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Title: Jane White, Goderich to Eleanor Wallace, Newtownards.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWhite, Jane/1
SenderWhite, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian?)
OriginGoderich, Ontario, Canada
DestinationNewtownards, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientWallace, Eleanor
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1195/3/13: Presented by J. W. Russell & Co., Solicitors, 4 High Street, Newtownards, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9112087
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TranscriptTo: Eleanor Wallace
[County Down?]

From: Jane White
January 9 1857

Goderich 9th Jany 1857

My dear Eleanor
I received your kind
letter this morning, I received your other
one, and had a piece of a letter written
in answer to it, if it had been written
a little sooner our letters would have
crossed again. I hope you had a pleasant
Christmas, Christmas here was cold as usual
but we still went to church, I dont like
to be absent on that time if I can
help it. I was startled out of sleep
on new year's eve at midnight by the roaring
of a steam whistle at one of the founderies [foundries?]
announcing the new year it just sounded
at the very door of the house. The
weather is cold at present, but was
not so very until two or three days ago
but I am so used to this climate now
the ---ts [heats?] and colds never trouble me
as they used to, but I like the
summer best, this is a mild winter I
think, the snow is very deep at present,
we had a regular snow-storm yesterday,
the drift that met one at opening an
outside door was sufficient to coax one
to shut it again, our house is very warm
it is queer how little heat fire places give
this weather the heat seems to go all
up the chimney, stoves are very comfortable,
those grated stoves are very pretty for [rooms?]
for either coals or wood. Many thanks
dear Eleanor for the music. I saw Miss
Gelston's marriage in a paper you sent
me. I expect Goderich will be gay this
ensuing summer, the opening of the [Is?] [---?]
G. Railway will be a great affair in

the progress of our town, it seems we
are to be a city in five years, I'm
sure I have been hearing of this since
ever I pushed my nose into the place
the e---- [event?] has usually been kept 5 years
ahead, but I think there is some truth
in the report this time. The s-g-naw [saganaw?]
people will likely come down for a visit
next summer, that will make a commotion
for two or three days, then we'll
the Yankee dames with their best
feet foremost, they bring such beautiful
steamboats from the other side. I am very
sorry to hear about the accident Wm [William?] Moore met
with, I hope he is getting better, please
remember us to him and Mrs Moore.
So the Marquis and Marchioness are
astonishing the natives, they are surely
a weak-minded couple, and might be
better employed, I saw something about
them in the "Nation" some time ago
It mentioned Lady Castlereagh (now
Lady Londonderry) had become a Roman
Catholic and the Lord C [Castlereagh?] was about
to follow her pious example, I thought
it all nonsense, it is well they have no
family, so that the evil may cease in
this generation, our Rector [was?] staunch
following of Labour but does not often
preach that doctrine as he received
[an?] intimation of he would be he would be [sic]
deprived of [some?] families so he [----?]
to her cousin Joseph Cooke, who was formerly in partnership
with their uncle down here but in business alone now since his
marriage their uncle Miss Parkes's father has taken charge of
the whole family some time since, there are three left, they
are smart lively girls with a great quantity of the Irish
brogue I like it, it sounds musical in my ears then there is
my old acquaintance Miss [Seegweillar?], there is little or no
change in that family, her father is retired from business
lately he is a stout old German, talks so loud, then there
is the Weatherealds, I mentioned them so often any
more would be needless, they are a kind family, a little
too bombastic and consequential, I am quite
matter-of-fact myself, their mother is a nice motherly old
dame they seem quite comfortable and keep a great appearance
I expected they are all depending upon the fortune of the
latest daughter Mrs Marwood as Mr M [Marwood?] was reputed
rich when died, I met with a Miss Caldwell lately

over there, she teaches music to Lucy Weather---- [Weathersald?], she
is come out from Ireland some months ago, from Coleraine.
She is a fat stout old country girl so [rosy?] and clear
coloured innocent and Irish looking it is a long time since I
heard such a strong Northern Irish accent before, the common
accent here is a half English half American [born?] the
[-----?] learn it from habit when they have been long here,
Miss [C?] [Caldwell?] is a governess to a family living about
a mile out, she has -50 [£50?] per annum and board but I fear
they will not be able to keep a governess all the time, but
I'm not [sure?] Dancing seems to be rather wearing away in
this place you will recollect me writing to you about so many
balls, I scarcely hear of one now, I think it is a change for
the better, where dancing predominates in a community there
is not much solidity I think, a little of it is well enough.
Now please give our regards to Mrs Hill, and [note?] to Mrs
Milliken. I thought it strange the death of Mrs Gelston
(late Miss Davidson) those stomach complaints are sad things,
I [firmly?] it is worms that prey upon the stomach
I know it from experience so if ever you are afflicted
this way just think of what I said, and take medicine
for it, being so long in this climate I should know such
complaints is prevalent here, the impression is there
is none but children so afflicted which is a hurtful mistake
Now dear Eleanor I must conclude or I'll certainly tire you, I
will hope to hear often from you, my mother sends her love and
hoping you and your father are quite well I remain
Your attached friend

P.S I forgot to say we got all letters safe my father
generally gets them from the [------?] himself in the
[forenoons?] [--?] there is [----- ---?]
we still live in the same place. I will write all the news I
can next time