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Title: John Taylor, Pennsylvania to Robert Taylor, Shanrod
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileTaylor, John/84
SenderTaylor, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationschool teacher
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginCarlisle, Penn., USA
DestinationShanrod, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientTaylor, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceThe Taylors of Shanrod Co Down, Letters from America. Copyright retained by Heather Taylor, 46, Coolshinney Rd., Magherafelt, BT45 5JF, rookvale@hotmail.co.uk
ArchiveThe Centre For Migration Studies
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TranscriptRobert Taylor
Near Dromore
County down
Via Philadelphia
United States of North America

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Carlisle Penna [Pennsylvania?] Sept 15th 1827

Dear Brother
Your letter of February 9th last I received April 5th.
You will I trust readily pardon my neglect for not answering
it before this time when you hear the cause. By reference to
my memorandum Books I find that on the 18th February last I
wrote to you by a Wm [William?] Moore who was returning home
to the County Derry, and when your letter arrived in April I
did not deem it necessary to write you again so soon,
especially, as I had nothing farther of any consequence to
communicate. You cannot imagine with how much regret I learned
about a week ago that he never went home and that other letters
from this place sent by him, never reached their destination.
This is my apology for not answering your letter before now.

Since you have heard from me I have enjoyed good health
and goodly share of what is termed generally, worldly
prosperity. You are already advised that I was in the employ
of the Commissioners of the county, before the term I had
contracted for had expired (1st July last) I entered into
another, with them, for the current year, to teach all the
poor children of this borough and am now engaged in the
fulfilment thereof. As my [exbour-?] and expenses were
considerably increased by this new arrangement so was my
salary, I get for the present year seven hundred dollars.
I have been so far able to perform all the duties enjoined
in me without assistance, but how long it will continue
so is uncertain, there is [sic] nearly one hundred children
in attendance and nearly two hundred privileged to attend
if they choose. You may suppose perhaps, from this that
easy salarys [salaries?] are easily obtained here but
it is not the case and let not any person intending to
come to this country, think, that he can grasp at the
like of this immediately or perhaps ever if he indulges
such hopes he will find himself egregiously disappointed.
It was a long concurrence of circumstances

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which the scope of a letter is too brief to explain that
procured me this, it is not that there were no others to
accept of it, for hundreds here would be glad to get it.

I am glad to hear you were pleased with the books and
newspapers I sent you. I wish only the stock had been greater.
You will readily perceive from the specimen of newspapers you
got that this country possesses advantages over ever other in
the diffusion of knowledge, every little village almost has
its paper, and these are the rapid vehicles in which information
is circulated in every class and grade of society. The purity
and welfare of our government is based upon intelligence of her
citizens, in Monarchies their stability mainly depends on the
ignorance of their subjects and upon muzzling the Press, for no
people on earth when once they are generally enlightened will
remain long in bondage.

This summer has been very warm indeed. I am beginning to think
that every summer is getting warmer, the farmers have had excellent
crops, but the produce is [lower?] flour only brings $4.25 cents
per barrel of 196lb Rye about 37 cents per bushel and corn about
50 cents, Butter about 10 cents per lb and beef 5 cents. The best
improved land in this country can be purchased at about 30 to 40
dollars per acre, and some much lower.

I am sorry to hear the opinion you entertain of OConnel and
others who are labouring to emancipate Ireland. I have not room
to say more on this subject than to give you the words of the
immortal Jefferson, writing upon the absurdity of government or
even one man interfering with

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the religion of another, he said, What is it to me if my
eighbour worships one God or twenty Gods, it neither breaks my
leg nor picks my pocket. If you were to reflect on the subject
you would see another man has as good a right to his opinion as

The Commission I got from the Governor is entirely a post of
honor without any emolument. I have to do duty two days in the
year. I heard from Nathaniel and James a short time ago, they
are all well. Peter and John McCavit are well, so is Hugh Hannahs
family they are going to leave this in a week or two for the State
of Ohio. I do not know whether I mentioned before or not that there
was in this neighbourhood an old man from Cappy named Pierce Duffy
a cousin to Peter in Ballaly. I also met with a Pat Duffy a tailor
from Dromore who says he knew my father and uncle very well and has
been in our house.

When you write I wish you would send me a copy of my age in the Bible
I would like to have it. I was in Harrisburgh some time ago and
accidently [accidentally?] met with John Doyle he and his wife were
very glad to see me and so was I to see them, they are well.

Give my love to my mother, Sisters and Aunt and to all my friends
and neighbours and accept yourself the assurances of my [most?]
[sincere?] Attachment.
John Taylor
Jno [John?] Robt [Robert?] Taylor

Please write when this arrives.
If Mr Stewart has arrived in this country yet I have not heard it.

I can give Mr Brown no further knowledge of Thomas [sic] affairs.
I have not heard from the Administrator since last fall.

I wish you would ask Mother and inform me if she knows of any
[of?] the Paxtons other than her Brother that came to this
country at an early day there is a lady married to a Mr Woods
of that name whose father or Grandfather I do not remember which
came from the County Down. The Rev Mr Penny is a relation of
hers and called to see her, she and myself have been claiming