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Title: Liza [Smyth?], to J A Smyth, Canada
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/54(2)
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
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Transcript[Front of Envelope]
Mr James A. Smyth
Essex Co.

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SE 23

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SE 23



[Page 1]

September 23rd 03

Dear Brother
After a long delay
I will try & give you some of
the news around here also
answer your last letters which
I have neglected doing from day
to day untill [until?] I almost
think its a shame that none of us
have wrote [sic] now since old Joe's
death. He had been ailing since March
so I think death was a relief to
him as he was in bed most of the
time & neither knew what day
or month it was unless he asked
There was not much pleasure
in old age with him as he tried

[Page 2]
to give as little bother as possible
he was 93 years of age so he seen
[sic] days enough & like all others
some of them hard enough.
I think I never told you of
Alexander McKernan being ill so
he has passed beyond the troubles
of this world on Sept 4th & was
buried on Sunday evening 5 oclock
he had heart disease this last couple
of years they [the?] doctors told
him he might drop of [off?] anytime
& to keep inside the house but he
had to take [sic] bed before the
end came. I am sure they will miss
him very much as he done [sic] a
great deal of work they [the?] other
two old men are still alive & well So

[Page 3]
its not by age death goes like
what I used to think long ago.
We rec [received?] a good many
letters from you during this last couple
of months & papers of all description.
This is the worst time of the year
for writing as their [there?] is so much
work going on everyone is tired
and is [sic?] suppose its contrary
with you as you had lots of time
during holidays.
I notice you have got a raise
in salary its not much but still
it will help also you have got
new teachers & I see the attendance
is not what you wish it to be
they just stay from school same
as they do here they say

[Page 4]
changes is heartsome so if its true
you will have some benefit by
the new teachers.
We have rec. [received?] a letter
from Mary & she informs us that she
has gone to high School in St Thomas
& not as she had intended to do
as you were against her going to
Bussiness [Business?] College well
I suppose as Andy McClelland says
things must be some way & what ever
[whatever?] comes is best if we would
take it that way; as we can’t see the
future let us live in the present.
You are some distance from each
other again but I suppose a few
dollars would carry you back
& forward & perhaps Mary

[Page 5]
will see more as the place is some
thing [something?] larger than Essex.
Since I last wrote we rec [received?]
Old Margerets [Margaret's] money it came
to £43 clear of all expence Many a
time Father said what he would do
with [sic] but it came and went as
all other money does they bought
stock with it Just the next fair
So the more Father says a lot
of things when angry he forgets
soon. Old [Minnis?] was down in
McClellands buying sheep this
year Just a day or so before
the Plum fair John sold him
50 at 19s each & two at 15s.

[Page 6]
he had home more money than [then?]
old Margerets [Margaret's] came
too [to?] our income this year is
excessive & the outlay I am afraid
will be heavy I think they will try
& clear £100 or at least £50 off the
farm this year you see intrest
[interest?] & rent comes to a good deal
so it will take nice work to make
both ends meet this year but
we wont be so hard run next
year I hope; they made well by
Annie’s hill & everybody thought
they were foolish but let them
look now what profit was in it
they sold the ewes at 19s & bought
them at 15s also 20 lambs at 11s

[Page 7]
each to Andy McClelland
John Chas [Charles?] has some thought
of getting a few sheep when he gets
money enough to buy them as the [they]
raise the money in a few years
Willie J [John?] & he have a little
box & are saving all they can Willie
J [John?] has in 2s 6d & John about
6s but he has some to get in the country
it will help to raise it a bit
John has a notion of taking a trip
to Glasgow after some time to see
what it looks like their [there?]
is another young boy going along
so I am afraid it will take all
his money by the time he comes
back. Now my next few lines
will be all about the weather

[Page 8]
& the harvest.
It has been one of the wettest
season [sic] ever was heard of for
nine week [sic] I might say we had rain
every day [everyday?] and it was something
dreadful during the first week of
this month but then it has cleared
up so much that the corn is
nearly all cut & plenty have the
half stacked its very blowing
kind of weather the wind was
so high that hardly anything
could be done on Monday unless
cut corn all these folk went
down to put in hay at Houstons
[Hustons?] but could not move it
so they Just set [sic] at the corn
they have

[Page 9]
a reaper down there so they were
not long putting it down.
Mother & John remained down both nights
& they [the?] others has [sic?] gone
down yest [yesterday?] & today I think
this will finish it today as the wind
has fell [sic]: we got our hay in at
home on Sat & has [sic] all the corn
cut but about 1/2 an acre here
they [the?] other place is hardly ripe
enough yet & the hay was only
finished tramping [put up in hay cocks?]
last week & a few gardens to cut yet we
had a great union pulling the
Flax about 40 men & got it
spread with about 20 & has [sic]
it safe & sound in the barn

[Page 10]
Willie J [John?] & I are alone these
fue [few?] days so we have some work
to do attending all.
Lizzie Hay is visiting with
Tilda [Matilda?] this year [sic] comes
up here now & again she wonders why you
never answered her last letter
see & don't neglect it as she is
very uneasy to hear your verdict.
I suppose on what ever [whatever?]
she has told you about her school work.
Mrs Myles her teacher has lost
her little son with Scarletina
(about six weeks ago) he was five
years of age She was knocked
down with it at the time he

[Page 11]
died & they had a substitute in
her place but Lizzie did’nt like
her atall [at all?] she says they
learned nothing it was Mrs Myles
that was learning her the piano
so everthing has got upset with
Lizzie she has her height marked
on Gilkies [Gilkinson’s?] door
every year since you left she has
grew [sic] about six inches altogether
There was [sic] 13 left for America
last friday from about the Plum. [Plumbridge?]
some returning after holidays & others
green hands. Catherine McKelvey
is back at her old place
& Lizzie Noble & her neices [nieces]
sails Oct 3rd & a few more from

[Page 12]
glenrone [Glenroan?] returning back.
If you intend coming next year
you will need to be soon saving
up you may be like John [sic] get a
little box & drop a dollar into it
now & again in that way you
would not miss it so much.
I was thinking you will likely
have some thought that I will quit
writing when you gave me such
an advice but no I will just
take it for my own good so I
will try & keep up the correspondence
with you both while I am able
I don't think Tom & Wm [William?] could
write any at the present time so
there is an excuse for them but
none for John or Willie John
I must close now as its near post time

[Written up the side of Page 12]
so good bye [goodbye?] your Sister Liza C [Catherine?]

[Written upside down at Top of Page 1]
I have read this letter
over in about ten minute [minutes?]
and as usual it took
me some time writing.

Transcribed by Jim Buchanan