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Title: J. Smith, Moycraig, Antrim, to Brother W. Smith, Philadelphia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, James/163
SenderSmyth, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist)
OriginMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientSmith, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1828/3: Presented by J. Steele, The Whins, Mosside, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9412220
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count542
TranscriptTo: Mr William Smyth
Lumbard [Lombard?] Street and 12


Moycraig December 4 1832

Dr [Dear?] Brother I Received your Letter By Robt Mc Kiney
[Robert McKinney?] which gave Mee [Me?] and the family
satisfaction to hear that you and your family Were in good
health and It found us all in the same thanks bee [be?] to
the giver of all good for his Mersies [Mercies?] Robert
Expresses a strong Desire to go to America in the spring
and indeed I am sory [sorry?] to say that I am Not fit to
send him At that time but James Paterson [Patterson?] of the
Livery and his family Are going Out in the spring Direct
to Philledelpha [Philadelphia?] and Wee [We?] were thinking
of speaking to them to take him to you and that you would Be
so far a friend to him as Answer his pasage [passage?] to them
until such time as hee [he?] would Earn it and Repay you and if
you Would have Employment for him your self hee [he?] would
Repay you with greatest Cheerfulness or if there is any other
plan that you would think of you Will Comunicate [Communicate?]
it in your Answar [Answer?] to this which I hope will Bee [be?]
as Soon As this Comes to hand
Dr [Dear?] William I Met with a great Losses since I Came to
this place Which Renders Me Uneable [Unable?] to Do Anything
at presant [present?] for My family first My friend
C Montgumery [Montgomery?] took 6 pounds of Me at My Coming
to this pleace [place?] and 2 by (Sic). [???]

In summer My horse Died and I have Not yet got Another this
has Been the severest season Ever I experienced in My Life
our sumer [summer?] Was Almost like Winter and our harvest
in November and this 4 day of December a Great Deal of Grain
in the fields and Like wise a poor Crop of Potateos [Potatoes?]
Which has the Apearance [Appearance?] of a hard summer in
D [Dear?] William if you should Bee [Be?] so kind as send An
answer to this Before James parerson [Patterson?] and family
Would Leave this Steating [Stating?] in your Letter that you
Would Answer Roberts pasage [passage?] When he would Come to
you they Would perhaps take him or if there is Any other way
that you Would think more proper I will Leave it to you to
Chose [Choose?]
If it so hapens [happens?] that he goes to you I hope you
Will Instrict [Instruct?] and guide him as if hee [he?]
Was your own son and I Come Now to Return you you [sic] My
Sincere thank for your Brotherly Affection and friendly
Offer I am sory [sorry?] to think that Brother Robert has
lost his Brotherly Afection [Affection?]
Bee [Be?] so kind as Let Me know in your Next if he bee [be?]
Alive Jean sends her Love in the kindest Manner to you And
your family With all the Rest of My family Which is in Number
ten I Ad [Add?] Not But Remains your Affectionate Brother
James Smyth

PS My father is yet Alive and in
good health Although in the 85 year of
his Age hee [he?] Recived [Received?] your present from Robt
McKiney [Robert McKinney?] And Returns you his sincere