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Title: Bella M Smyth, Castledamph to “Dear Brother”
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Bella Maggie/95A
SenderSmyth, Bella Maggie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarming household
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
Doc. No.605039
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLTE
Word Count620
Transcript[No Envelope]

[Letter 1]

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Castledamph July 1st 1890

Dear brother
We received your
letter on Thursday 25th we are very glad
to know that you are all well and content
thank God for all his mercies to us all
I was ready to go with the dinner to the
hill when it come [came?] in I took it up with
me where the [they?] were gathering the turf it
was read before the [they?] took any dinner. Dear
James you talk of hot weather. You may say it was
hot weather here when our ones has the new
turf all stacked they were almost done with
them when I went up so the [there?] were [was?]
little idle time since you left here. [--?] said evening
has changed at night and there were [was?] some
thunder and lighting [lightning?] and heavy rain they
were all wet before they got down But they had the turf
finished They have all the old ones to draw yet
They carted them all you could go any road it was

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so dry so I think we will not want a fire this winter
Dear brother you will think it strange that
William or Tommy was not over the burn since
you left the Straughroy ones went over after
dinner time on Friday and come [came?] back at night
after dada came home from derry then
they went over on Saturday morning and went down
to the fair and went up edenside [Eden-side?] at night
again William and Tommy went up with them
to have them across again But they would not let
them come - so all the angry men ever you saw William
was one they went with them to meeting on Sunday
and went up again in the evening and none of us went
over nor they did not [sic] come so Joseph
left them in Newtown [Newtownstewart?] on Monday
morning so we had a lonely Sunday over the burn ones
says they would not come over and they say that they would
not let them come they would come with William
on Saturday night but they would not let them come
So we do not go over neither do they come here

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But you may write to them if you like we did
not get up last Saturday to Omagh But will I
think this Saturday William was speaking to
Lizzie Ann and Bella Maggie in Newtown
[Newtownstewart?] fair on Monday and they told
him that they were expecting a letter from you so
again you write to them all you will be nearly tired.
Dear James Biddy Gillen [sic] Daughter and husband came
home on Thursday- we saw them passing up Joseph
McFarlands John came on Saturday I saw him
last night when I was coming home from Charles
McCullaghs We hear that William Gilkisons
[Gilkinsons?] match was made on Friday to an old
maid at [Stragh-hill?] William Duncan Eden is building
a new house the [they?] have commenced it on Friday
right in front of the old one. I have not much news to give
you But everything there will be new to us and give
us a long letter. I hope Sarah Ann is not thinking
long about boys she left nor yourself about crossing
the burn let our cousins know that we

[Page 4]
would like them to write some letters too
I am learning the machine over in
Charles McCullaghs but I suppose Eliza has
told you I think that I will soon bring her
home I am a month learning and I think that is
long enough
I now conclude By sending
our love and best respects to yous [you?] all
hoping you are all content and happy
Bella Maggie Smyth
July 1st 1891