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Title: Galbraith Young, Co Tyrone to Johnston Young, Montgomery, NY
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileYoung, Galbraith/168
SenderYoung, Galbraith
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationMontgomery, New York, USA
RecipientYoung, Johnston
Recipient Gendermale
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LogDocument added by LT, Td by Michael McKnight, 25:1
Word Count695
TranscriptAltimullan [Altamullan?] May the 7th 1823

Dear Brother
I take this favourable opportunity
to write to you to let you know that we are
all in a tollerable [tolerable?] state of
health at present thanks be to God for his
mercies to [us?] [stain] these few lines will
find you & family in the [same?] The newest
thing I have to let you know is that when I
was coming home from Dergbridge [Co. Tyrone?]
on the 22nd of Feby last after burying Betty
Junston [Johnston?] Saml [Samuel?] Young's wife,
I got a fall very simply from behind John Barclay
I broke my left leg and altho' [although?] I am
recovering I can only go with the help of Crutches
yet. Samuel Young's wife has left a very small
family behind to bewail their loss She died in
Childbearing of the Eleventh Child nine of whom
do still survive who are all well & doing pretty
well, you wanted to know what I could get for my
land, but I could not say for the reduction that
is on land in Ireland is almost inconceivable for
if Saml [Samuel?] Young was dead now I think the
rise would not be considerable.
Mrs Gibson lived with me untill (sic) she died
which is better than six years & there is no other
Change has taken place in the family since I wrote
to you last.
Charles Young is got married to Sally Huey and
has one Child already and Darcus & James Huey
has got married lately & James is now living in Geo's
[George's?] place in Altimullan [Altamullan?] at
present but his father has signed over to him the
back part of Ardarvar [Ardarver?] [Co Tyrone?] which
produces him ÷15.10s a year. George wrote home to me
stating that he wrote to you but recd [received?] no
When we heard of your prosperity we were very
glad but as some people are fond of talking some
were saying that surely you got Credit in your
purchase for that you surely had not so much of
your own & I hope you will let me know all the
terms of your purchase for I'd rejoice to hear
of your welfare. When I talk about the affairs
of the [country?] I believe there is nothing more
remarkable in our land than a spirit of rebellion
that exists in the Irish at present for there is
nothing of wanting but opportunity and encouragement
to cause them to rise up and some of the great men
are backing them but I trust God will overule their
We have a brave young man now Maghernagerag
[Magheranageeragh?] [Co Tyrone?] & the preachers are
labouring away in this place & I believe they are
not losing ground many are going to their long homes
& among the rest are old Betty Johnston of the Cashel
[Co Tyrone?] & old Marget [Margaret?] Montieth
[Monteith?] William Sproull [Sproule?] & Robt [Robert?]
Sproul [Sproule?] & Letty Sproull [Sproule?]
Letty Sproule Joseph Young Joseph Huey Marget
[Margaret?] Johnston & Matty Johnston have all got
married since my loss
You wanted to know where John Johnston [is?] he is in
Shipton near Quebec lower Canada Samuel has a mind to
go this year to him and probable [probably?] he will
Write to you when he arrives with John
Your Uncles & Family's are all well Thomas and family
[stain] were [stain] give [torn] of the markets of
this country it would [torn] you for markets of all
kinds are very low [torn] money very scarce so that
it is very hard for [torn] to [live here?] now for
there is no encouragement for the farmer whatever so
that many a tim[e?] I think they are well off that
are out of [it?]
I have nothing worth while to mention [torn]
but that I hope if we never meet on [this earth?]
that we shall so live that when [all?] things here
below to us are no more we shall eet in that place
where there will [be?] no more sorrow or Crying
I need say no more but that I remain
your loving brother till Death
and Martha Young

Addressed to Johnston Young
Orange County
State of N. York

(Transcribed by Michael McKnight.)