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Title: [?], Edenclaw, to Annie Weir, Michigan.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWeir, Rose/106
SenderWeir, Rose
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarming household
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginEdenclaw, Co. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
DestinationPontiac, Michigan, USA
RecipientWeir, Annie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mrs. Linda Weir, Tirmacspird, Lack, Co.Fermanagh, BT93 0SA
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9905005
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Doc. TypeLTE
LogDocument added by LT, 12:05:99.
Word Count504
TranscriptEdenclaw 20/8/91

Dear Annie
I now take up my
pen once more after so long idleset (sic)
the weather is pleasant and warm for July
we have the turf nearly drawn we will
soon be at the hay and we are generally
very busy now the crops looks I think
there will be a good supply of potatoes
this though they are a little late
Mother is well as usual and Rosey
has gone to Service to Miss Emy A White
I have half a mind to go to sevice [service?]
as I have an offer of a good place but
not yet as Mother could not get on
very well for a while Robert is growing
up a fine tall boy but a little weak
character but he doesnt know how hard
it is to [live?]
Maggie and Johnny are only children
of course I should like to shield their young
lives from the cold world but it matters
as thy days so shall thy strength
We are quite thankful for all his mercies
as God has bestowed upon us all our
times are in His hands Lizzie Bratton
is dead in the month of June. Oh why
should June bring us only roses and takes
our choicest flowers but it is quite
true they have not a child to be
with but Sidney Sarah came down
and went away again to her place
after all their family so large and
now so small not one in their old age
I went also Rose & Bob to the walk
it was splendid but I shouldnt
mind telling much about it
it was such a lovely warm day
the people were so nicely dressed
not that it it [is?] rough or noisy
as I did not see a drunken man
the whole day We will send you
a paper but the Belfast news
does not give any account of [Irvinston?]
but it gives plenty of other larger
places we had the largest congregation
in the church I ever saw in it
the brethren wearing regalia but you
will think me an enthusiast
Dr Cleary dilivered [delivered?] a fine
address on Battle of Boyne perhaps you
have forgotten this but it is
associated with my Fathers memory
all the friends are well as usual
and none of them married yet
they all seem to like home
best of all places
The market prices are all much the
same as usual butter is keeping
cheap in the warm weather
but there are better times in store
yet ireland is improving
and will I hope continue to
do so Grandma is well as
usual and so are all my little
cousins I must soon close with
best love from mother and
brothers and sisters no mattere [matter?]
the distance [occupations?] or any
cannot sever our love we were
united and shall remain the
same ever more my letters are
so uninteresting and ignorant
but you must excuse me
We all send you love
Write soon I remain yours sincerely


Miss Annie Weir E.M.A.
Pontiac Michigan
Oakland Co
U S America