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Title: Mary Smyth, Ontario to Mrs J J Smyth, Castledamph.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Mary/46
SenderSmyth, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to her family
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
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Mrs. J. J. Smyth,
Co. Tyrone,

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[Page 1]

Sth [South?] Woodslee
Aug 13th 1904

Dear People:-
Once more I write
to finish the story of my journey
I think last I wrote was before I
went out to Blytheswood. I went to
Blytheswood (just here I may say that
I want to let you know where all I
have been during a week) Wednesday
Annie [&?] Leslie left me out there
Stayed for dinner at Joe Baileys about
4 0'clock George & his mother came &
I went with them to their place so
they persuaded me to stay out until
Friday & to go to a picnic with them
next day (Thursday) At last I decided
to do this so next morning we had to
get up pretty early & we got away by
eight drove 14 mls there George & his
two children & his father & mother-in-law
& another boy & girl & myself were all in

[Page 2]
one rig Mrs Bailey did not go as she
thought the [drive?] would be too far for
her- She is keeping house for George since
his wife died last year, I think I told you
all about it, Well, we had a great day out
then I didn't expect to have as good a time
as I didn't know any of them they were
all strangers to me but I had a fine time
the boys hired a row [rowing?] boat (we were
along the lake St. Clair) so I had [two?]
rides & all the [others?] had only one so
I was the favoured one I was the whole thing
among them because I was from Ireland &
especially because I was going away. There
was also three boys came in with a [big?]
sail boat & [invited?] all the party (27
altogether) to go for a ride so we all
piled in & we got along alright so we were
nearing the shore coming back when the boat
tipped and before we got to land there was
about a foot and a half water in the
inside. It was too

[Page 3]
heavily loaded. I was the only one [yelled?]
when it tipped I thought we were going
in but it wasn’t deep anyway we could
wade to shore, however, we got safe
with the exception of wet feet & our
skirts drabbled, we got home by eight
o'clock so I intended to go to Leamington
next morning to see Frank Bailey &
the Mrs so his mother said that I wouldn't
see Frank then as he doesn't get home
for his dinner so George he proposed
to drive me in that night so we
started by nine o'clock & got to
Franks at 10.30 and they were in
bed but both got up & we sat talking
until pretty near 12: I stayed there
until the next afternoon & I came
out on the train as far as Joe Baileys
& had tea there and George drove
me out here that night he didn’t want
to have me pay my way on the train out

[Page 4]

here, I have got Frank & his wife & his
little boys' picture also Joe’s two
children so you will see them when
I go home. On Saturday morning I started
for Windsor as Bell [Belle?] had gone up
Friday & I was to go also on Friday but
couldn't so Jim he went Saturday also & as
we got off the train Paddon's had sent
their little boy down for [sic] to tell
me to hurry down as Lillie was going as
far as [Pontiac?] with her & that Bell
[Belle?] would go if I would, so [we?]
hurried down & we had all decided to go
& was just starting when who came up
but Sarah so then Bell [Belle?] couldn’t
go but [Jim?] & I & [Gertie?] & Lillie
& Mrs Brooks & Mrs [Lottin?] started
we had a fine ride on the Street car left
Detroit at 10.30 & got back by 3.30 it was

[Page 5]
fine scenery we saw a number of lakes
together like they are in [Gortin?
[Glenns?]. When we got back we met Sara
[Sarah?] & Bell [Belle?] so Sarah & Bell
[Belle?] & I went up on top of a 14 storey
building in Detroit and we could see all
over (I will show you the picture later on.)
we also went to the art museum I couldn’t
describe what all we saw there Statues
of every description and everything that
was used in olden days. then we went
in to a Catholic church as it was open
we thought we would go in & see what it
looked like while [we?] sat there we heard
a band so Sarah she said it was a funeral
march we huddled out & they were coming
[near?] [it?] was a mason we sat down on
the steps to watch them it was the first
I ever saw with a band the masons walked
in front & then the band & after that the
carriages It was pretty sad to see it
especially [to hear?]

[Page 6]
Well I forget what else we did but at
eight o'clock we left Sarah on the train
[again?] for [Cwasso?]. There was an
excursion that day so she knew that Bell
[Belle?] was in Windsor & so [came?].
after that we started for Reddon [Reddit?] &
stayed there all night next morning
Gertie Bell [Belle?] [& I?] & Mr [Totten?]
(Gertie’s? beau) & Mr Paddon started to
Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit my I wish you could
[see?] it is a beautiful place nice
[flowers?] & walks we saw about 100 soldiers
graves all together. I wont take time [to?]
[say?] [any further?] about it as I cant
describe as I would like to we got to
Paddon’s by 2'o clock they had been waiting
dinner for us for an hour We had been asked
down to Arthur [Paddon’s?] that evg [evening.?]
but called in coming home & said we were too
tired so we spent the afternoon fooling around
[Gertie?]& Bell [Belle?] went [to bed?] & the
rest of us sat out on the verandah & [Archie?]
& his wife came along & [stopped?], [for?]
[tea?] after tea Bell [Belle?]

