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Title: Letters to and from Robert Taylor, Pennsylvania.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileTaylor, Thomas/171
SenderTaylor, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallygoskin, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationMifflinburg, Pennsylvania, USA
RecipientTaylor, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1435: Copied by Permission of Mrs W.A.F. Martin, Tobermoney, Co Down. #TYPE EMG Extracts from Letters, Taylor Family, Ballygoskin & Rathcunningham, Co Down, to Robert Taylor, Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 1799 - 1827.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9001021
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TranscriptBallygoskin, 20th, May, 1826
Dear Bob:
I am yet in the land of the living, in March, 1824, I was very bad and
expected to die, my feet and legs was greatly swollen, about a month before
I took my bed my legs was greatly swoolen [swollen?], I found my legs
always hurt in bed, at length the water ossed [oozed?] out of them and wet
the bed, the latter end of April I got recovered and has enjoyed tolerable
good health ever since.
My wife has been in a delicate state of health for the most a year past but
is now feeling better, I believe somewhat touched with a liver complaint.
The rest of the family enjoys pretty good health. You will be anxious to
know about my family; Thomas is about 5 feet 9 inches, slender make, very
like me, but has not such a prominent chin, I think full as active as ever I
was, and could take me off like garrick, you would know him by me if you met
him in Belfast. Nathaniel is tall, about 6 feet, your cousin, James Thomas,
Professor of Mathematics, in the Belfast College, wrote me if I would send
any of my boys to him, he would take particular care of him, I could have
sent Nath'l. [Nathaniel?] had I not purchased Land, as he is good at figures
Your cousin is a man of the very first Talents, and excells [excels?] very
much in Mathematics, he has given up his sallary [salary?] from the College,
which was about 150 pound per Ann. [Annum?], and has still about 600 pounds
or upwards of fees from the Students, and of a most exellent [excellent?]
character. Mary is now near twenty, she is not tall, but stout made and
resembles me. Your namesake, Robert, is an active lad, he is living in
Belfast. He commenced his apprenticeship in Belfast first of October, 1824,
to the Grocery business, with Messrs Raphael & Carson, Grocers, is bound for
four years. I gave 80 pound fee for to get him board and lodging in his
Master's house, he likes his place well and never thoughts long, he was born
in 1808, is about 5 feet 9 inches. Jane is a tall active Girl of her age,
Betty, Ann, Martha and Nancy are all at school with Betty Campbell.
1836 (Probably time of his death) 1759
You wish to know about your Age. You were born in 1759. 77. (The
following as to his age appears in a former letter of Thomas Taylor under
date of April 2, 1821.)
"You wish to know about your age, your sister Sally says, you were born in
1760, but Jack Donnan, Hienkehim, and you are of an age, he was born in 1759
I was born in June, 1732, you see, I have no honor [honour?] in my hands,
which (does) not come of at my age.")
Were you to come to this Country, you would scarcely know it. Improvements
are going very fast her, [here?], it is greatly cut with roads since you
were here, and farming is carried on in a far superior sistem [system?] than
when you were here, farming utensils has improved greatly in the last 10
years in this neighborhood [neighbourhood?]. You mentioned about your barn
and house, we have a thrashing [threshing?] Machine in our barn, there is no
baching [backing?] of sacks, and we have Carts that will take from 10 till
20 Cwt. to the Kiln, we have got a sifting Maching fix'd [fixed?] to the
Mill, and when the shilling is put in the Hopper it comes out sifted meal.
There is a great changes about the old Mills, there is a new line of road
about the bottom of the hill crossing the Mill Dam by a Stone Bridge; there
is a fine Cotton Factory built last summer 100 feet long 40 feet wide, 5
stones high (The "Stone" is the English unit of weight of 14 pounds. W.F.W.)
cost upwards of 20,000 pounds, the water-wheel alone cost about 1300 pounds,
she is built 5 or 6 perches from the old Kiln.
My contemporaries here are all Dead, James Murdock (?) died in Belfast the
21st Ult. [Ultimo?] Aged 87, Hanse McBride died about 15 months ago, aged 89,
John Gaddis died about a year ago aged 71 years. If I live till the 12th
of June I will be 92 years. We have no carrying of Corps [corpse?] in this
Country now, there is two Hoarses [hearses?] in this neighbourhood. The
Ballygoskin Reading Society is still [active?] here yet, and is become very
respectable, there is about 35 members, who meet once a quarter, the
admission is one [torn] and one British shilling per Quarter, we have got
between three and four hundred well chosen volumes (?) [torn], a good
variety on the most subjects. We have not as yet heard whether or no you
got the legacy left by your Father-in-law or by what channel you got it. (A
legacy of $800 from John Gordon, the father of Mrs. Taylor. W.F.W.) The
Cairs are all out of Ballygoskin now. I have now all the purchase money
cleared off. Robert Kennedy died about a year and a half ago with gravel he
had a long severe sickness, aged 71 years, Gawain Henry died about 9 months
ago, Aged 75. You mentioned about your son being an excellent marksman, but
my Son, Thomas, can shoot very well and has got a favorite [favourite?]
pointing Bitch, he makes a complete Hobby horse of it, but Game here is very
scarce and he shoots all flying. I am anxious to hear about your family, as
soon as you receive this, you will send me a particular account of them as
it is probably I may be in the Land of the living to hear from you once more
If not my sons can correspond with you. I would write some were it not for
my eyes watering. I bless God, my mental powers continue much as usual.
Your Father-in-law made a fair will, excepting neglecting a little Son, he
left by his Housekeeper. If your friends had been in Andrew Coffey's
opinion, they would have contributed something for his support.
From your Affectionate Cousin,
Tho's [Thomas?] Taylor.
Thomas writes for me.
Addressed, Mr Robert Taylor
Buffalo Valley,
Union County,