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Title: Bella M. Smyth, Castledamph to James A Smyth, Ontario.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Bella Maggie/52
SenderSmyth, Bella Maggie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarming household
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
Doc. No.0310009
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Word Count845
TranscriptEnvelope Addressed to:-

Mr. James Alex Smyth
Essex County

Envelope Postmarked on Front:-

April 1st [97?]
(with unreadable small print)

Postmarked on Back of Envelope:-

April 14th [97?]

April 1st 97

April 1st 1896 [97?]

Dear Brother
I again take the
pleasure of writing to you to
let you know that we are all well
hoping You are enjoying the
same. We rec. [received?] papers from you
yesterday we saw in last week (sic)
that Mr. Allison had his house
burned, the insurance money
wont pay for much but its
better than nothing." I expect
you will be surprised when
you hear that Archie McClelland
has started to America on Friday
morning without anyone ever
hearing about it unless James
Houston Auctioneer he left word
with him to Auction all on Tuesday,
Wednesday. It appears from
what we hear that he had £700
from James Hamilton" and
Lizzie has to administer so
if he wouldn t pay she told
him she would put him in
gaol so he was afraid and
started without selling anything
There was a great auction, piano
chairs tables lamps and a new
car that he only had got made and
all that he had in the shop and
pigs cows horses and everything
Some say that he has money
off a lot of people but no one
is sure but he must have been
destructive when he started
so sudden and has got such
a bad name, he is in the ship
along with Peter Patr [Patrick?]
"Owen" and one of the ["roddy"?]
from Glenrone. That McFarlane [
McFarland?] and one of the brothers
was at meeting on Sunday. They
both is for going to West Australia
after some time he never came up here
yet, he is to be up in Joseph
before he goes, Did you
get the Shamrock in time
Willie got the roseatte [rosette?]
in [Conroys?]. Mr. Conroy is always
asking how you are doing and what
are you learning for:: We are
asked that question pretty
often "What are you going to be",
but we cannot tell yet we
always say that we will know
after July, I suppose you
have got the money by this
time and the Lodge Book"
We have had a terrible deal
of wet weather this last month
there was nothing got done
but yesterday and to-day
looks pretty well. Tommy and
John was [threshing?] this last two
days down in Duncans barn
they have sold all the straw
at 2s per cwt there were 35 cwt
on the two stacks and about
140st corn they will have the corn
to spare too but it s not sold yet
I suppose Willie was telling
you about the Songs that s
going round here. There is
great anger about the last
Jamey Gordon is nearly mad
and he didn t come in here since
he blames Tommy Bob [McKernan?]
and James Barker for making
it.. and Andy John should
seen (sic) Mary Dunbar writing the
song and Tommy.. Bob Mc Kernan
Dictating it to her in the school
but I m afraid they are all mistaken
but it s only fun" and they might
not been so angry. It s not the
first that was made The one
on Dunbar s party was as bad
I have one verse of it but [its?] not
the worst
Mr [McCullagh?] and his wife
And Mr Houston as well
The Rev [Stein?] and his [mistress?]
The gathering for to swell
The one on Campbell was some
thing [like?] this
In Bradkeel town There grow a lily
Far away among the heather
It is charming for to see
how it grows in all bad weather
It went out one day to ask a party
Letterbratt was its first call
Next came Eden plumbridge City
And I cannot name them all
Three of the Gordons were asked
Jamie Maggie and Mary Jane
but Tilda said that she would go
And let Mary Jane nurse the wean
The Dinner on the table
The guests all seated round
Lily began to say the grace
With his hat raised from his crown
The grace was as follows ---
Hold the forks the knives are coming
The plates are on the way
Fall till and eat this [wether?]
Cooked on the Sabbath day
Now Sarah Dunbar and Tilda fought
but Sarah win the day
They threw a cloth on Marshall (sic) head
And made him grope his way
but As for great big Lizzie
She didnt care a bit
Whether it was Jamie Gordon
Andy Mc Clelland or Little Tommy [too?]
The last verse is
Farewell to Lily Party
And the Sunday at the mote
Sure for everyone was there
I do not care a grot
The end
This is not it all but it s pretty
near it There is not so much
in it to rise so much anger but
there was pictures of men and
women made along the bottom
was worse than the song, and
everyone saw them. Sam Dunne got one
John Bradley Johnnie Cochrane Charlie
Watson and a lot more I think
this will do this time please
excuse the writing This is all fools
day We have fooled father two or three
Good Bye

Bella M Smyth

Transcribed by Elizabeth Prentice

Verified by Mohamed Souissy

Validated by Lorraine Tennant