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Title: Liza Smyth, Castledamph to James A. Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/31
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
Doc. No.0604122
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Doc. TypeLTE
Word Count1728
Transcript[Page 1]

January 17th 1921

Dear Bro
I think since I wrote last we have got two letters from you Molly had one sometime ago & I got one a week ago I had intended to write regarding Andy Ballantines land it was only set for this year or rather Willies farm they dont intend to sell till next year at present Andy is two weeks in Belfast Hospital with his eyes & will remain a week yet we have not heard how he is doing now to go back to the land Tom got the hill & two fields before the Auction started at £18 its quite cheap but they didn't want a Catholic to get it and the sale of both farms will be the same Tom would get the first chance so they told him that day well there will be another year to think over it now & perhaps land will be like all else going down in price
We had to bring home our flax scutched on Saturday no sale about two week [sic] ago we got a bonus of £24 .2. 7 for last years

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Well there is another teacher come & gone from Eden School stayed 10 days had the McKelveys [sic] women moved out of the house over to Noble cottage and she never entered the house its told she applied for another school & got both & likely she went to the other Her only plea was the children was to [too?] far behind & its all to [too?] true. There was Quite a number of them had gone to Letterbratt & Glenrone most had come back I think there was about 30 altogether attending Another had applied but couldn't come till 11 Feby [February?] so likely she will get it now Jennie Campbell is at home I think for good she is staying in Joe Duncan's at present as Mary has the Mill Wright [Millwright?] this last two weeks Bob is making great headway has the barn roof on and part of the saw mill it has been a very mild winter so far no snow yet a little frost once in a while The Orange Hall will soon be completed almost ready for the roof McCrenor [McCreanor?] is in at present it used to be she could cheer everybody now she is crying all the

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time she has hardly ever slept in the house since Isabella died going from place to place and hardly anybody wants her now. she has got no fire and coal can hardly be got so many using it this year. She is most miserable all her old acquaintances are gone and I tell you young folks cares little for old folks ways and goings I give her everything as she used to get it as I am sure she wont survive long How we used to long to have Catherine come for the milk instead of Isabella.
You would have heard her crying here when Isabella's remains were being taken out Tilda Gilkison [Gilkinson?] Mary Jane Warnock Kate (Josie) McCullagh & I were the ones Catherine called on to give Isabella the first lift quite a large funeral Lizzie McCullagh & all the girls & boys around
Castledamph & glenrone. Well Joe McKelvey and Rachel got married 29 Dec came to Castledamph for a week afterwards had one of what we used to call a big night in Robert McKelvey [sic] everybody there only ourselves John was asked but didn't go We had Joe Rachel & Bella over the following Tuesday and I think after all the big dance we were the only ones to

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ask them out Well the McKelveys all came to see Mother every time they were on Holidays I gave Bella one of Mothers photos as I new her mother would be glad to see it. Their [There?] is a few more marriages to take place this year Jane Ballantine and Andy McKelvey Mosey B & Bella Hay and likely but you will hear of Robert Jas [James] and Mary Harper as they are going together so there wont be so many white rockets leave Castledamph as Hugh McGurk used to prophesy John C [Charles?] is at home since Christmas his right eye has been very sore he blames coming on the Motor from Omagh xmas eve and then he went to Gortin fair and since he suffered with it conjunivitis [conjunctivitis?] or something like that Dr Evans said brought on by cold He is down in the Plum [Plumbridge] fair today and seeing the Dr but he will soon be able to have the bandage off They are wanting him to put the roof on the Orange Hall now when he is home only for what happened to him he would have given Bob Campbell a helping hand getting the roof on the threshing and saw Mills His eyes are very

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weak anyway, the white was covered over red and two little spots on the sight he says it was Just like if sand was running round in the eye. He says he wrote to you twice but he was wrong in the first address he brought home all the Photos some day I will send you on a few Mary has all of her and the baby down the baby is doing fine Mary had a letter from Annie at Christmas. Amy and Bertie have gone back to Omagh last Sat also Madge went up for a week Amy and B are going into new lodgings two doors above where they were A Sergeant Bradlys who was wounded at Drumquin some time ago they are now living in Omagh you will likely see his case latter [later?] on in Constitution as he is going in for compensation his arm is disabled I think for life he has two children the boy is one year younger than Bertie is at Sligo Boys School and the girl goes to the Omagh Model same name as Amy so they will be alright so near the Quinns and Irwins being used so long together Amy is getting a fine girl she would like now to stay at home but
a few more year's at School wont hurt her Paddy Bradly left Castledamph for America last Friday with another

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young fellow McGurk from Plumbridge times are not so very good abroad now you would wonder what is taking them away Paddy didn't have many friends in Castledamph since the raid. Old Joe and Catherine are much the same Joe has never got down yet Molly and I got him a nice warm pair of house shoes and a proud man he is of them Bella and Mary gave a present to everyone who sat up with mother at Christmas Jane Ballantine got the best Tilda next and so
on. We had uncle James over for about three hours after Christmas We had quite a crowd Christmas day but it came on wet and the Watson's Davie Smyth and Andy Dunn went home you see they have been here for a number of years hunting so they wanted to let the raiders know they didn't get everything they killed about 16 rabbits there was six from Dunbreen Mrs T home place Tilda Jamie Miss Harper Robert Jas [James] Hay Davies old and young and Mary and Bob and the baby You would miss mother as much that night as any
Mrs S [sic] brother Robert stayed till the following Thursday.

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then last Sat he drove down his mother and two Belfast Evanglists [evangelists?] who are having mtgs [meetings?] over there they were here for dinner but we had a card Thursday before saying they were coming
around to see the country they think we have a fine house here. one of them is pretty old as all his family are married. They brought us down a wee [white?] pomeraing [Pomeranian?] dog or rather a pup. I was saying if it lives as long as rufus there will be more grey heads I think we will call it swan its quite a [linky?] thing and its about the size of a good ball of yarn. I was over in Houston [sic] Eden Back about 10 days ago and I thought Willie would have shook the hand off he told me to tell you he never was as sorry in his life as to miss you going away and to tell you he is getting
the pension for the blind. I think 10 shillings each week I had a great while in it but Catherine McCrenor [McCreanor?]is just as well to look at and I believe her house would look better I was around all Eden with
Calander's Molly and I went Catherine Houston [sic] one night and we done Castledamph all in one night so we saw what every house was like &c Molly is writing down some

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of what is going on everyday on the back of ours so I may send you few [sic] dozen and it will be as good as a letter to you Annie Mary Duncan husband and family are coming to Eden next week to await the time to sail
to New Zeland [New Zealand?] or where ever they are going to Old Mrs Duncan is not in favour of them going so far away she will only have Elsie & Sandys two grandchildren then I'm sure she will be sorry about Annie Mary as she will never see her any more. I suppose I need hardly say anything about the [Sinn Feiner?] or new police force as you will likely read it all in Tyrone Constitution they have got to Gortin have there [their?]
abode in the Schools for the present it [sic] was closed anyway owing to measels [measles?] coming to Plumbridge shortly some say the Rector will have to move we were thinking our barn would be elegant only it is as far up. I think I told you about Paddy Gormley going to Scotland he came back 4 weeks later is hired now above the Plum [Plumbridge] I would much rather have him than George Cochrane he was a very quiet boy he came here a few nights after he got back I'm sure he was sorry for ever leaving no more now your siser Liza all well.

Transcribed by Chris Devenney