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Title: M Smyth, Ontario to J J Smyth, Co Tyrone
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Mary/19
SenderSmyth, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationstudent
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to her family
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
Doc. No.0410054
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Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count1617
Transcript[Front of envelope]

Mr J J Smyth
Co Tyrone

JA 21

[Page 1]
St Thomas Jan 17th

Dear People All:
Received your letter
a few days ago and I wondered
what was the matter with you that
I hadn't got one long before. I suppose
sometimes I am so slow myself.
This is Sunday night 8.30 just got
home from Church, I am writing
this sitting in a big rocking chair
it is more restful than to sit up at
the table so that is an excuse for such
writing, Well I may say that Liza
did write me a long letter I suppose
on account of the long interval between
I will begin by replying to all your
enquiries first: I see the boys are getting
something new around there football is a
great game here in the summer months
but not in winter. I have my picture

[Page 2]

already to send to Miss Ashfield. I
suppose Mrs Nelson's gives the presents
as a drawing card. I wonder why she
don't [doesn’t?] get any girl to help
her in the [shop?]. I received the shawl
alright but I had forgotten what it was like
I don't think I will wear it as it is too showy
too many colours. Chs. [Charles?] was making fun
of me he says I can go out on the
Indian's day with it.
As to the Civil Service I would like
to try it alright. I wish I had done
so 4 or 5 years ago. I see it is cheaper
than the Business College if the
pay is as good. I am going to write
for the guide and prospectus, to get
the salaries. One thing I would be
nearer home [than?] to take up the B. [Business?]
College here. I must certainly make
a move at something permanent

[Page 3]

after June. I know Jim will disown
me if I go to B. [Business?] College. but I can't
depend on him all the time. He
has never written home since
Xmas [Christmas?] I guess he is not pleased
because that I spent nearly
all my holidays in Woodslee but
I told him I could not have & Bell
sick but he said I was foolish.
If he was sick I'll bet that would
be the place he would look to
so be attended.
Poor Andy J. his girls are all leavig [leaving?]
him. I can remember all his actions
especially the night he went out
through the Window I suppose Will
Houston has settled down for life
Well I don't think your Xmas [Christmas?] was half
as dull as it was at Woodslee, I think
I would have lots of fun with Tommy H

[Page 4]

when I think of him I always
think on the fun we had at
Jas. [James?] Houston's wake. I sometimes
think myself old when I look
back upon how long it is since
some of those memorable times.
I must have started early with the
boys. We used to have some fun with
Davy especially one 12th night when
Andy Mc, Andy J. and he & a few [more?]
of us were in a corner. I never seem
to enjoy anything now like then I dont
know why perhaps because I'm getting
over my childish enjoyments.
Well I think I told you in my last
letter that I was learning to skate Well
I went down to the rink here on Monday
night it is about 50 yds [yards?] long 30 all ice
there was about 50 on it that night we
were also down Thursday night and
the band was there and I am sure
there was 400 or 500 people there all
skating. I was just saying that I would
like to [send?] a few of you down here to see
them, They skate to the music all going
around in a ring There was a lady fell
and before they could stop they [there?] were about

[Page 5]

a dozen on top they just keep write [right?]
up close & they go so fast. I can skate
pretty well but falls (sic) occasionally
I keep in the inside when there is a crowd
[as?] they don't go so fast in the inside
not so much danger. I was saying that
that was one of the things I would miss
most when I go home. I don't know very
many boys here & of course I have to
depend on them to hold me up a boy & girl
usually skate together.
I am sorry to hear that John mixes
in with a class like that. I think the
boys are all going backward over there
always aiming at something lower
than themselves.
Say I wish they would get Madge's
picture taken. Tell Davie that I
[want it?] if hadn't get [got?] it taken I'll - I
dont know what Ill do with him -
We still have the snow & the cold weather
not as cold now as formerly. As for your
Xmas [Christmas?] presents you got more than I did
I just got a box of notepaper from the
Campbell girls I didn't get even a Xmas [Christmas?]
card from anyone around home. How is
Bob C [Campbell?] tell him I was enquiring about him
next time you see him Liza: keep up his
heart. till I return. Wish you would

[Page 6]

would (sic) send me Willie McKernan's
picture. I would like to see it. Can
you get that Souvenir Spoon for
me You never said anything about
it in your letter.
How is Mother keeping I see you
haven't got a girl yet. I think with
two farms you should have one &
not work yourselves to death.
Must quit for tonight GoodBye [Goodbye?]
Wednesday night:- I got another
letter from you on Monday. As regards
that spoon I suppose they don't know
what a souvenir spoon is there. It is
just one spoon with the name on it
she wants "Ireland" on it.
Jim has never yet written to me I
wrote after I got here but he has never
answered yet and I won't write again
till he does but I suppose I will be
the looser [loser?] if he don't [doesn’t?]
give me the money but if he don't [doesn’t]
I will
go to Business College. I would
have been pretty near through now only
for him and been able to earn for myself
I know that he will do some scolding if I
go against his wishes but I have been trying
to please him ever since I came out here
and I have'nt succeeded so I would
rather not be depending on him any
longer and then having him talking
about me spending so much of his
money. I never would have spent half
the money only for him he would
always scold if I was'nt dressed to suit him

[Page 7]

and again Annie and Cass done well
enough getting married and for me
associating with Cass's friends they
are good enough but Jim has got so
far up in Style that those who don't
dress in Silk and Such like he don't [doesn’t?]
want them. He will go wrong in the
head over Style yet: he thinks of
nothing else. If he ever gets settled
down and has as good a house and
Everything as comfortable as Annie
and Charlie he may think himself
pretty well off but I doubt if ever
he gets that far unless he changes a good
deal he will never get enough money together
to start housekeeping. I might say
that Cass might have done a little
better when she was So well educated
but still she is pretty well off a
good sight better than the majority

[Page 8]

of them around home. As regards
that affair of the Duncan's never
mention it to him for he would be likely
to mention it to some of them sometime.
Well now you wanted to know if I
was saving any of the money he gave
me. I haven't for so far but I intend
to after this if I get any I had a
winter suit to get and school books
and other things so it took all. I
pay Annie nothing for so far but I
told her I would give her $1 a month
for washing. I read here that part that
you wrote in your letter regarding the
board. So she asked me if you people
thought they were so poor that I would
have to pay my board, and if she
would do that when she goes over there.
Your last letter I had to pay 4 cts on it
too heavy I think it would pay you to
get lighter notepaper. Wish you would
send me T. [Tommy?] Hay's address as I want to
send him my picture.
Today it is thawing and my it was
sloppy got my feet wet going to school
Got an awful fall skating one night
you know how the distance I would fall
and then the weight of 200 lbs beside (sic).
I weighed 178 lbs? at Xmas [Christmas?] still increasing
As for Jim going home this summer you
need not feel a bit sorry for it would be like
the other time there would'nt be much peace untill [until?]
he gets over this big feeling of his he is not much
pleasure to any one of his relations.
I must quit now

Good Bye [Goodbye?]

M [Mary?] Smyth

Postscript [Top of Page one]

Write Soon don’t follow my example
Don’t think that we are always fighting out
here with Jim It is a scold & all is over for
a another while but I’m mad because he’s not
writing I don’t see why he don’t he will have
to [cool?] [for?] I won’t write again. Goodbye.

Transcribed by Alan Houston