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Title: Mary Jane Stevenson, U.S.A. to Robert Moore, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileStevenson, Mary Jane/2
SenderStevenson, Mary Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginRochester, New York, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientMoore, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfamily connections
SourceT 2799/1/2: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mrs. R. Moore.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802454
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptMr Robert Moore
Co. Donegal
N.YORK [-------?]
[New York postmark
21 February 1856?]
24 [cents postage?]

B [Dublin transit postmark 25 Feb 1856?]

1856 [Londonderry postmark 26 February 1856?]

1856 [Carndonagh postmark 27 February 1856?]

Rochester Feby [February?] 5th 1856

My Dear Robt Moore
I received your letter
in due time. Mother thought it very
strange and neglectful that you
were so long in writing and indeed
it hurt her feelings a good deal
as your father was a man she
esteemed so highley [highly?] she thought
it very strange you did not write
all the particulars of his illness
as soon as you had got any thing
settled - the first account we
got of his death it affected
Mother very much it [----?] [cold?]
comfort to you all [--?] [got?]
so long [----?] to prepare for such
an awful change that he was
so received it is a debt we all
have to pay sooner or leatter [later?]
Your mother has met with
a great deal of trouble but
Providence is sufficient to suport [support?]
hir [her?] under all, you will let
us know how your sister Mrs
Cook and hir [her?] family is and
where she lives now you
will let Carthren [Catherine?] know I
herd [heard?] she was a bout [about?] to get
married. I hope she will send
me hir [her?] wedding card. I expect to
send hir [her?] mien [mine?] sometime if I can
get an old yankey [Yankee?] -
Mother says she would be glad
to hear how [Stowrodden?] people
is getting on and how Mrs Rogers
and family is, [---?] and Mrs Duncans
famley [family?] is, Robt. [Scot?] hase [has?]
bene [been?] in Canada three times
since we came here, he would
like to settle in it, it is
so helthy [healthy?], they [the?] rest of they [the?]
famley [family?] is not so fond of it
mother says she does not
know any one by the
name of that name that lived
in Innishon [Inishowen?] only Gillis the
pedler brother Joseph arrived
safe after a pasage [passage?] of seven
weeks, he met with now [no?] storms
but the wether [weather?] was so calm
the [they?] came no speed, he had
his kettle very well all the
road. he stoped [stopped?] in Philadelphia
and N.. [New?] York seeing the viriety [variety?]
of the City. mother thought he was
shurly [surely?] lost and had given up
hops [hopes?] of him as he poped [popped?] in
one morning about six o clock
and that was the [joy?] -
all we want to make us happy
is poor James and Alexander
we are never to [infon?] perfect
hapiness [happiness?] hear [here?] - Robt and John
hase [has?] very good situations they
have each of them 500 dollars
a year, Joseph could of [have?] had
several situations but did
not accept of any. I think
he will commence business for
him self when you send
news [perhaps?] seal them
as the envelops [envelopes?] cannot be taken
of as they are so fond at reading
the Irish news here and seal
your letter with a wafer under
the wax ther [there?] wer [was?] a young
man from beside Balandreat [Ballindrait?]
caled [called?] hear [here?] and stoped [stopped?]
a week with us, we were really glad to see
him, a what a funny week it
was, you ask me if ther [there?] are any
liklyhood [likelihood?] of ever meeting.
I allways [always?] live in hope to see my
old friends yet and I count you one of them
Eliza said she received a paper from
you at the end of last year she says
she will send you one a year [for?] years
All our family joins me in
kind remembrance to your mother sister
and brothers and accept the same
yourself and believe me to be yours verry [very?]
truely [truly?] - Mary Jane Stevenson