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Title: Robert Smith Philadelphia, to James Smith, Moycraig, Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Robert W/135
SenderSmith, Robert W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionPresbyterian Check Jonathan And Jon. W, Robert And Robert W Presbyterian
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James Sr
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1828/13: Presented by James Steele, The Whins, Mosside, Ballymoney.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9501337
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count462
TranscriptPhiladelphia, November 18th 1839
Dear Parents
I take up my pen to write to you to let you know
that I am well hoping that these few lines will find you and
all my friends and acquaintances enjoying the same blessing
which is above all other earthly blessings. I now come to
answer all the requests you have made of me this summer. I
received your letter of the 18th March that you sent with
L Anderson I received too [two?] pair books which was sent on from
New York I saw Wm [William?] in this City on his way to Ohio
and got too hear from him that we expected to have been lost I
tender my sincere thanks to Wm [William?] Campbell for his
present and wonder that you never mention him in you letters
to me as I hold him in high esteem and will be a friend to
him if ever it remain in my power the next letter that I find
in the file of Irish news is that of the 11th May 1839 Dear
Mother I do keep the most of your requests in you letter of
the 11th May I do not intend to get first to the cares of
this wourld [world?] until I see you once more and has all my
wild seed planted for when a young man labouring under the
passion of youth and follies gets married he often repents
that ever he wrought that rule of arithmitick [arithmetic?]
which adds one to one and yet it makes but one therefore I
will take your advice and return home to see you before I
enter into a married life it was not in my power to answer
my brother James Request as it was in August I received the
above requests of the 11th May I received the horse that my
sister Mary Jane sent with Mary Brown and returns her my
This country and [----?] more you will find making a better
of their former situation I am thank god one of them that
bettered his condition like James Gouth is also one of the
latter number [----?] is into discussion with John Magennis
about infants taken with disease and their life taken away
from them this is his opinion so picture one honoured emigrant
arriving in this country dear James never saw the main [----?]
was a happier life in this country thank [-----?] [-----?]
as they could give their Daughter when giving them in marriage
it would also be the case I presume to uncover rich friends
in Mr Cartney's estate I have nothing more to mention and
conclude with hoping to see you all in 1841
I remain your affectionate Son with respect
COUNTY of Antrim Parish of Billey [Billy?]