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Title: Eliza A. Thompson, Co. Down to Davison McDowell, S Ca., USA
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileThompson, Eliza Anne/69
SenderThompson, Eliza Anne
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationGeorgetown, S.Carolina, USA
RecipientMcDowell, Davison
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT2305/29: Presented by South Carolina Library, University of S. Carolina, Columbia, S. Carolina, U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9804827
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count632
TranscriptTo Davison McDowell Esqr
Asylum Bee. Dee
George Town
South Carolina

My Dr. [Dear?] Davis-

This is the second letter I have written to
you, since I had the pleasure of a line-I wrote immediately
on receipt of your letter mentioning Mrs M Dowells Death-I
felt for you greatly on that occasion-as I know from fatal
experience what it was to part with a dear relative on whose
existance [existence?] in a great measure our happiness
depends however the Almighty supports us under ev'ry [every?]
affliction if we rely on him, who never yet deserted the
distressed- few I hope has experienced such scenes of
trouble as I have-and I have tryd. [tried?] to bear them with
Christian patience altho [although?] my paths through this
World has been mostly str[?]d with [?] [?] [?] my [last?]
letter that Jack Thompson and Family had mov'd [moved?] to
Glassdrummond to live just as they were fixed in their new
House my Sister dies in an Apoplectic fit-greatly lamented by
her Family and acquaintence-Hugh Jameson is also dead he lived
in [Mourne?] the last two years, and was Clerk to Lord
Kilmorey-the Be[nn?]s and a Man who calls himself, Jameson,
are at law about this property as he died without a Will-
Isaac M. Nielly [Neilly?] and Mary Walmsley are married I
mention'd [mentioned?] Charles Lewis and Nancy McNeight-
Jane M[armion?] and Lieut. Stephenson Margaret M [Marmion?]
married to a Mr Glover in my last two letters- I will now
quit this uninteresting news to say something of my own Family
my Dr [Dear?] Friend I know will be glad to hear that Robert
has got a situation as Chief Officer in the Water Guards
which tho [although?] no great emolument he was glad to accept,
as it supports himself gentieley [genteely?] Stephen and James
are grown up; and industrious fine fellows but Fatherless, and
of course friendless Ross & [Annie?] are at school and are
very promising, they are the handsomest of this Family Eliza
is well and desires her love of her Cousins she is not yet
tired of jer [?] name-tho [although?] to my knowledge she might
have changed it three times, she desire [desires?] also to be
[re?]membered to you - I have not seen Ro[?] these eighteen
months he is now in County Wexford this is a long absence for
a Mother of my feelings-the Children lookd [looked?] up to
him as a Father, his word was a law unto them-when he had to
leave them to themselves-their parting was dreadful tho
[although?] Station'd [Stationed?] in the same Kingdom-we
have an addition to our Family since I wrote last, Miss
Charlotte Moore of the [Park?] lives with us-and is a great
acquisition as she is a pleasing sensible girl-there are three
Miss Moores still unmarried- I will let this letter go, with
troubling my dear Friend with my grievances as usual, and
trust I shall have the happiness ere I leave this Vale of
Tears, of seeing you again, in your native land-may I ever
expect that pleasure, if you were here, I think some of the
Family you would have difficulty in keeping behind you-James
Stephen are constantly talking of America how ardently I
wished to see you and my dear relatives, I hope my sister
still lives to be a comfort to you and my Dr. [Dear?]
Nieces-remember me to evry [every?] branch of the Family in
the most affectionate [?] and am my Dr [Dear?] Davis with love
to you in Which this Family joins your ever Affectionate
Friend Eliza Anne Thompson
August 21st-1825
I send this letter by a Man
who sails for America tomorrow
and hope he will take care to post it I trust it will remind
you there is still such a person alive, as by your very
silence you suppose me dead I am certain

Eliza A. Thompson
4 Augt [August?] 1825
Answerd [Answered?] June