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Title: Margaret Hughes Philadelphia to Bella [McSorley?] [Mrs John Conroy?], Co Tyrone
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filehughes, margaret/2
SenderHughes, Margaret
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationemployed
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceAnnie & Pat McClean 15, Main St. Beragh, Co Tyrone, BT79 0SY
ArchiveAnnie & Pat McClean 15, Main St. Beragh, Co Tyrone, BT79 0SY
Doc. No.712016
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by JMullan, 21/12/2007
Word Count514
TranscriptTin 1 letter 11 Side 1 2210 Delancy
Phila [Philadelphia?]
(above written upside down)
Jan 22nd 1903

My Dear Friend
Bella I guess you
Must think that I gon [gone?] back on you
but indeed such is not the case,
I do often think of you but it seems
to to me that time flies by & you dont
relize [realise?] it going
Well Bella I know you will be glad
to know I am well anyhow& doing
well like people in America. I never
felt better in my life than I do this
winter thank God I havent had

side 2

a cold yet & I have gained 6 Lbs [six pounds?]
since I come home to Phila [Philadelphia?] in Sept. [September?]
I was away all Summer at the sea
Shore it agreed fine with me. I went
in bathing every day & when it was
scorching heat in Phila [Philadelphia?] we had nice
cool weather cool enough to wear
heavy clothes in town you could
go without any atall [at all?] but of course
the appearance might look rather
We are having nice weather now
no snow and very nice Katie was to
see me to day She looks fine wishes
to be Remembered to you all She
is just as jolly as ever nothing troubling
her only a good

Side 3

Bella how is all the beaus I am
beginning to relize [realise?] the mistake I
made in not staying at home &
getting married & work for myself
& not for the stranger now I am
getting old & cranky & will probably
have to find a place in the old ????
if Willie Campbell had only proposed
to me it would have saved me
from such a horrible fate but
as he grows older & begin to see
things in a different way& when his
wisdom teeth have come by that
time I may be home & there may
be better times in store for me

Side 4

I guess you must think I am crazy
but I have no news interesting to you
to send from this side only every body [everybody?]
is well & this county is getting to look
like Garvaghey Chapel on Sunday with
all the people from home you will
meet every day I sees the 3 [three?] Mc Magh
girls every week Sarah Montague & Alice
& the Gormley boys & Patrick Rodgers
Clogherny bush. I guess you heard
that Michael Kelly Garvaghey is
moved he is a brother to Frank

written sideways at top of first page

{who was home
with his wife
& children he was
formerly in Campbells [Campbells?]
bread round.
he married a
nice girl the
name of Campbell
from Roscavey some place
Well now}

Written sideways at top of side 4

It is pretty near
time to stop so
I will say good
by [goodbye?] with Love to
your Dear Mother
Jonnie & your self [yourself?]
tell your Mother I am coming home
soon & that I am
coming to see her
I will let her know
so she will have a
big turf fire &
the kettle boiling for
the tea just like
old times good by [goodbye?]
to all once again
I am as ever &
always yours

Margaret Hughes

Transcribed by NualaMacSherry. Checked by CMcIvor.