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Title: Mary Smyth, Ontario to "Dear People".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Mary/27(3)
SenderSmyth, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationstudent
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to her family
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
Doc. No.0605057
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count684
Transcript[Front of envelope]

Mrs J. J. Smyth
Co Tyrone

OC 13

[Postage Stamp]
Canada Postage
Two Cents
2 2

[Back of envelope]

OC 1

[5 0?]
OC 23

[Three letters contained in this envelope.
The first is seen below. The other two have been processed
separately and may be found by date Oct 1 1902 and 25
November 1902]

[Page 1]

St Thomas, Box 1103
April 2nd 1904

Dear People
Have been waiting till I
would have received a letter so I just got
one yesterday I am glad to know that Willie
John is improving but I suppose he will not
be real well for some time. I have been going
to write to him long ago but I have never done
so yet.
We have our holidays now from Thursday until
Monday Ap. [April?] 10th Uncle and Anna is [sic]
here for a few day they came last night I think
they will stay until Tuesday. Jim has not come
yet but I got a card from him today saying he
was coming tonight. I will tell him what you said
concerning our going home so I suppose I will decide
then. I see by Liza's letter that you are sewing
[sowing?] the corn, I was telling Annie what she
said about being ahead or the Canadians,
so she says to tell

[page 2]

you to wait to fall and see who is first then.
The frost is just coming out of the ground now
We were skating Tuesday night 29th March we were
anxious to go just for the name of it the ice was
a little bit soft. We have it raining for the last
few days and it is also raining at present so that
Uncle cannot get around very much. Annie and Anna
and I are going up town but we will take the street
car so that we wont get very wet.
That is too bad about Mrs McCullagh; they
would find a change there if anything should
happen her I suppose Lizzie will soon be going
to Dublin I wonder if I could pass that Exam
with what I know now, I dont know but I would
be lacking some of the questions on Ireland as I
don’t learn very much about it here, I’m afraid
Tillie wont go home I suppose she is still working
out I think that must be pretty hard on her
brought up as they were. she would find a change.

[Page 3]
That concert seemed to be a pretty good success.
And for quantity it was satisfactory but quality
it may have been lacking. Some of the songs are
pretty old I think they should try and learn a
few new ones. John's Mrs Pooly was not so very old
they had it there last winter Mr Pooley, ooly, oo
I wonder why Miss James did not give a few
selections on the Piano.
Lots of changes around there, and Miss [Moore?] [&?]
Mrs McFarland has moved away I wonder how
will Louisa get along without her or rather her
money as I believe it was her money that was in it.
Bella Campbell I suppose could not stay at home
with Bob being such - a character - I think
those Dippers are stirring up more trouble than
what good they are doing to the country.
Say, while I think of it, was it her husband Miss Moore's
that was drunk and his leg broken in the binder
one time, three or four years ago.

[page 4]

Tomorrow is Easter. This will be my third Easter
to be away from home also my birthday is coming
along soon I will be 30 before I will be quit
school, I suppose Mary Dunbar didn’t marry a
farmer after all I was thinking so because she
never liked the work very well, I suppose Jerry
will be the next as soon as Beck gets out of the
way if she will ever.
Well [it?] would have been well for Aunt Tilda's
people if they had sold that house long ago or
[better?] if they never had bought it. I often look back
and think of the fun when they were at home and
now to see them all I am sure they must feel it
themselves. I think aunt Tilda must be feeling pretty
old Uncle and we [me?] reckoned about her age
last night and we reckoned her age about 74.

I must close now so Good Bye
Dinner is ready

M [Mary?] Smith

Time Table

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Arith Eng Lge Arith Eng Lge Study

Study Reading Study Study Arith

Botany Latin Geog Botany Geog

Latin Drill Eng Lge Arith Eng Lge

Book keeping (all) Latin Drill all

noon noon noon noon noon
Eng Lit Eng Lit Eng Lit Eng Lit Eng Lit

History History History History Study

Drill (boys) Drawing Algebra Geog Botany

Drill (girls) Geog Study Drawing Study

Algebra Study Book keeping Latin Algebra

M Smyth's marks
At the recent Entrance
Examination, I obtained
the following marks in

Reading 32 out of 50
Drawing 24 " " 50
Writing 25 " " 50
Dictation 48 " " 50
Literature 73 " " 150
Arithmetic 175 " " 200
Grammar 104 " " 150
Geography 55 " " 100
Composition 86 " " 100
History 47 " " 100
Physiology 38 " " 100

1/3 of value of each an 1/2 of
whole required.

You see the subjects
that were new to me I
did not do so well on
however I passed anyway
Good Bye Ms [Mary Smyth?].

Transcribed by Gordon Drummond