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Title: A. Wilson, Pennsylvania, to the Patrick Family, Ballymena.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWilson, A/18
SenderWilson, A.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEaston, Pennsylvania, USA
DestinationBallymena, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientPatrick family
Recipient Genderunknown
SourceT 1370/4: Copied by Permission of Dr. M.S. Patrick
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9506115
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count669
TranscriptEaston, Dec. 21st [1842?]

My Young Friend,
Your Mother's letter [torn]
to me a few days ago, mentioned [torn]
your name, and it is a melancholy [torn]
pleasure to send a friend [torn]
a photograph of your cousin [torn]
Harry Havelock [resulting?] [torn]
A last November 11th after [torn]
a few days [likeness?], [--?] [torn]
from an affection of the [kidney?] [torn]
which unknowingly to us [torn]
been felt by him for some [torn]
past, we all [-----?] Harry [torn]
and he was well [--------?] [torn]
of it, his natural kindness [torn]
of heart made him a favourite [torn]
with every one who knew him [torn]
every spot about the house [torn]
reminded us painfully often [torn]
[advanced?], which at least to [torn]
Mother and myself will [torn]
time be partially removed but [torn]
still uppermost in our thoughts [torn]
during the remainder of [our?] [torn]
life be it long or short.
Tell your Mother I feel gratified
at the feeling of sympathy
expressed for us in her letter
For the [s------?] sacrament which [torn]
we met with, but seem in the [torn]
midst of the afflictive dispensation
There's great consolation
in feeling that there is [torn]
a place of meeting where no
separation takes place.
The likeness is a good one of [torn]
Harry, but the surface is very [torn]
rough from having the photograph
enlarged from one that [torn]
much smaller.
By your Mother's letter I find [torn]
for all at School, since I [torn]
hoped from will although feel
the great importance of having [torn]
a good education, it is [torn]
[---?] began and the possession of [torn]
money, for it can never be [torn]
lost or taken away from you [torn]
and will always secure for [torn]
for you the means of making [torn]
a reputable liveing [living?] if every [torn]
thing else fails, and there [torn]
is now a much better opportunity
for securing a good
[education?] than when your [torn]
grandfather and we were
Forcing men for teachers then
were not half educated, and [torn]
and after we were able, to work, only
got to School in winter, carrying [torn]
with us two peats to keep
the School house fire going
back [----?] the public schools
in Ireland has good teachers,
far better than when I
went to a country School,
but then that you must a [torn]
[-ember?] is sixty years ago, and [torn]
everything even in Ireland [torn]
has improved very much [torn]
since then, you have a grand [torn]
opportunity for getting a good [torn]
education in Ballymena, so [torn]
near home we had to send [torn]
your cousin Katie off home as nearly [torn]
[-------?] [droved?] miles when the [torn]
so as educated and she the only [torn]
got him twice a year and [torn]
for a few weeks only, but I [torn]
suppose you are tired he air [torn]
everything about [--?] [active?]
is [------?] my mind
as when I left it nearly fifty
years ago I can see old
Slamish back of farmhouse
where I [stood?] on its old grey
top, sixty years ago, where I [torn]
then put myself up amongst
the clouds and looks on the [torn]
wide spread heather hills
in full bloom. For [-----?] at [torn]
me, and even now there are
few things more beautiful
than heather in full bloom [torn]
or hills covered with whins [torn]
blooming blossoms, unless it [torn]
be the hedges of [heather?] [torn]
who sweet smell scents the [torn]
been over doing atmosphere
I am sure you are fully
tired of this [-----?] long
rambling letter which I [torn]
send you with the photograph [torn]
of Harry, so that you may [torn]
remember away out in this [torn]
far off [stretches?] would the [torn]
had a cousin well worthy [torn]
of being remembered,
I wrote from Mother after [torn]
time ago, Remember me and [torn]
all of us kindly to him and [torn]
your other friends, from A. Wilson [torn]