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Title: Moses Staunton, Toronto, Canada, to His Mother and Sister.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileStaunton, Moses/36
SenderStaunton, Moses
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpaper shop owner
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
DestinationGlasgow, Scotland
RecipientMrs Staunton
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipson-mother / siblings
SourceT 2345/4B: Copied by Permission of Dr E.R.R. Green, Department of History, Manchester University. #TYPE EMG Moses Staunton, Toronto, [Canada?], to "My Dear Mother and Sister", [Location?], 25 December 1856.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9006226
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TranscriptTo: Mother and Sister
Toronto Decbr [December?] 25th 1856

My Dear Mother & Sister
I cannot do better than write you
a long letter this good Christmas Morning and when I am
reminded of the Goodness of God by the near approach
of Another New Year - I desire to Mingle my gratitude to
God with that which I hope ascends from
your hearts this day - for be assured that I
do not write so often as perhaps I should. I do
not forget to bear you on my spirit at A throne
of Grace - and I hope you do not forget me & Mine
for though we are seperated [separated?] in time we are fast
Journeying to the Meeting place - and though [single?]
the road and Many the inducements to turn aside
Yet he has promised that his Grace will be Sufficien[t?]
for all our many wants - our duty is to trust him and
him alone - Now with these few general remarks
I proceed to give you some little knowledge
of my own little temporal affairs and A few of those
things about this country that has come under my own
notice and I am happy to Say that I am doing now very
will [well?] and has As good A prospect of continuing to improve
as I could desire in my business - Since I wrote you last
I have made A few little purchases in the Country and
the last one I made two Hundred pounds was offered for
it above what I gave inside of 24 hours although I
bought it at publick [public?] auction - but if all goes
wrigth [right?] it was worth or rather will make for me 6 or 7
Hundred inside of four years - but I do not want people
to think this so splendid A place that money and the
comforts of life can be got easily for if I had
not laid off my coat and went and done my own
paper hanging here I believe I would have been beat
with all the means I [b?]rought and all My Children
have to work - their [there?] is no getting on without hard
work here untill [until?] you get Quite rich
[and?] [had?] [I?] bean [been?] A growler you would have had
all sorts of complaining letters before now for
I do assure you a Man coming here with A little
means as A trader and commencing for himself
before he Get to know the ways of business
here Must Expect to pay for his information-
had I come here as A carpenter Such as Neil is
and had the tenth of the means I had I could
have done better he would get his 7/6 to 9/ currency
per day (but I should tell you that 5/ currency is only
4/ British this is A Splendid country for the Carpenter
or Blacksmith if the [they?] have 50 or 60 pounds when
the [they?] arrive here and if the [they?] only knew A friend
to help them to Select A plot of Building Ground
and then build themselves A frame house then
the [they?] are comfortable at once if health is Spared
but the most part have to [live?] A house to live in
and Such A house as yours cannot be got under
25 pounds A year and then firing and all
Sorts of food is high flour Excepted 7- cy [currency?] for beef
7/6 for A Good turkey Such as is before the fire
just now - So that A tradesman that
cannot at once begin to save on house rent is four or 5 years
strug[g?]ling - but work is good and plenty -
we find no inconvenience from the hard frost
except A tumble on the ice occassionally [accasionally?]
for all the footpath are hard frozen (half Melted
with the beautiful cheerful Sun during the day
then Glittering frost in the morning - we have had
the winter snow on A Month now - and pretty Severe
weather) there is A Steamer and two Sailing vessels now
A wreck opposite our house (Just now)--
I have Got into the finest paper Shop I Ever had-
for I took A small place first - but now I have the
very best corner of the City Mary help me in the
Shop - Moses James and albert are out on A pond
today all with their skates on - No fear of the Ice
breaking - we had the Glass at 15 below zero one
day last week it Made all button up all has big coates [coats?]
on and I dont think my dear Sister Mary ann would
know me with my cap on - Even Should she take A
gaze such as she did When on the deck of
the Steamer from Liverpool - that last look
I shall not soon forget it - now I want you
[As?] rememember [remember?] me to Sandy I feel the more
Matched to him as it has pleased God to deprive
him of the use of his hands and limbs - tell him
if his Uncle Moses Succe[e?]ds in North America
he wont forget him - but Should I forget
that God who made him as he is can command
the provision for him and I hope he will be
be A good boy and learn to trust the bounty
of his Maker and look up to his almighty
parent for all his wants - I never yet
had an opportunity of seeing James Roy -
or any of their family _ nor have I heard any
more partickulars [particulars?] of John Roy _ you might let
me know if it is true he is dead _ the winter season
is the only one I would venture to New Orleans
and it is not Good to travel so far in this Season
now dear Mother and Sister I want you to
write me A Long letter _ telling me all the little
outs and inns [ins?] of how you are getting on and what
kind of health my Mother has had for the last 3 or four
Months for Richard does not Lend me enough partickulars [particulars?]
about you and I want to know if My Mother is
able to go to church and how often
and allow me to Say that I hope yet once
more to See you for with the desire I have &
A little business I have the courage to again
visit you but I would like to go in A first
class vessel and it would cost a good bit
but I could do it and return if all went well
in two months but I doubt I cannot
manage it next Summer _ and it is almost
to[o?] far off to hope for _ but you used to tell
me I was always too Sanguinne [Sanguine?]
I had almost forgot to tell you of the comfort
I have from the works of Mr Cheyne you made
me get the [they?] are next the bible my text book
Nor Must I forget to tell you the greatest blessing
of God to me yet - all the old trouble I had in it
certain Quarter has Entirely dissapeared [disappeared?] Ever
since I came to this country and that makes me
like it better A complete and willing Mastery
Seems to have Set in for Ever and all the
fretfulness which was the forerunner has gone
and we have the happiest house in the
Empire all doing the best the [they?] can for the
other - I was very Sorry to hear of
James Stauntons trouble but he has got out of
it - Some of the parties thought I had something
to do with him and made demands but as I never
put myself in the power of any one house I
managed them - I am glad he has got
commenced again - I told him the plan he was
taking would lead to what it did I hope he wont again
put himself in the power of business men again _
I wish I had James Greenlees here I often make
A pound A day putting up paper I get 10d per piece
for [ydgs?] [yardages?] that is 15d per 12 y[ar?]ds long and it is no
trouble to do 15 to 20 of them in the day -
but I have determined I wont Ever advise A
friend to come out here - lest the [they?] should [?]
Clerks & half Gentlemen with kid gloves need
not come here Now dear Mother and Sister I
must draw this letter to A Close wishing you the
enjoyment and protection of him that is able
to bless us all - all my family Join in kind love
to you all Yours Sincerely Moses Staunton
I should Set [Sit?] Down and Copy this once as I doubt you can hardly
read it
I send you history of Toronto by Frost -