] guide his
house was their house and his purse was redy open to relieve
them Dear Mother I pittey [pity?] you when you hear of this
but do not grieve for it was the will of the
Lord, that he and you never should meet
again in this world, therefore submit yourself
to the Lord for he is our onley [only?] stay and
in him [------?] would we put our trust
and pray that we may all meet in heaven
where we shall have neithr griefe [grief?] nor sorrow
the Doctor said it was inflamation [inflammation?] of the brain
was the cause of his death. Dear parents you
will think it hard of me not riting [writing?] to
you before this time but H Scott & R White
both rote [wrote?] a fiew [few?] days after his death and
I requested them to let you now [know?] and that
I would not rite [write?] the [they?] were all agred
[agreed?] to by by [sic] the advice of my uncle Wm
[William?] but no sooner was the aggreement [agreement?]
made and me settled to
my work than John White advised them to
administer in his mothers name whitch [which?]
the [they?] did to try to keep me and my parents
out of all I immediately paed [paid?] a counsel
against them whitch [which?] cost me $20 and entered
a suit against them for obtaining letters
of admineristration [administration?] in a fraudulent
[fraudulent?] way we had a hearing before the Register of
wills and by their false swearing it was given
against me, whitch [which?] caused me to appeal
to court whitch wil [which will?] take place in the Course
of 3 or 4 weeks I am sorrey [sorry?] to say that John
White is so mutch [much?] of the rogue he is the
first of the same breed that ever I new [knew?] he is
equal to James Shaw for swearing he is
a talk over the city for the oath he st [stained?]
his [torn?] and you need nor get angery [angry?] about
it for they cannot help it, I received your letter
bearing date 13 May on the 15 July but did not
see the bearer as yet I saw Miss Hunter and
she informed me that you were all well
Hugh Smith had a letter from his brother
Jonathon whitch [which?] mentioned of your welefare [welfare?],
Dear father since I commenced to rite [write?] I am
informed that they are gowing [going?] to try to to [sic]
make you the nearderest [nearest?] heir and that they will
never receive one single cent, lest this should happen and you
nor me never gain anney [any?] of his hard honest earned gain
I will send you the power of attorney for you to sign
giving me full power to act for you in the best manner that
I may be directed to according to the law of the state
for it differs from the law of Ireland, so soon as this
reaches you write immediately and do not neglect to send the
power of Attorney by the first post after it reaches you,
there will be directions with it how to act, do not delay as
it is A matter of great importance both to you and me as he
died with as far as I can learn about $3000 dollars of
whitel [withal?] they have onley [only?] filed in the
regesters [register's?] office or will acknowledge onely
[only?] $500 that plainley [plainly?] shows their
roguish schemes, if I gain it will help both you and me and
if I loose [lose?] it wil [will?] take me 6 months to earn
what I have spent at it, I could say more but it is not
necessary?] if I have neglected anney [any?] thing that you
want to know mention it in your next letter