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Title: Copies of Emigrant Letters Collected by ERR Green
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileStewart, James/1
SenderStewart, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDublin, Ireland
RecipientGovernor of Pennsylvania
Recipient Gendermale
RelationshipMr Stewart writes about a political issue
SourceD 3561/A/18 Deposited by Dr. P.R. Green.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
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TranscriptPapers of Prof. E.R.R. Green

(Copies of emigrant letters collected by and sent to E.R.R.
Green as part of his research project on emigration.)

Deposited by Dr. P.R. Green.


Dublin May 3 1736

Hon:d S.r [Honoured Sir?]
As you are the prop(r)ieter of
pennsylvania [sic] & being informed of your being in London I
Would beg Liberty to Inform Your Worship of Some of the Deficultys
[difficulties?] wh [which?] poor people That are flying from
the oppresion of Land lords & ty ths [tithes?] (as they term it to
Several parts of America Viz [namely?]: When Last our Irish Parlament
[parliament?] was sitting There Was a Bill brought in
Respecting the Transportation to America Which made it Next to
A prohibition Said Bill Greatly Allermed [alarmed?] the
people perticularly [particularly?]in the North of Ireland
and Least [lest?] A Second Shold [should?] Suckceed [succeed?]
Greater Numrs [numbers?] than Useall [usual?] made Ready But
When Said Landlords found it so they fell in with other means
By Destresing [distressing?] the Owners & masters of the
Ships there Being now ten in the harbour of Belfast the
methoud [method?] they fell in with first Was that when anny
[any?] of said ships Advertised That they Were Bound for Such
a port & When they Would Be in Redeness [readiness?] To Seal
[sail?] & there [their?] Willingness To agree With the passengers for
Which & no Other Reasons they Esued [issued?] Out there
[their?] Warrants & Severall [several?] of Said Oweners
[owners?] & masters apprehended & Likewise prenter [printer?]
of Said Advertisements & Bound in bonds of a thousand
pounds to apear [appear?] att [at?] Carrickfergus assizes or
Be thrown into a Lowthsome [loathsome?] Geoal [jail?] and
for No Other Reson [reason?] than Encuraging [encouraging ?]
his majestys Subjects ass [as?] they Were pleased to Cale
[call?] there [their?] Indertment [Indictment?] from On(e)
plantation To Another But ever affter [after?] all this When
the Assizes Came On they were affread [afraid?] of there
[their?] Enlargement and Beged [begged?] Verry [very?] Earnessly
[earnestly?] of ye [the?] Judges to heave [have?] them

Continued Upon there [their?] Recognizes [recognizances?] - the
Consequance [consequence?] of Which may Easey [easily ?] Be Seen
most of Said Ships being Strangers Would heave [have?] Effectually
ruined them But the Judge was pleased to Discharge them nay onof
[sic] [one of?] Justices Gott [got?] up in Court & swore By G-d if
anny [any?] cameto Lisburn the Town in wh [which?]
he Lived to puplise [publicise?] and advertizement [advertise?]
he would whipe [whip?] him throw [through?] the Town To wh
[which?] the Judge Verry [very?] mildly Replied To concider
[consider?] of [if?] they Deserved it & if whiped [whipped?] Anny
[any?] person to Do it According to Law & money has been
offerd [offered?] By some of them to swere [swear?] against
some of said ships & Rewards Actually given - But Yett [yet?]
a More Hellish Contrivance has been thought of & is put in
practice By the Collr. [?] Geo:[George?] Macartney of
Belfast he Will not now [know?] When said ships & passengers
Was Just: Redy [ready?] to Seal [sail?] So much as Allow the
poor people to Carry Thire [their?] Old Bed Cloaths [clothes?]
With them all hownever [however?] so old Under pretence of
and Act of the British parlement [parliament?] made in the
tenth & Eleventh Years of the Rean [reign?] of King William &
Repealed in ye [the?] year 1732 and said ships being obliged
o Lay this affair Before the Comrs [commissioners?] of
Dublin has appointed On(e) Mr.John Mean who has Likewise
stated the whole affair Before one Francis Wilks Esgr[esquire?]
in London whom I Refair [refer?] Said Mr. Mean & I &
Likewise Most of the Merts [merchants?] in this Town Are
affraid [afraid?] of success Even With the Comrs.
[commissioners?] Will Be obliged To Lay it before the Lord
Levr[?] [Lieutenant?] of this Kingdom & if that should feal
[fail?] Than [then?] Nothing Less than his Majestys Gratious
[gracious?] Interpotion [?] Cane [can?] Effect ( it affords us
Some Dawening [dawning?] hopes of Our Grieveances [grievances?]
Being Removed) His Majestys Encurege[?] [encouragement?] - &
Liberalty [liberality?] But Aless [alas?] What Does that in the mean
time when no Less than ten ships has been those 18 or 20 days
( ) nd [and?] no asserance [assurance?] of Getting away and
as wast Charge the seson [?] [season?] passing and which is yett
[yet?] much more moveing [moving?] 17 or 18 hund [hundred?] Souls
Maney [many?] of Which are in most Deplorable Circumstances not
seing [being?] so much as able to pay thire [their?] passage
and all of them Destitute of howsws [houses?] to put thire
[their?] heads into or of means Wherewith to Suport[support?]
themselves maney[many?] of Which has [have?] Depended
ne [on?] thire [their?]/ Friends in America from home they
yearly have Accts.[Accounts?] and One [on?] Wh [which?] they
only Depend for thire [their?] information But Our Landlords

here affirms that those Acts Are All of Them Forgerys
[forgeries?] & Lyes [lies?] The Contrivances of the
propietors [proprietors?] Trustees & masters of the American
If you think fitt [fit?] to Make Anny [any?] Furder
[further?] Use of those Accts [accounts?] I Do promise To
make all of them appear Matter of fact I am affraid [afraid?]
I heave [have?] Been Tow [too?] Tedius [tedious?] The fore
[therefore?/] Beg Leave To subscre ( ) [subscribe?] my self Your
Honrs.[honours?] most Humle [humble?] & most obt [obedient?]
Sert.[servant?] post if your Honr [honour?] will please to
Ansr [answer?] Derect [direct?] to the care of Mr Hugh White
mert.[merchant?] in Dublin. John Stewart
N.B. I Did not think proper in the Body of the Letter to
Aquaint [acquaint?] your Honr. [honour?] of those ten ships
there is Eight Bound for Dalour [?] & Tat [?] there is Numrs
[numbers?] in much better Circumstances and Able to Carry Verry
[very?] Conciderable [considerable?] [sic] with them for to My
Knowledge there Will Be in A Vessal [vessel?] that I Bought
Last Year in Margos Hucke [?] near Chister [Chester?] in or about
Seven hund [hundred?] pounds Sterle. [sterling?] Mostly in Speces
[specie?] if this Does not prevent them from Getting Over all
together But with Respect to ye [the?] Numrs [numbers?] I heave
[have?] Mentioned its Matter of Fack [fact?] I am &c

John Stewart
Papers of Prof. E.R.R. Green

(Copies of emigrant letters collected by and sent to ERR Green
as part of his research project on emigration)

Deposited by Dr. P.R. Green.