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Title: [Liza?] Smyth, Castledamph, to James A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/119
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
Doc. No.0506078
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Transcript[Front of Envelope]
Mr. J. A. Smyth
Box 626

[Stamped on Front]
OC 20

10 0
OC 20

[Numbers written on Front]
136 & 257

JAN 30 1909

[Back of Envelope]


Ans [Answered?]
Nov, 14th 1899.

[Page 1]
Friday 20th 1899

As I said I would write I must try
and get some news We had a letter from
Wm. [William?] J Ballantine last week
he says he has sent letters books and
papers but got no answer so he sent this
letter with a man the name of Linton from
Co. Derry he was to call here and see
why we did not answer but had not time
so he sent Mr Ballantines letter and
saved the Journey we rec [received?] no
letter nor books from him but we got papers
two years ago he also said he wrote to Uncle
Wm [William?] but got no answer Father wrote
to him last week and told him all the
news he wanted. We hear Maggie Jane
Elkin is getting better she was wrong
in the mind from what everyone says
who seen her old Sarah was never out of
the house until last week so the road
was lonely no bad stories to be told

[Page 2]
I think Joe Duncan is not much better
their [there?] was some bones came out of
his foot so that it will take some time yet
Mary & Beck [Rebecca?] is [sic] both down in
Newtown [Newtownstewart?] their [there?] is
no one at home but John Alice and Aunt Tilda
[Matilda?] Sarah and Alex are both doing well
in the old house Alex is well settled no running
like what he used to do the next house is Andys
the four girls or old maids is [sic] busy
every day two of them mostly out with James
& Barney Well the Gordons girls is [sic] all
there yet Charlie is serving his time
for a publician with James Houston [Huston?]
P.B. [Plumbridge?], Willie Houston [Huston?]
& Mrs is doing well they have two little
girls one is fit to run through the fields
[Tomboys?] if Wm. [William?] was there he would
think it strange him and Alexander
hardly ever comes [sic] up to Eden now

[Page 3]
Wm [William?] has got so heavy he is
hardly fit to move I see Willie J Duncan
digging potatoes today I dont know
if he is going back this year or not
Archie Bob decreed a great deal at the
sessions or rather Carson done it for
him Smyth’s ones was decreed in £7.14S
I think they are hardly able to keep up
with the times Matthew is alright now
Elkins one's was [sic] processed [summoned?]
for £1.5S but they paid it before it was entered
Our one’s and Gilkisons [Gilkinsons?] are
away with the Flax to day [today?] down
to Newton [Newtownstewart?] somewhere
I see you like the picture better
than I expected we have one at
home so we will send you one as
soon as possible I think we will send
for a couple more if we can get them.

[Page 4]
We will have Willie J [John?] taken by
himself shortly he is going to get a
new suit I will try and make him write
some night We have no dog now but
Shepherd the other one died last
week and we dont know where we will
get another We sold a cow at £8 10S
in Plum [Plumbridge?] Fair and we will
have 7 pigs for Donemana [Dunamanagh?]
again Thursday we have 8 young ones
2 porkers 4 two [old?] sows so
we are well supplied with pigs
There is a great deal of talk about the
war Catholic’s would rather the Boers
would win Bella is going to post you £5
today we ought to have sent you more
the last time for it is not scarce their
[there?] is £30 and over in the Press
[large cupboard?] now but Willie Gilkison
[Gilkinson?] wants some but you need not
be afraid you will get enough no matter
who may want
no more [L?] S [Liza Smyth?]