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Title: Joseph Witherow, Louisiana to Rev John Witherow, Co. Derry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWitherow, Joseph/16
SenderWitherow, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationoversees stores for his boss
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilliken's Bend, Louisiana, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientRev John Witherow
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3631/2: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mrs W. Shannon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9405011
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptMillikins [Milliken?] Bend,
Rev John Witherow June 11, 1878

My Dear Couisin [Cousin?] as I am
all alone and has [have?] a little Leisure time
and as I am Studding [Studying?] and pondering over
the days that are past long ago and
thinking on they [the?] days I spent on the Banks
and Brays [Braes?] of Galleney [Gallany?] Watter [Water?] and also thinking
of my old friends O [Oh?] it makes me feel so sorryfull [sorrowful?]
to think of the Days of my youth to think the [they?] are
gon [gone?] by and cannot come no more though a greater
part of my [youthful?] days I had to work hard particular [particularly?]
in Galleney [Gallany?] [Still?] it never hurt much at that time
The pleasures and pastimes that I had with
my old friends and playmates made it that it
did not feel so hard but when I think on
old times it makes me feel like it is my Duty
to write home this impression of calling Galleny [Gallany?]
and Aughlish my Home looks will never leave
my mind particular [particularly?] on Satuarday [Saturday?] Evening like this
when my Buisness [Business?] is Done [an-?] get to studing [studying?]
I allways [always?] call it home
But Dear Cousin John as I know you
will be anxious to hear of how I am getting
along since the war as I know you are
[?] [?] that the previous war left me flat
without five cents but thank God I am
getting along tolerable [tolerably?] well now the [sixty?]
[five?] I got into Buisness [Business?] managing for a lady
what we call overseeing here in the [first?] of
67 this Lady built me a house and started
me in a small buisness [business?] and I mad [made?] a little
money and got along so well she then give [gave?]
me an Interest in the buisness [business?] we now have
two Stores and doing a pretty good buisness [business?]
the Stores is nine miles apart and I Stop
3 days in the week at each one our buisness [business?]
is pretty much on nine months credit when the
[?] is made but we run a great risk if there
is a failur [failure?] in the crop we do not do so well but
if we make a good crop we make it pay.
My Business [Buisness?] is very confining and I am
not as stout and as [hardy?] as I was though
I cannot say I am in bad health but
the Doctor says I stick too close to buisness [business?]
and will have to stop it or I will hurt my
Constitution but the reason I am sticking so
close I am trying to do with as few clerks
as possible and to make a little money so [?]
as I can live independent I always thought
long to see the day I could do so but I think
I will soon see the day now Brother James and
me sent £31.19S sterling home a few days ago
to my Brothers and Sisters at Knockcloaghram [Knockloghrim?]
and Ballinderry I am in hope it will
Reach them safe I expect it will help them a
little as I expect times is Hard their [there?] now
and I understand the [they?] are in need of it particular [particularly?]
my half Brother & Sister I hop [hope?] the [they?] will have sense
enough to put it to a good use times is a heap
harder here since the war and money hard to get
at but a sober industrous [industrious?] man can always
make a living here and not work hard either
if he only conducts himself right
I expect you will like to hear about couisin [cousin?]
Ramsey's Estate It is just like it was when Mr Miller
was here I have kept it from been [being?] sold for taxes for
the last three years thinking that land would increase
in value so as I might get some of my own
out of it it would not sell for one fortyeth [fortieth?] part of
the claims that is against it now if it was
to be sold tomorrow, the [there?] never has been any
one [anyone?] living on it since everything has gon [gone?] to
[?] [on it?] and it overflowes [overflows?] every year [?] is
the [?] it is so valueless the [levees?] has never
been [?] up since the war and untill [until?] the [they?] do be
put up it will never be worth a cent and God
knowes [knows?] when that will be, I have paid out over a
thousand Dollars for it since Mr Miller was here
and has never received a Dollar out of it yet
it the only consolation I have if it ever
will be worth any thing [anything?] and me lives to
to [sic] see it I will stand a good chance
to get [mine?] but I am afraid it will
cost more than I ever will gain by it for
hate to see it sold and so does Brother
James as we both spent many a hard
days work on it besides it owes us both
about ten thousand Dollars but we
would give it all now for twenty five
hundred Dollars [besides?] what we spent
on it since the war so you may see
the prospect we have for our money so
I will not say much more about it this time but
the next time I write I will give the particulars more
fully you will please remember me to all my old
friends and relations remember me to Uncle
George & aunt Isabell [Isabella?] & family aunt Mary Ann
and family Jake Robinson & family Jamey [James?]
[?] and family and all my relations
that thinks worth there [their?] while to enquire about
me when you write let me know all about uncle Joseph & family
and all about aunt Fanny's children let me know how couisin [cousin?]
Mary Ann Moore & family is in Feeny let me know if you got in
good terms yet give me all the news that you think will interest me
Please write soon your Couisin [Cousin?] till death Jos [Joseph?] Witherow.