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Title: William Wade, London to Joseph Brobston, Philadelphia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWade, William/55
SenderWade, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLondon, England
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientBrobston, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1269/2: Copied by Permission of Joseph Brobston Esq., 352 Belvedere Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9404150
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 20:04:1994.
Word Count1066
TranscriptLondon 3rd May

Dear Uncle,

Some time ago I received a letter from Ireland
which informed me of the welfare of all our relations but
that my Grandfather and Grandmother were much declined since
you left them partly owing to their advancing old age but
considerably encreaced [increased?] by the absence of their
Children - Their hearing of your sickness also gave them
much uneasiness - They therefore desired that I should
immediately send you a letter to inform you of the above at
the same time streneously [strenuously?] to beg your quick
return to Ireland as unless you do they will be forced to
part with the Land as Grandfather's age will not permit him
to see after it.

They also think the American Climate was the principal
cause of your late illness which they think might induce you
to return had you no other Notin [Notion?] in view but it
would give them most infinite satisfaction - They likewise
desired me to let you know that should you not have a
sufficiency to carry you to Europe they are willing to
assist you - If then you think proper to fulfill [fulfil?]
the above request let me have an immediate answer and at all
events send me a letter as I should be rejoiced to hear from
you - The passage I make no doubt would be attended with
danger and expence [expense?] but if America does not answer
the expectations you entertained of it before you left
Ireland I think the present offer of your Parents not by any
means unacceptable as I think you and your family might do
very well in your native Country my Grandfather and
Grandmother I am certain would receive you with open arms -
But on the Contrary If America is answerable both to your
health and success in buisiness [business?] it would not be
proper to advise you to return to Ireland.

In a letter a few days ago from my Mother I was given
to understand that your Uncle Robt [Robert?] Black was dead
but the disease nor the particulars were not specified - As
I am now in a place where you might expect I should know a
great many of the affairs of Europe I have collected some
political facts for your [perusal?].

We are full of the expectation of peace all last
winter but our hopes are fled and we are reduced to the
miserable certainty of at least another Campaign - indeed
the situation of Europe is at present extremely critical -
Russia seems to meditate on attack on Sweden and the [Porte?]
while England, Austria & Sardinia wage an unequal war with
France - Spain seems anxious to circumscribe the ambition of
Russia and has organised an armed neutrality for that

Thus we are likely to have a general war all over
Europe and when it will end it is out of the power of the
accurate politician to conjecture - The campaign is opined
[opened?] with the capture of several frigates from the
enemy but which is more than counter balanced by two
brilliant victories the French have obtained over the
Austrians and Sardinians in Italy the first was on the 14th
April and by the skilfull [skillful?] arrangement of the
French generals and superior energy of their troops the
allies were defeated with the loss of 2000 killed and
wounded and as many prisoners - The second Battle was on the
17th when there were 2500 additional Austrians slain and
8000 taken prisoners The prices of [?] and one General
officer. The loss of the French was not [stated?] The
consequence resulting from these victories must be immense
as it leaves all Austrian Lombardy the richest part of the
Emperor's dominions the [?] and the King of Sardinia's
Dominions open to the French and if (as is generally
believed) the Italians are favourable to the French the most
important changes may arise from these Battles.

Our Domestic Politics are very much circumscribed by
the restraining power of two Bills passed this session of
Parliment [Parliament?] Generally called "Convention and
[Treason?] Bills" and for the attention of the People being
turned from political questions to the more interesting one
of war and [?] - However some of the actions of our detested
minister should not be passed over unnoticed he has laid the
nation under an unaccountable debt (which is perpetually
increasing) to pay the interest of this; New and unheard of
taxes are daily laid on by him and his influence in
Parliment [Parliament?] He scarcely knows what more taxes to
lay on man and now the brute [creation?] began to put his
taxation powers three shillings for keeping one dog and fore
[four?] for two or more per head yearly - This ambition is
such that it is not easy to determine what he is intent on -
he robs his native Country and sends the fruit of his
injustice as [he Rides?] [?] powers in order to [make?] them
into an alliance against the freedom of Frenchmen but it
will be all in vain - they will be free and their freedom
will perhaps stimulate other nations to follow their example
- - Respecting the affairs of Ireland I know but little but
that there is frequent skirmishes between the Protestants and
Catholics originating from their religeous [religious?]
opinions but which is greatly increaced [increased?] by
Government for Political purposes least [lest?] the [they?] should
unite together and gain an independancy [independency?] from
Great Brittain [Britain?] - The sittuation [situation?] I
was in for nearly two years I have left because I could not
obtain liberty to attend lectures - I live now with my
[?]end and Gen'rous [generous?] friend Mr Seaton who gives
me the liberty denied in my last sittuation [situation?] and
as much yearly pay.

I have nothing more worth informing you a but [about?]
but Remember me to my Uncle Robt [Robert?] and Aunts - And
be so Good as to give me an immediate answer Directing to me
at Mr Seaton's No 37 [King?] Street Westminster London I
shall expect every particular of your affairs in America (as
to your buisiness [business?]) will be specified in it that
I may send home an account of the same to my Grandfather - I
With the utmost respect
your ever affectionate [nephew?]
William Wade