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Title: Bella Smyth, Castledamph to James A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Bella Maggie/71
SenderSmyth, Bella Maggie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarming household
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
Doc. No.0410049
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TranscriptFront of envelope

Mr James Alex Smyth
South Woodslee
Essex County

(Handwritten in corner)
Going to Worlds fair [Willis?]
Coaching 4

(Handwritten at top of page)
Rec. Sept 28 93
Ans Oct 4 Worlds fair

Lock Box 4

SP 14

Back of envelope

SE 14

SP 25

SP 25

Sep 14. 1893.

Sept 14 1893

Dear Brother
Once more I take the
pleasure of writing to you again and
I am glad to say that we are all well
at present hoping this will find you
all the same. The best news I have
to tell you this time is that the Home
Rule Bill was defeated in the house [House?]
of Lords on Friday last with three
hundred and fifty seven of a majority
so that puts an end to it for one time
anyway there were (sic) great rejoicings
everywhere the news reached Plumbridge
on Saturday evening and the
band was in readiness and played
through the town till ten oclock
we did not hear it till William came
in at bed time [bedtime?] and when he
told (sic) they took out the drum and they beat
for I suppose an hour the band was all
gathered then on Monday evening at
one o clock [o clock] and went down till [to?] the
Plum [Plumbridge?] and had a splendid evening
they were not all present on account
of it being a good day John Charles
John McKnight Willie Gordon and Alex
McKelvey Glenroan beat the we [wee?] drums
and Jamie Barker and our William beat
the big one time about, they came up
the farside [far side] when they were coming
back and they were here about a half
past six so that was the end of the
burial of the home rule bill

Dear Brother We are sorry to have
to tell you to write no more to over
the burn ones unless you write a letter
to learn them to have some breeding and
one that would open their eyes for I suppose
you know enough what they could say when
you were here The beginning of their lying
stories was about the picnic at Baronscourt
William and me and Eliza was (sic) at it
Father had asked Andy McClelland the Plum
[Plumbridge?] fair before it who he would have
for his car and he had no-one so he said that he
would give us three a seat, when the cars
was all gathered (sic) Maggie Duncan came
into A. McClellands and told me that
they had a seat for me on thier [their?] car and
I told her that we were going on Andy
McClellands so they were not pleased because
I would not go they are not in good
terms so I suppose the [they?] wanted to make
a fool of him and me both but they did
not get it managed that time so when
we came back to Plumbridge in the
evening McClellands car stopped and
we went in and stayed for about half
an hour and the other car went on home
so when they came home they were that angry
they commenced and made the lies and told
that one and Andy McClelland made a
runaway to William Gilkys but the [they?] did
not stop with that tilda Gilkison and me
was (sic) asked by Uncle Charles and the mistress
to the lammas fair of Gortin and mary and
Bella was in it so they said plenty about it too
but when all was heard father went over
yesterday to see what they had got to say
and when he got out without been [being?] killed
he was all right he said that when Alex and knox
was (sic) shaking with fear in James Ried [Reid's?] they
had not much to say And Alice said they
did not leave the country to work on a railway
like you he said you never was in the dock and
they said you were not far off it but when
he had argued a good deal about the stories
Beck asked him what time was I home
out of Gortin fair and he said I was
home before night she said it was a lie
that it was seven oclock [o clock] before we
left Gortin but I could not tell you the
half of it but they are a set of bad
people but their lies was (sic) all
found out they are [there is?] not one goes (sic)
into them unless Elkins ones for its worse they are
father will writ [write?] next
[week?] no more at present

Bella Maggie Smyth

Transcribed by Alan Houston