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Title: Hamilton Young, New York, To "Dear Matty", Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileYoung, Hamilton/86
SenderYoung, Hamilton
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationgoods trader
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientYoung, Martha
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD.729/22: Presented by Miss Duffin, Mount Pleasant, Stranmillis, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9605325
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count344
TranscriptDear Matty New York 16 May, 89 [1789?]

Annexed is Copy of what I wrote you last
inclosed [enclosed?] is the [Messrs?] Waleaces [Wallace?]
& Major Allen Morton Has Ano.d: [Answered?] which you'l
take care of, for fear of any accident happenings my Books
which God forbid I'm Making out [others?] to send
you for same Purpose, I am now to answer
your wellcome [welcome?] favor 23 Feby which came
to hand the 10th [Inst?], W Baillie seems to be a good
young Man & you may depend on what he
sais [says?], next week expect to get the affairs with
Mr [Waddell?] adjusted, & in the Course of next
Month to have matters Settled as far as
practicable so as to leave this in the July pacquet
[packet?] I have got Judgement in Templeton & Stewarts
Bond but it will take some little time to
collect the amot. [amount?] rather than distress them
[last?] post I have wrote to Maryland to abate
20 [--?] to obtain the payment of the Bond there
I'm doing every thing in my power, but cant
help telling you that the procrastination of
these affairs & the Companys makes me very
uneasy at times; I am Glad you are sending the
Gloves & Sheeting I am glad you [put?] the Girl
to Mrs Wilson & that he is doing well I was so
fortunate to save him about œ600 from the
wreck of his Fathers property in this Country
Mr Gain here has the Management of it. I know
Coun.r [Councillor?] Hamilton, he was a great
intimate of my Fathers. Mr Sadlers [hoping?] for a
vessel for Belfast by whom shall send the Hams
[the?] [scare?] Salt [Petrid?], its a fortunate
circumstance at this this (sic) time the Recovery
of the King. Mr Pitt is a very Great Minister, dont
neglect writing me by the Pacquet [Packet?] untill
[until?] I desire you to Stop as my friend Hugh Gain
will take care of them here with Love to you & Sisters
[&c?] H Y [Hamilton Young?]
[&c?] Pacquet [Packet?]
[&c?] Pacquet [Packet?] Belfast