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Title: Robert Wray, Washington County, To His Family, Coleraine.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileWray, Robert/26
SenderWray, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationteacher?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWashington Co., Penn., USA
DestinationColeraine, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceT.1727/5: Copied By Permission of Messrs Wray & Baxter, Solicitors, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry. #TYPE EMG Robert Wray, Washington County, To His Mother, Brother & Sister, Coleraine, Co Londonderry. 8th February 1822.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8901007
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Log17:01:1989 GC created 13:02:1989 PG input 19:04:19
Word Count950
TranscriptWashington County Feby 8th 1822
Mr Thos [Thomas?] Wray
To the care of,
Mr Danl. [Daniel?] O'Kain [O'Kane]
Mercht [Merchant?]
politeness of
Mr Jas [James?] Dunlap.
Cash paid Postage 3 1/2d
By By Danl [Daniel?] O'Kane
Dear Mother Brother and Sister,
I am happy to have this favourable opportunity of
writing to you from a far distant Country but not
forgotten, nor never will be when I wrote to you last
I thought that I was altogether forgot by you, and I
had give up all hopes of ever hearing from you again
but very unexpectedly and much to my satisfaction
I had the happiness of receiving a letter from my
affectionate Cousin John Wray, which was no little
sattisfaction [satisfaction?] to me to hear that you were all well
(Likewise Jas. [James?] got one from you at the same
time) I got mine Jan [January?] twelfth but he got his
a few days before on the account of me being
so far from the office but the [they?] were both together
Dear Mother, I am very happy to hear that
you have a good state of health and that things
are somewhat more agreeable than they were
during the time that I was with you, for I can
assure you that it did grieve me very much when
I saw the state that the family was in but I hope
that it was all for your good both now and here
after. I hope Dear Mother that you will excuse
me for the many times that i have sleighted [slighted?] your
caution and good advise [advice?] which has proven to me
a great remorse since I left you, but I hope
that your attention in setting me a good example
shall, with the assistance of Divine aid prove
to my future happiness and eternal welfare.
although crosses and losses are allotted to us here
we must not forget the one thing needful and to
make a wise improvement of time for a vast eternity
for we are told that whown [when?] the Lord loveth he
chasteneth and scurgeth [scourgeth?] every son and Daughter
that he receiveth. Dear Mother I am happy to
inform you of James's conduct since we left you
for he has behaved himself very prudently in all
respects he is now teaching school in Pittsburgh [Pittsburg?] and
intends going to the College in the beginning of summer
Dear Brother, this is the fourth time that I have
wrote to you and I have not received one from you
yet but perhaps it is on the account of Cousin John
writing, (which I am very much obliged to him for
so doing) but I have not of importance to
write to you at this time, only finding a convenient
way of sending them, and as I am glad to hear
from you every convenient opportunity. I have
that foolish notion that you will be the same
with me, when I was with you I rather discouraged
you from coming to this country, it is true you
live easier than ever you could expect to do here
but if the family were all willing to come
you could obtain more property than ever you
can do in Ireland for land is very cheap at this
time for money is very scarce, but I will not
advise you for to come or not for fear that it
might not be according to your expectations -
I am still at the same employment and in the
same place as when I wrote to you before, we had
not any word from Brother John this two or three
Months, the last account we had he mentioned of
going to his farm and quit Teaching school
and I hope Dear Brother that you will bemind but
of your age Mother, for if I had known the worth
of a Mother as I now do the want of one I would
a have been more attentive than I was when I
had the favourable opportunity of attending to her
admonitions, and as you now become a Parent
yourself I hope that it shall have a greater effect
upon your mind. -
Dear Sister, according to the statement of
My much respected Cousin, I am very happy to
hear that there is a much more reconcilation [reconciliation?] in
the family than there were some time ago, which
I hope shall have the happy tendency of uniting you
all once more in the bonds of unity and peace -
and I hope that you will excuse of taking this
liberty that as you will remember my [kin[d]?]
affectionate Mother -;
I must conclude, hoping that these few lines will
find you all in good health as the [they?] leave me at
present, thanks be to the giver of all good for his
mercies towards me.-
Give my best respects to all enquiring friends to [too?]
but in particular to Uncle Wray and family, [Martha?]
McEleavy and family. John Tate and family, John
Cochran Senr[Senior?], and family, Saml.[Samuel?] Cochran and
family, not forgetting Cathrine McFaul and
family, all our acquaintances that lives here about
Pittsburgh [Pittsburgh?] that I mentioned before are well I seen
last week J. Camron, J. Duma, Jas [James?] Gugan, Jas. [James?]
Andrew, A. Mowrey, A,, McClean -
Write to me every opportunity and I will do the same
No more at present while I remain your affectionate
Son and Brother untill [until?] Death
Robert Wray
Mr Thos [Thomas?] Wray
The bearer of this and one to Cousin John is a young
man of the name of Mr Jas [James?] Dunlap Town of maine Part
of Balteagh and County of Londonderry and if you
have time to go to him he could give a great deal of satisfaction
about this place the Jacksons at Uncle Brook's are relations
of his no more at present but remain yours Robert