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Title: J. A. Smyth, Ontario, to John Jas Smyth, Co. Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, James Alexander/8(2)
SenderSmyth, James Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationschool teacher
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist)
OriginEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientSmyth, John J. and wife
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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Transcript[Front of Envelope]
Mr John Jas Smyth
Co Tyrone

MR 30


[Back of envelope]
AP 10

[Written in Pencil]
Bog Oak Pipe
[Sarah?] Books
7s Piece
[S 1?]
Corns Ed V11

[Page 1]

Essex, Ontario
March 30th, 1905

Dear Father & Mother
I just sent a letter to Eliza
on the 28th giving the boys a sort of
an idea that money was not to be
picked up so easily and also instructing
them not to be too backward in their
ideas. That was all right [alright?] I just told
them what I thought. I have always
thought this, that [more?] of the average
prosperous men, women, boys and girls
do not come out here for a trip.
Of course nearly all the wealthy people
do. In fact on that line This summer
is going to excell all others, Many of
the vessels have all the berths taken
already, However what I was going
to say was that I have always
wondered why more did not come
for visits especially those that have
relatives, There are many, many
things in which the old country
is [ahead?] and you will see these
better points by staying here a

[Page 2]
Those who are well off should visit
this country and stay in their own,
the Emerald Isle, (Those who are
so poor that they cant' get a decent
living There should come here, a
good country this for the Labouring
man,), I have no hesitation that
John can come here pay his passage
both ways say $100=£20 see the
country; see new ways of doing things
and go back again [winter?] with
as much money in his pocket
as if he had stayed at home,
The best of all it will smarten
them, thus I consider the best point
of all, You old country people are
too much stay at homes, We
only live about 60 years or 70, Let
us see some of the world before
we leave it, The time to do this
and have a good time is in
I have often thought that my
father should take the trip, probably
not enough money. That is a good
reason, It has kept me from going
home [every?] years [sic],

[Page 3]
Still look at me I never bother much
about money I always try to improve
myself therefore I am alway (sic) capable
of earning more, Oh, by the way I
was making some fun [in?] my
other letter about Johns' [Brogue?] and
the appearance of some over there.
Well surely Mary has told you that
we the perfection (sic) of "hayseeds" and
rough looking men here, They are
some of the greatest samples come
in to town you ever saw, I'll
show them to John,
Now I suppose Mother will fret
as usual, I can simply see her on
The morning of the 14th, Well Mother
should be getting used to it
However let all partings be in
A joyfull [joyful?] mood as it leaves a
lasting impression. I can see the
picture vividly of my last leave
taking. That picture is always
in my mind. Better to do as they
do here, Generally its "good Bye"
Have a good time" etc

[Page 4]
(I am writing this letter in school; The
pupils are working on that Drawing
paper, I was just telling them to
keep quiet or I would describe one of
them to you folks. There [They?] are just
[talking?] to me about John, One of these
girls in class is asking me how
old John is. I was telling them he
is too old for any of them)
Well to go back to what I was
talking about; Mother should
rather feel proud that [three?] of her
family had been out [of?] this country
or any other country and [has?] [saw?] the
world, or at least a part of it
I do not think of any more general
remarks along this line. I am glad
the boys are coming out for a
If I were John I would come right
through here, I have no doubt
he could get lots of work in
Windsor or Detroit. Mary can
tell him about all those places
These are just as good as

[Page 5]
I would agree my way right through
to Essex or Woodslee, As I said in
my other letter it is holiday week.
with me, by the way I have only
12 days teaching in April,
The Educational association
and the Public Library association
meet in Toronto, on 22, 23, 24 [Ap?],
so I am pretty sure of being in
Toronto that week. I do not know
whether they are coming to Montreal
or Halifax. At any rate let them
Telegraph me to Essex when they
land and what train they are
leaving on, Then If I am in
Toronto I shall leave word in
Essex to forward it to me, I
will meet Jamey McKnight in
Toronto any how, Cannot let
him come that close without
seeing him, I wish he could come
up here for a while - cheap rates that
week being Easter holidays,
Points for the boys,
Bring your Lodge Certificates
[&?] orange Lodge. It [sic] no harm to

[Page 6]
If I were sure that I would not be home
in July I would have them bring me
an (sic) first class Black Sash. Best I
could get,
I was telling Dr. [Brien?] about John's
[coming?] and that he can fiddle
like I can, so he said we would have
a night in his office.
Tell the Boys I would also bring
my flutes. We might all be together
and have a time as I have one,
If John can bring it I would
like him to bring that [piece?] [stick?]
that Jas [James?] Houston left. I would like
to have it,
Let him bring a few good white
shirts & cuffs, also collar buttons
I sent you papers containing accounts
of the trip of other vessels
a general - news specially of those
two new vessels. I intended to write
last night but it was Masonic night.
We are having a great many
[initiated?] now. Busy every week

[Page 7]
Bring a bog oak pipe, if you can
get one, a 5 shilling piece, 4 shilling
piece as old as you can get them,
Also bring all coins if you
can get them (silver and copper) of
King Ed. vii first issue,
Krieghoff was speaking to me
about these; Also Bring some of
The present school books in use
and let me know when They
began to use them - Also bring a
few for the curiosity of it, of the
book (sic) that I used at school,
Perhaps there are some of them
around home yet, If I think
of any more I will write again
as there is a vessel leaving on
the 3rd April,
I sent you some pictures
I had taken . Let John be able
to tell me all comments, What
do you think of [Con?] [Tom?] [ &S?]
which I had [enlarged?]?

[Page 8]
I am writing another this evening
after I close school about the
[License?] Inspectorship, I am
appointed, See Essex, Free Press.
One of my pupils Orvill
[Brickes?] shot another one of them
Norman Laing, yesterday evening
Both of course are absent to-day
[Their?] fathers were away from
home and they were fooling with the
revolver but did not know it was
loaded, The bullet went in at
the [cheek?] bone, Dr [Bowie?] & [Brian?]
could not find it. However
Norman is doing very nicely,.
I was down to see him last
Night,. Just after they had finished
probing [for?] [it?] Unless [something?]
sets in he will get along alright
an [inch?] higher up would have
killed him dead,

[Page 9]
I'll tell you whom I think
should take a trip out here
after a while Lizzie Hay. I want
John to be able to tell me what
she looks like, In fact a general
account of every thing. What
you think of Balfour government
[Wyndham?] resignations, Chamberlain s
policy, Canadian elections, etc,
Let him tell me what the people
think of the Essex Free Press this
week (sic) issue. A great political
issue here now to the forcing of
separate Catholic schools on the
North West You know Alberta
& [Saskatchewan?] are being
created into two new Provinces
Catholic [Lauries?] is doing it,
Orangemen are taking active
steps against it. See January
Herald. I think the parliament
[debates?] are there
J.A. Smyth [James?] [Alexander?] Smyth

Transcribed by Jim Buchanan