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Title: John Boys, Canada, to Mrs & J.W. Stavely, [?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBoyd, John/22
SenderBoyd, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmentions taking stock
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt John, New Brunswick, Canada
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientStaveley, James W.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1558/1/8/5: Presented by the Late FD Campbell Allen, Esq, 15 London Road, Harrow-on-th-Hill, Middlesex
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N Ireland
Doc. No.9907213
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count627
TranscriptS [Saint?] John Oct 14. 1867

My Dear J.W. Stavely
Much obliged am I for your
kind invitation to be present at Anne's
Wedding - But at that Season it would
be impossible - We never leave here before
the first Febry [February?] and it is after the middle
of that month - We take stock 15th Jany [January?]
and then our yearly [Calving?] has to be gone
into - this you will understand - How much
I would like to be present, but it
seems to be forbidden, and indeed I
doubt if I go at all this Winter.
Certainly if the American difficulty be not
settled I will not go, as their troubles affect
us in the Provinces very seriously - on all
sides of us people are failing, and we
know not who to trust. I am glad to
hear that Anne is going to get one whom
you all like, she deserves a good husband,
and may she have as good a one as her
father, and Me! (excuse me as I am a
modest man.) May the choicest blessings
of Earth and Heaven rest upon them both
is our sincere and ardent prayer.
To you and Mrs Stavely it will not be a
separation, as she will live so near you,
this renders the circumstance doubly pleasant.
I shall keep the affair up in S [Saint?] John
with all the honour, and to do so please
write us, the day, that we may make no
mistake - I shall make a speech here,
and propose the healths [health?] of the happy couple
with due solemnity, humour and pathos. We
must have a good time on this occasion
for the affair will recall a joyous deliverance
as well as a hopeful pleasant future -
Young Mr Sommerville preached in S [Saint?] John, the
past two Sabbaths - how much he is inspired
in every way - he preached ably and
gave great satisfaction to crowded congregations.
With a few years experience of the World
he will be an able and useful preacher.
He is to be ordained on Wednesday at [C---allis?]
for this purpose your brother and Lawson
left this morning - Mr Sommerville is very
poorly, and has been unable to preach
the last two Sabbaths - How much we
would all miss him - he is very [peculiar?]
but a thorough man, and greatly esteemed
throughout the two Provinces.
Your brother's family are all well, and as
usual - I gave him your letter to read - he
and Mr S J dined with us last Friday, and
this morning I saw them off by the steamer.
I hope our worthy friend Mr [McCaukey?]
is quite well, Anne and I often talk of him
as well as the other members of your household -
She says it is easy to see where Mrs Stavely
got her kind [h---------?] from, referring to him -
Our little postman [----?] with my little [------?]
Janey and Babey all well we hope -
When Mr. Mc[Elwrath?] is at the Wedding Supper
please remember us to him if you think of it -
he is a most rememberable character - You are
happy people in Ulster I think you enjoy
yourselves as much as any people I know, I
don't want to move out of N.B. (New Brunswick) but
if I did I think I would go to Ulster - We suppose that
soon New Orleans will be opened, when this Cotton
must come out, and then this perplexing question
will be settled, the sooner the better, especially
for England. But I must close this as
we are in the midst of our busy
season, and with kind regards to all
at home I am dear [---?]
very truly yours
John Boyd