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Title: [N.B. Smyth?] [New Orleans?] to [Andrew Smyth?] [Donemana?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Natalie Bouligny/15
SenderBouligny Smyth, Nathalie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientSmyth, Andrew Wood
Recipient Gendermale
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Transcript1707 Esplanade Ave

Dec 26th 1908

My dear Doc,
I was glad to get your
letter enclosing John Smyth's. I brought it
to Mr. Beckwith whose comment on it was-
"not think that the merging of the Doctor's
claim into a Realty Company of sufficient
importance to tell him!" The Baldwins have
advised taking a lawyer by the name of
Lemley as Beckwith is not able to do
the hard work of looking up deeds etc.
He is the lawyer of the N.O. National
Bank & considered a very smart man. He is
also the lawyer for the Illinois Central &
several large corporations. He was the
lawyer employed by the Illinois Central to
fight your case when handled & lost by
Morg. [Morgan?] Gurley. I trust the
Baldwins have made no mistakes in the
choice & that whatever lands left to you
don't clash with the interests of the
Illinois Central. It seems that the lands
originally proposed to purchase by [Smiat?]
& about which I wrote to Albert long ago are
entirely different ones from the lands handled
by the "Gang". [Smiat?] told Albert he was prepared
to show all about them - That they consisted
of lands the patents for which "had not been
lodged" whatever that means. There is also
some land in the Parish of Jefferson that
is thought will be of value. Where are
all the titles and deeds concerning the land
you owned ? I suppose the Gurley Bros.
inherited them. It is proposed when you send
your power of attorney that Albert Jr. & this
M. Lemley would be joined. I will let you
know as soon as the thing has focussed &
assumed working shape. M. Lemley was
to go and see Rivers Richardson & Gurley
& also had a talk with Beckwith. I have only had
one interview with Lemley in the presence of Artie
who introduced me. I don't know if I told you
that the purchaser who brought about the
[cablegram?] offering you $5,000 was a lawyer
by the name of Hall and that he had really
offered $35,000. Gurley refused to tell Beckwith
who the purchaser was but I found out from
the man himself that he offered to buy
at that price. Mr. Beckwith seems to think
that the contract for 50% which Morgan Gurley
entered into with Rivers Richardson under this
wide latitude that the wording of this attorney's
power gave him will only be settled by litigations.
I don't know what Lemley thinks. This is
as far as things have progressd. Write and
let me know what you remember of the location
of the lands- those forfeited by the loss of
the suit decided by Judge Parlanye &
the remnant left. We have had beautiful
weather for Xmas-bright and cool. Artie went
to a dance last night & is still sleeping off
her fatigue. She got a good many friends
& barring your presence & [Maman's?] it seemed
like old times. Albert & Arthemise seem to [vie?]
in kindness to Artie. They could not be kinder
if she was their own. Jack [Wood?] is home
from his travelling for a little while. He was
delighted to see us. Thought Artie was
splendid & spoke so kindly of you. He said
he "wished he could see the old Doctor." He is
now 67 & is getting old, at which he grumbles
awfully. The cyst he had on his shoulder about
which I think he spoke to you has grown large
& horrible & now he is to have it cut out. I
think he feels nervous about it. Though I have
seen John Smyth but once. He sent
me a pair of black gloves for Xmas. Funeral
looking things with his card, no wishes or
anything but his card Dr John Smyth. To Artie
he sent a [----?] scarf with his love. He
undoubtly has no use for me - perhaps less
than I have for him which is saying a good
deal. I have kept the gloves; but it was
a struggle not to return them. As they are
black it will do to wear to the Gang's funeral.
This is all the news I have. Write soon.
I gave Albert Sr [Senior?] your letter to read & he
said many complimentary things about it.
I think the writer has settled the non
compos mentis theory of the "gang"
Nato [Nathalie?]