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Title: Fanny Stewart, Canada to Her Sister [Location?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileStewart, Fanny/7
SenderStewart, Fanny
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPeterborough, Ontario, Canada
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD. 1604/327: Presented by Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick, Breezemount, The Roddens, Larne, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
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31st Jany [January?] 1872

My dearest Sister
I think this is my week for
writing to you - so I will make a beginning
& have it going on in case I have any way
of having it posted this week - I know
you always grow anxious if you dont hear
and indeed in these wonderful times, one
cannot help feeling anxious about any friends
not just beside one - I never knew so many
deaths or so much illness as there seem to be
now in every direction & every where
some very sudden deaths too, quite without
any apparent illness - Genl [General?] McDonald who
has been about a year in Peterboro [Peterborough?] - died
last week - he seemed perfectly well & had
been out walking about the town - he was
just sitting down to dinner at his own table
when he fell down _ & instantly life was gone
- he was an elderly man - strong & healthy
but apoplexy caused his death --
Scarlet fever is very prevalent, but that
we have all had - it seem very fatal now
& small pox is coming on, all through
Canada as well as other places -
I have just had Henrys two youngest
Flora & Darcy vaccinated but it is almost
impossible to get pure infection - I hope
what Dr Burritt had was good - he said
he said [sic] he was assured it had been
taken from a Cow - I wish you could
have seen Darcy - he came running up
to me to tell me he was going to Dr Burritts
- he is such a handsome fine looking
boy - his cheeks as rosy as health and
frosty air could make them & his lovely
eyes - so dark & soft looking - not at all
fiery - but soft - sweet looking - he is such
a loving little coaxer - but you will laugh
at me for praising my wee boy - " its no
matter ma'am" - you are a Grannie now
yourself & I daresay you can praise

your boy too! - And so poor Gerrie [Geraldine?] is
really "on for another" she is determined
not to lose time - it seems
to belong to the Kirkpatrick family -
I suppose you have heard of Kate Dennistown
having had her 3d [3rd?] since she
returned from Scotland or Ireland
7 children & only 9 years married!!!
Ellen was there one day lately & she says
it is a sight worth seeing - to see the young
mother with such a set of wee things
round her - Annie K [Kirkpatrick?] is staying now
with Kate - she met Mr Beggs lately
in Kingston & heard about all of you
from him - I should fear that
our rigorous winters would be too
severe for one of that delicate family
so many of them have died of consumption
- here is dinner so goobye for
the present -
Thursday Morning 1st Feby [February?] - Well dearest
dinner stopped me yesterday at noon - and
I never took pen in hand after - my cold was
very heavy & my eyes pouring water so that
must by my excuse for the horrid writing &
all other misdemeanours of the other leaf
Peterboro [Peterborough?] has been in a state of great
excitement with those Evangelist who made a long stay
there and I hope have done some good - but this
has to be proved in time - I have not heard
them - but no doubt all they say is excellent
& true - & they make all as plain as possible
as their language is plain & straight forward
Mr Carroll is a married man & a very nice
person I am sure - he is gentle & pursuasive
Mr Russell the other gentleman is strong &
very forcible - but what he says is pure
Gospel Truth - & both use good language
Mr Carroll is a Baptist & I think a Minister
but Mr Russell belongs to no particular church
& is not a clergyman - only a lay preacher
he is young handsome & very musical
with a fine voice - so it is my notion that
some of his young lady hearers [listeners?] are actually
in love with him - more than really
effected [affected?] by his preaching - but they have

attended all his meetings & have heard him
in private houses & at evening parties - & so
have wept for him when leaving Peterboro [Peterborough?]
last week _ & have given up dancing &c
Of course there is a party division now
one side warmly for the Evangelist & the
other for our regular churches & clergymen
many Episcopalians have been constant
attendants at their meetings - & are quite
excited in defense [defence?] of those people - Ellen &
Mary Dunlop amongst others - Mary has
always been a very quiet girl & never cared
for going to parties & never would dance - see
that is not so great a change in her -
however they are gone - there was also a
Miss Lowe, who came to Peterboro [Peterborough?] with some
of the children from Miss Macphersons
School of Industry & assylum [asylum?] for the little
vagrant children in London - she is one
who I think must do good - she had
meetings twice a week for ladies only
or females I mean - she was daughter
to Sir Hudson Lowe & was at St Helena
when Napoleon was prisoned there, she is
a very charming person I am sure, & a
delightful companion - She was sent
for by Telegraph to go to attend some patients
in Smallpox in Ottawa or Kingston & so
she went off in a hurry - she is quite
an elderly lady - & very quiet & retiring in
her manner - she joined with Mr Russell
when he was here - but she goes about
wherever she can to do good - & gains friends
& live where ere she goes - Another preacher
of that kind has come lately & takes Mr
Russells place - & is as popular - he is
a Mr Gough a nephew of Lord Gough - & in
very bad health - but tries to preach
I believe he is an Episcopal clergyman -
but none of the churches will admit any
of these men to preach in
their pulpits - so there is always some
disagreeable opposition - We are so far
from town we are out of the way of these
people - & I am glad of it in one way - tho [though?] I
shod [should?] have liked to hear them - because they
certinly did explain the nature of Redemption

& the Atonement very clearly - but I have
not been out since the winter before last
you see my cold is not quite over
yet but is much better -
Notwithstanding that crowds attended
these Evangelists Preachings - there are
Balls & parties every evening - it does seem
such a strange time altogether - so many
deaths too [to?] - that one w---d [would?] think few could think
of parties - but still they do go & this very
evening we heard a "Surprise party" were
coming out here to this house!! these are
a sort of picknic [picnic?] - they bring some contribution
with them towards supper or refreshment
& meet at any house where there are good
rooms - this is to be but a small affair
got up by Jean Stewart & Fran Hay - & I
think Anna Hay & Jean are the Matrons
- there are to be a few others. a lady now staying
with Jean - Mrs Cunningham an old friend
of ours - Mr & Mrs Archer - (he is deaf & dumb)
but a very nice gentleman like person
2 Roger girls - Bella & Rachel & their brother George
(these are some of the families of Revd Mr Roger)
- & two or three young men - Mr Renanud - Mr
Wardrobe - Mr Buchan - & I dont know
who more - it is not very convenient
just at present we have all such bad
colds - but we only heard of it last night
& cannot well refuse -
I think dear I must make this a
short letter - as I am so stupid with
this nasty cold in my head -
So with love & best wishes to all
in which Bee & Katharine Join I am
as Ever your very fond sister
Fanny Stewart
Ellen was here one evening last week, she
looks better & younger than I have seen her
look for years - & is grown fat which is an
improvement - she seems in good spirits
but excited about the preaching &c&c&c
Fanny Hay is as gay as ever & goes to
all the parties - Mary Dunlop is quite
the reverse & w---d[would?] not go to one for anything
- Bessie Reid is another became

quite a Devotee