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Title: Mary Smyth, Ontario to Eliza Smyth, Castledamph.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Mary/26
SenderSmyth, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientSmyth, Eliza C.
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
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Transcript[Front of Envelope]
Miss. E. C. Smyth,
Co Tyrone,

OC 11

[Back of Envelope]
OC 11

OCT 12
15 - 0

OC 23

[Page 1]
South Woodslee
October 11th 1901

Dear Liza
Rec. [Received?] your letter
last night as we were going
to the Bible Class. I tried
to read it while they were
singing but could not manage
it We were expecting the
pictures every day & I was
just thinking that that
was the reason they were not
I see you got the letter &
I suppose Mother was crying
over it as usual but indeed
she might not trouble herself
about it When we got here
the one was making fun
of the other about being

[Page 2]
sick & when I think of it
I have to laugh the first
We had dinner after we got
on & it was not five
minutes down till
it was up again & I got my
grey skirt all sparked [splashed?]
& did not get it brushed off
till I came here.
Well I expect there is a great
stir over the work: - Charlie has
[last?] it at the rear Where did
he get the money to pay
up all. I wrote to Tillie last
week: & Bella Campbell. & Mrs [V?]
& Aunt Beck same time as I
wrote you.
Well we went to Leamington
Saturday Joe & John & Bella &
I in two buggy's we left here
at one o'clock went in 2 hours
& a quarter 18 miles so you may
guess how quick we went we
stopped over all night & went
to church Sunday & you
would think the sermon was
made for us. he was talking
about the country & the People.

[Page 3]
& he said their Forefathers came
from the Plains of Eng [England?]
& the hills of Scotland & he was
lost for a word to say next
& he says the “Bogs of Ireland”
& he said that they done better
by being transplanted. We could
not keep in laughing the one was
“dunting” [a prod with an elbow?]
the other
When we came home Annie
asked us how we liked him
& we said we liked him well
she asked John Duncan how he
liked him & he said “I'll say
nothing to his credit,” he was
mad at what he said about Ireland
but indeed I could have
laughed about right if I had
been outside the Irish got
their share anyway. It was a
Christening Tuesday there was
four babtized [baptized?] two of
them was fit to walk up & could
told [sic] their own names if wanted
Annie & Charlie has [sic] built a new
house a great big one they are for
going to it next month it is two
perches from the one they are in
so they’ll not have far
to go

[Page 4]
They had a smash up on Tuesday
last they [the?] train went off
the runs [rails?] or as I should
say a horse was on the runs [rails?]
& it pitched them off. Charlie got off
safe as the engine went off here
did not upset but the cars was [sic]
all upset on one side & a good
many passengers on. but no one
[sic] hurt I was watching them start
the train on Sat evg. [evening?]
it is just as far from the house
as our byres is [sic] from the house
There are a lot of accidents on
trains here I’ve heard them talk
about so many that I don’t think
I’ll go on any more we have to
cross the runs [rails?] here going down
to Wooodslee & when I’m crossing
I look to both sides to see if there
is [sic] any coming they go that quick
here that you would’nt have time
to cross from you would see them
& then there is a double track last
night when we were coming from the
Bible class there was one passed as
we were coming & when we came the
length there was another & we had
to stop to [sic] it passed & when
we were over a bit there was another
there is more trains passes here
in an hour nor [than?] is at
Newtown [Newtownstewart?] in a day

[Page 5]
We left Leamington on Sunday
four o'clock & was here at
six & went to evg. [evening?]
service down here at 7.30.
Annie came out here Wednesday
with Martha Allison drove out
in the buggy & stopped all
night & went back yesterday
Thursday & took Aunt with her
I dont know how long she is
going to stay.
The boys went to Toronto Tuesday
to see if they would get in
anywhere it is a little lonely
here since they left & I miss them
for going to [sic] Post Office they
always went night & morn. [morning?]
so now there is no one to go
except myself no letters
delivered here like over there if
You don’t go for them you wont [sic]
them It is the Miss Allison's
Charlie’s sisters has [sic] the
P.O. [Post Office?] Edna &
Mailia [Amelia?] she is [sic] lively
one something like Miss Moore.
James came down Friday night
but went back Sat. again he
is not content with the teaching
atall [at all?] this year he was
bad over there but he’s worse lies
on the sofa in the kitchen most
part of his time

[Page 6]
I was not up to Essex but
once the Fair day we were
going up today but Uncle let
the driver out before he knew
we were going so we thought
to catch him before he would
get back to the wood but
missed it so we can’t go now.
The women here are not made
for staying in the house all the
time. I don’t beleive [believe?]
Cassie & Fred was [sic] two nights
at home since we came Belle went up
there to help her to wash Tuesday
so I went to keep the Youngsters
I'll be a good nurse after this
The women here has [sic] a lot of
fruit to do up this time a [sic] year.
If you would see what she has canned
her & Annie made Eight Gallon
of Tomatoe [Tomato?] pickles Yesterday
If you know what they are
& Apples & Pairs [Pears?] Plums
Beet cherries & all sorts she has
made if you would see the place with
Glass jars all those fruits in them
Apples & peaches is [sic] all I like
I eat about half dozen apples every
day Miss Jones & her Brother
was over here one night & she
sent me over a basket full of
Apples next morning

[Page 7]
You have not heard when Willie
John is coming he told James
the day before we left that
he would be out before Xmas
You know his trunks is [sic]
lying in New York he told Jim
he had $1700 before he went
home. so that was very good.
Sara has $8 a week where she
is now $2.5 for her board so
she has a good deal saved
I was trying to find out how
long she spent at College but
none of them can remember
I think if it would not take
too long that I would go for it.
I want some things that I forgot
to bring my woolen [woollen?] gloves
& I have not a white camisole
with me the first day I put on
my white blouse I wanted it.
& I wish I had got a flannell
Peticoat [flannel petticoat?]
of some kind. This gay jacket
Annie says could be made into
an Eton jacket there is none
of these worn about here:
The weather is getting a little
cold: it froze about an inch over
night last week:
How is Bob Mc [sic] getting along

[Page 8]
I intend to write to Lizzie
Today is Wm. [William?] Noble
in now & Andy Mc [sic]
I suppose Joe Gilky's [Gilkinson’s?]
ones are giving it out about us
they can say what they like
for I don’t regard them.
It was Belleek ware
that Willie John had in the Box
& Irish Linen tea cover for Annie
Minnie Duncan sent Belle
a Bible with her name printed
on it. That is what I forgot
hav'nt a Bible with me & J.J.
& J.S. had a half a dozen each
presents from all the society’s
[societies?] that they were in.
I suppose by this time Master
James is back.
What Doctor is in at the Plum
[Plumbridge?] I suppose there
is a class now for the Sacrament
I thought I would have been
for it this time.
I suppose you are digging the
spuds by this time they dig
them here in two days
Did George Russell not come down
the fair day to thresh
How is the McClellands doing or
did Maggie stay at home or what
No more this time
Yours [sic] Sister M [Mary?] Smyth

[Note in corner at bottom of last page]

This paper is very bad for writing on.

[Notes at top of Page 1]

Oh I forgot to tell you we
weighed yesterday I was 160
Annie 128 Belle 127 Mother 112
I was only [155?] when I came
& J.J. [136?]

Belle sends her
Love to all & also
To Matilda

I’m going to write
once a week and the
week I write to
Tilda [Matilda?]
& you the same
Will do for al [all?]