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Title: J C -Smyth, Castledamph to J. A. Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, John Charles/80
SenderSmyth, John Charles, Eliza C. and John J.
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationcarpenter
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipsiblings / father-son
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
Doc. No.505053
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Transcript[Front of Envelope]
Mr James-A-Smyth
Essex County

FE 3
[Written over]
Ans [Answered?]
March 5

[Back of Envelope]
FE 3

FE 14

FEB 14

[Page 1]

Feb "98

Dear Brother
We received your
letter January 29 I was proud
to hear of you going in for so
high a position of life.
You would [sic] been a good
while in Castledamph before you
would [sic] been president that's
what I always look at I'm
sure you would hardly speak
to any girl about here now
Education makes a lad very
haughty looking I think
its because he [sic] be among
big men once and [sic] a while

[Page 2]
The weather is very rough today
we are cleaning corn all
day We will have ten bags
when we have it all cleaned
so you may guess I had some
thrashing [threshing?] at that. I may
tell you about the night we
had at the soiree I never put in
such a night’s dancing since I was
born I'm sure they were above
twenty girls at it any amount
of corting [courting?] and I think
I wasn't behind for that, Its an old
saying And a true one, As the
old cock crows the young one
learns if I han’t [had not?] seen some
body at it I would not [sic] learned
They [There?] were two divisions of
them And we had two good fiddlers
Dan and Tonner [Toner?] it would nearly
be a case to tell which of them was
the best. And another thing it would

[Page 3]
be hard to tell which was the best
at the dancing Sarah Mickey Davy
And Alex McClelland Jamey
Hay and Tomy [Tommy?] McFarland
James Ballantine from Lenamore
I think them was [sic] all the good
dancers was [sic] at it and its not
easy knowing which was the
best now you must forgive the
grammatical mistakes for
you know very well that
I only got out of the fifth
Book and I think it [sic] not bad
at all about a [sic] grammar I
can whip Mary that passed
out of the sixth book its not
to look at what book you be
in if I had got putting up
my days for the two years I would
[sic] been a good enough scholar
Andrew Ballantine was saying
one night in Gilkison's [Gilkinson’s]
the [sic] that his two Brothers was [sic]
the cleverest fellows in Tyrone

[Page 4]
we told him that tyrone was
very big He said he thought
it a great thing to have it to tell
He says He’ll have Alice Duncan
no matter what any Body [anybody?] says
Big Williams Farm will make
a man of him now.
Mothers Health is as good
the [this?] year as ever it was and
Fathers ear its not much better
yet William is nearly better only
he is very lazy Father will
Finish Good By [Goodbye?]
John Chs [Charles?] Smyth
Dear James- I sent you £3 - I
hope you got it all wright [alright?]
we were a little scarce at that time
But I have sold a cow in the last p
[Plumbridge?] fair at £6 10s and I have
sold 9 young pigs on Tuesday I got
15s-6d each for them. So you need not
be afraid for Money we like to have
you as well as posibly [possible?] –
we will be Drawing £20 for the
road unless he cuts it again But
it takes a good penny to Do us –
with everything But we had not
to ask anyone for a penny yet I
got W. [William?] Gilkys pound –
we will send you some By the next
letter - we got two last letters
and papers all wright [alright?]
John J. [James?] Smyth –

[Page 5]

February 2nd 1898.

Dear Brother
As John was writing
to you I thought I would write
a line or two we were going to
write last week but with the hurry
of that Soiree it was put back
I think their [there?] is some more news
this week Their [There?] was a good time
at the soiree but very throng [sic]
Dan was fiddler in the room
and Joseph Toner in the kitchen
so their [there?] was any amount of
music they have something over
£3 of savings for Tom so anything
is better than want he was
in Moses on Monday night and
got some of the money I think

[Page 6]
he is in need of it perhaps
John will tell you something
more about it how he got along
with they [the?] girls their
[there?] was [sic] two of the
Ballantine's [sic] girls from
Lenamore so you may ask John
about one of them, Well I may
tell you Uncle James is not very
well with a sore leg Dr Lyle was
with him yesterday Tuesday. I
think it wont [won't?] be
dangerous it swelled up
to his knee and was hard but he
is a little better today I suppose
you heard Willie John make fun of
him but their [there?] is no fun
about it now Willie J [John?] says
he will write now to tell you about
Wee da's sore leg or as he calls him
his Uncle James as often as anything

[Page 7]
There was a marriage at chaple [chapel?]
on Sunday the groom was James Hagin
[Hagan?] and the bride was
Sarah McBride (Wid) [Widow?]
Glenrone [Glenroan?] I think the groom
is pretty old you may remember him
Catholic marriages is trumps now this last
while before lent comes in they be in
a hurry nearly one every week---
The weather is very stormy since
Monday their [there?] was some snow up
on the hill but not very much
down by the valleys you would
think it was summer up to now
everybody is nearly done ploughing
Tommy was up in the glen today
for the sheep the [they?] were up
this last fortnight so you may be
sure their [there?] was good wintry
weather for sheep

[Page 8]
Well I hear their [there?] is a song
made about the soiree but I think its
not worth much either it came by post
to Dan yesterday their [there?] was
[sic] no girls from Eden at the Soiree
nor none of the Elkins Their [There?]
is a great deal of people attends this
evening service in Castledamph School
a great deal of fun with Andrew
Ballantine and Alice Duncan if you
would see Andy beside Alice you would
think times was near an end
he looks like a baby more than a
man. John Charlie [Charles?] was
sitting up in with Uncle James on
Tuesday night and when comming [coming?]
home about six on [sic] the morning it
was dark and stormy he thought he was at the
foot of the road at Reed's [Reids?]
and steped [stepped?] into Mathews
[Matthews’?] dam at the foot of the
meadow so you may think he was wet
No more Eliza Catherine

[Written over top of Page 1]
We got your two last letters
has done
as yet
tomy [Tommy?] has done all the ploughing
the new house is dowing [doing?] well

Transcribed by Shaun P. Cheyne