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Title: [N.B.Smyth?] New Orleans, to [Dr Andrew Smyth?] [Donemana?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Natalie Bouligny/9
SenderBouligny Smyth, Nathalie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientSmyth, Andrew Wood
Recipient Gendermale
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Transcriptaddress all letters to the company. cable address hartley
new york.

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New Orleans-
Saturday, Nov 21 '08

My dear Doc
Arthe ' wrote to you
on our arrival in New York. The Columbia
landed at 5.30 p.m. Sunday & we took the
midnight express that night from N.Y.
[New York?] arriving here Tuesday at 8.30. The
family met us at the station & I
drove up to [Taori's?]. They were all
more than glad to see us. Arthemise
has invited us to stay with her. She
is fitting Arthe ' out & launching
her into society as her niece & god
child. She seems to be delighted with
the child as also her uncle Albert who cannot
say enough about her. So much for the family [news?]
now to business issues. I saw my brother
in law at the bank the next day of my
arrival. He was very kind but seemed to
take very little stock in the ultimate results,
money results, to be obtained from the [Eldorado?]
He thinks the claims of McCan [McCann?] &
Conery [Connery?] with the interest added will
swallow up everything. He advised me to be
diplomatic with John & Gurley & try & get out
of them all the information I could - I did so
- said you replied & kissed him, though I felt
like a Judas - later on however I can have my
revenge. John seemed very nervous. I
never saw him so disturbed. He is evidently
much perturbed & I hope he will be more
so. He read me the enclosed letter, (I have
made a copy of the copy he let me have to
send it to you) the other I am taking to
Beckwith & to Albert on Monday. They were
neither of them here to day. I saw Mr Beckwith
who has grown old & thin but is still the same
otherwise - with a first class head for all
legal points. He was very kind & told me
that on your account & my own he would do
all in his power for me. He said it looked
badly. That he would not be associated
with Morgan Gurley for he did not think
him straight & told me of some incidents he
knew about him - as to Rivers Richardson
he said it was shocking to have employed
him, as he was about to be disbarred for
cheating & swindling. Your old opponent
Bradford of the Canal Bank has had
to go to jail for cheating & stealing as also some
others concerned against us. This is by the bye
Beckwith, gave me the advice to try & smooth
matters with the enemy & get all the information
I could from them. He wants to see a copy of
the power of attorney you sent to M.G. because
there are two paid v - me that can be revoked &
one that cannot, but he added, " with that
man Richardson he would not let the chance
slip " & he fears you have signed away your
power irrevocably. In fact John Smyth
said the cable [was?] the revocation [nice?]
any good & you had only affronted himself
& Gurley. I told Albert you said you would
do what he thought best & vest the power by
cable first with whom he thought best. It
seems they have made your claim into
a syndicate called the Leader Realty Co
with 250 shares, which are placed so:
Dr A.W. Smyth 247 shares
M. Gurley 1
Randolph Gurley 1
John Smyth 1
John Smyth says this syndicate is only a paper transaction
made one year & a half ago. I met Morgan
Gurley on [Common?] Street & was very amiable
as I was told to be. I told him I wanted him
to do me a favour in letting me have a
copy of the power of attorney. He said I could
" have all the papers I wanted as there was
nothing to hide " but I have not got the
copy yet. John Smyth wanted to know
from Arthe ', who called to get the papers I
enclose, if you had yet appointed any one
else as attorney? She said she didn't know & he
told her to ask me. I am afraid we are in
a bad boat for God sake whatever is [easier?]
to you to do do it immediately. This is all
I know at present. I am going to see Albert
& Beckwith on Monday morning. In speaking of
your litigations with the Canal Bank, Beckwith
seemed to think that Ward Gurley had mismanaged
the business. Albert said the three Gurleys had
each had a " whack at it," & it seems it was
Hughes Gurley who let the land interest I
wrote to Albert about at first to lapse. John
Smyth is making money hand over fist. He
has two sign boards up with his name, so
one each side the entrance. I felt like tearing
them down when I thought for lack of one that
you should have put up in what straights [straits?]
& misery we were! Good bye my dear
I hope you are keeping well. I have a bad
cold but I stood the fatigue & the trip better
than I had dreamt I would. It is hot as
the lower regions & except that I ride about in
my rich sister's carriage I would be dead with
the heat. Do let me know anything that you
can think of & what is your opinion of the news
so far. Write to Beckwith & thank him. I think
he would like it. Arthe ' is well & at the theatre
to night with all the family. Yours

P.S. Sunday Morning.
I have marked with an x the history of the claim
of the syndicate who is laying siege to a large part
of the lands in question. Mark that there is much
of the same history as the negro woman in the
Canal Bank Claim. Some spurious thing got up
in the same way. The name of the syndicate is
not given though its history is. Nor is the name
of the would be purchaser for the $10,000 netting
you $5,000. Beckwith said it was important to
find out who that purchaser was but John
Smyth would not tell me. In the list of the
shareholders in the mock syndicate (paper
transaction according to J.S.) you are the holder of
247 shares, Morgan Gurley 1, Randolph G 1
& J S 1. There is no question of these being
bought not only you with your 247 shares.
Probably when you are shut out & give up title
they still expect you to do, & as Albert may
advise me to have you do, these shares would be
located & retained to bear future big money.
Young Albert Baldwin seems to me too much in
favour of the gang. When I wired him from
N.Y. [New York?] to meet me at the station he informed
M.G. immediately of the fact. What was that for?
I could have informed the gang myself of my
coming if I had so desired - again he seems to
repeat verbatim all that the gang say, & JS
said that " they should have got the Baldwins
to cable to you instead of M.G. " I wonder if
A.B. [Albert Baldwin?] Jr is lying a spec
[speck?] in connivance with
the gang & persuading his father that if we
dont take the offer of $5,000 we will get
nothing. I dont like his manner & the confidence
there seems to exist between him &
the gang. I dont know whether the father
is behind the scenes wire pulling. If so
we are badly off. Albert may be honest in his
idea that $5,000 is better than nothing. I will
get no money help in that quarter & without
money what can we do ? I am going to see
Beckwith to morrow before I see A.B.
[Albert Baldwin?] When I proposed taking a
lawyer as you had said A.B. [Albert Baldwin?]
Sr said it would do no good but I
have got Beckwith any how . He Albert does not
know I have spoken to Beckwith yet & I dont
know how he will take it. I shall go to see
young Robert Marr, the son of old Judge Marr &
find out about that decision against the
Conerys [Connery?] & McCanns that you told me we had
gained for you. I have a terrible cold & can hardly
speak which is a disadvantage in interviewing
You had better make no answer to what they
write or cable unless signed Beckwith or Nato.
I am afraid of the gangs using the Baldwin
name as they did in the cable about your health.
A good battle line is nothing to this sorry [danger?]
skirmishing & sharp-shooting behind bushes.
I enclose you a letter from Morgan Gurley to
me which missed me on the high seas, but of
which he sent a copy to my sisters. From it you
will see that they thought the cables, one signed
Smyth the other to Albert signed Nato were both
from me. I told you that they had. Send my
letters direct to Arthemise, Esplanade Ave
& Desbigny St. I will get them quicker than
from A [Arthur?] Baldwin. This is all I can think
of. Will write as soon as some move
is made & after seeing Beckwith & Albert


It struck me that John was reading a lesson
written out for him in that letter from
Morgan Gurley. When I came in he took it
out of his desk & confined himself to reading it
I was very amiable - kept my eyes open & mouth
shut. the date of the letter is supposed to be
Oct 30th.