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Title: George R. Wood, Michigan, to Annie Weir, Pontiac
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWood, George R/89
SenderWood, George R.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationasylum attendant
Sender ReligionBaptist
OriginKalamazoo, Michigan, USA
DestinationPontiac, Michigan, USA
RecipientWeir, Annie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mrs. Linda Weir, Tirmacspird, Lack, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 0SA
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9905082
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7 PM

Miss Annie Weir
Eastren [Eastern?] Mich [Michigan?] Asylum
Pontiac X

Oakland Co. mich [Michigan?]

8 AM
Mich. [Michigan?]

Nov. 21 1891

Miss Annie Weir

Dear Friend
I now take the
pleasure of writeing [writing?] those
[these?] lines to you to let you
now [know?] that I have just
received your long looked
letter this morning and
was glad to hear from
you you were telling
me that you are haveing [having?]
such cold nights there
we are very comfortable hear [here?]
we have just got our
first snow hear [here?] this
winter and it his [is?] going
away fast now Annie
I do not remember those
People who worked in
the kitchen who got
married I am very sorry
for the poor girl she has
a poor start we are
only 20 miles from Grand
Rapids about a month
ago I had a letter from
a lady friend of ours
that used to be on
Hall 12 now I dont want
you to laugh at this
she wrote to me 3 times
so of cause [course?] I
answeared [answered?]
them so she wanted
to corspond [correspond?] with me
right along of cause [course?] I
have only seen the
lady a few times we cant
be too carefull [careful?] if
I remember she has been married
and has a child ang [and?] got
a devoce [divorce?] from her husband
what I heard was this
that she liked other men
better than her husband
of cause [course?] I dont now anything
wrong against the girl
my self [myself?] but it seamed [seemed?]
that she was suck [stuck?] on
George she wrote me
3 very fine litters [letters?] and
was feeding taffy (sic) but
I took all in and I did
not say much so I wrote
to her a week ago and
told her that I was no
more one cant be to [too?]
carefull [careful?]
if ever I corspond [correspond?]
with any lady untill [until?] I
now [know?] what they are this
his [is?] a warning to me you
might now [know?] the girl well
that was Miss Ida Demain
so I dont wish you to
mention this to here [her?]
she sent me here [her?]
picture so of cause [course?] I told
here [her?] that I would return
it if she wanted it
so she told me to keep
it this would of been
a different thing if
I had been well aquainted
[acquainted?] with here [her?]
so poor Lettie got left I am
sorry if we was not the best
of Friends I had a letter
from her Brother
Mr. Worden at Holly
and he told me that
Lettie was working at
some large firm
packing fruit she might
of nown [known] I told here
[her?] once just the kind of a fellow
he was and here [her?] brother
Worden did to and she
never liked me after
that of cause [course?] she thought
there was no-body like
[Chestnut?] of cause [course?] a boy
has the advantage of a
girl they can get to
see more than a girl
it his [is?] to [too?] bad that he
went back on here [her?] after
here [her?] going all that way
I suppose that she wishes
she had taken my
advice now there was another
young man that
you now [know?] well Mr. Gladdam
he would drink every time
he had the chance
I have heard him
say so a good many times
himself and the other
boys would say to him
on a morning that he
was pritty [pretty?] full they
use [used?] to talk those
things over on a morning
in the shop when they
were filling there [their?]
lantreans [lanterns?] I was sorry
for Miss Ruddock at the
same time I did not
say anything I thought
that I might get into
trouble again if I did
I heard that Miss Stewart
his [is?] back but I have not
had the opportunity of
seeing here [her?] since she came
back I only whent [went?] with
here [her?] once and she went
on here [her?] vacation I would
like to now [know?] what that
message was I do not
atend [attend?] to the dances no
the card parties or I might
have the opportunity of
seeing them I wrote to
Mr. Kelly the same time
I wrote to you and I
havent [haven't?] got any letter yet
my be [maybe?] he did not get it
if you go over there sometime
ask him if I
can get my card renewed
down at the Lodge [F.O.O.H?]
when you see Miss Harrison
give my kind regards to
here [her?] also Miss Palmer
now Annie I want you
to write to me again
next week if you have
time and tell me what
you think to the news
that his [is?] this letter
and dont forget that
message hopeing [hoping?] this letter
will find you enjoying good
helth [health?] as I am myself
from your only
George R Wood
So by by and good night Kalamazoo
Box. [A?] Asylum
Mich [Michigan?]