[Page 7]
[Gertie?] Mr [Totten?] & I went to the
1st Prestbyterian Church in Detroit
it was another thing worth seeing
we got home & went to bed tired
as usual after an uncommon
Sunday. Monday Bell [Belle?] & I
[started?] out again about 10''oclock
expecting it to be our last day of such
[running?] Jim had promised to meet us
so we waited for him & we went to Belle
Isle same place as we were 1st July
only I didn't have time to see it all.
We went to see the animals, [bears?],
deers, ostriches, and all other kinds,
of animals they are all penned in
so that they can't get out but it
is nice to watch them walk around
we saw seals & if you would [hear?]
them roar. We were also through
the hot houses. We got back by
Detroit at two o'clock We came back
by the [third?] car and went up on [the?]
[boat?] so we had a variety. so after
dinner Jim wanted to know if I [wouldn’t
want to go to Bois Blanc (pronounced

[Page 8]
another island but belonging to Canada
so the boat started at four it is quite
a big boat I expect there were 2,000
people on and every day is the same
they had an orchestra on there
Jim & I didnt' know anyone when
we got down there there was a
baseball game going on so we
watched that & when that was
over we came to the dancing hall
where they were so many on
the floor that there wasn't any
room and it was bigger than our
barn. They danced there until the boat
started & then danced all the way
on the boat to Detroit I was
wishing I could get a partner but
I had to be satisfied by looking on
We got back by 9.30 so Jim left me
down to Mrs. [Vitiors?]. Bell [Belle?]
she had to go home as Annie was leaving
next day for a 10 day trip up the lakes,
so I [had?] promised to go to [Viteors]
[before?] I stayed there all night [&?] Jim
came to Essex on the midnight train

[Page 9]
next day Mrs [Viteors?] & I went to Detroit
& did some shopping & got our fortune
told, mine was very good but she told me I
was going on a journey somewhere but that I
wouldn’t like it & that I wouldn’t be contented
to stay so you may guess where it is I thought
she was pretty good where she could tell me that
they all tell me there that I won’t stay
when I go home but I tell them I will,
Time will tell, I suppose. Well I have
drifted from my story. I came home
Tuesday night got to [Woodslee?] [&?]
was thankful to get to a quiet place, I
don’t suppose you can imagine what Detroit
is like as there is no city like it
at home when you are crossing the street
it takes you to keep your eyes open between
automobiles & rigs & street cars it is not
very safe I almost got knocked down Saturday
with a horse & rig I was going with the rest
to get on the street car & I never noticed the
rig coming. They all expected that I would be
knocked down but I escaped. I forgot to say
that Bell [Belle?] bought me

[Page 10]
me (sic) a nice suit case in Detroit as a present
she said it was for what I did when Aunt
died it was $4.25 (17 s,) It is a pretty nice one
& just what I wanted. Wednesday I was here all day
did some little washing & got a lunch ready for the
next day as we were going on an excursion to Port
Huron 120 mls. above Detroit, it being Essex
[over?]holiday. We took the [train?] to Detroit
and then took the boat the rest of the
way [we?] left here at 8 o'clock & got
home here at 12 o'clock at night none
of uncles' folks went. We were 12 hrs on
the boat altogether [had?] about an hour
at Port Huron I got a souvenir, there,
I was with Jim & the Essex people
all day. It was a lovely trip and a
great crowd on the boat they had
an orchestra but no dancing allowed
on that boat. Glenn met me at the
station here so it was pretty good of him.
Annie & Charlie & four others left ' for a
10 dys [days?] trip up the lakes on Tuesday,
so the boys are here.
I suppose it is time I should say
something about going home well I
didn't intend to tell you exactly when

[Page 11]
I was going home but Jim thought I
had beter , I sail from Montreal
the 26th.. & expect to land on sept
3rd.. that is I will be home three weeks
from tonight. I will have to leave
here the 24th” in order to get there as I
have to be on the boat the night of
the [25?] as it leaves Montreal at 4'o'
clock the morning of the 26th.. so that
I've only got a week from Wednesday
to spend here.
Monday Evg. [evening?] just nearly
supper time and as I am going
down to the village afterwards
thought I had better take this
& post it. I am going up to
Essex tomorrow my final trip
On Thursday we are going
to a picnic at Kingsville
it is an annual one so that
you may remember all about it

[Page 12]
Uncle is cutting his oats and
he is finishing tonight and
his binder broke down in
the last piece so that we are
waiting supper on them quite a
while. He has a man nearly
everyday now.
I have written a long letter this
time thought I would give you
a list of all my [outings?]
and I will have it for future
reference. I forgot to say
that I had been out for
a drive a few evenings. Had a
letter from Maggie McClelland
they are all well.
I’m expecting a letter soon but
as usual I suppose I’ll get one
when I have this one posted.
Goodbye for the Present
I will write in a few more
days Mary

Transcribed by Mohamed Souissy