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Title: Edward King, New York to Rowland Redmond, London.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Fileking, edward/10
SenderKing, Edward
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstockbroker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationLondon, England
RecipientRedmond, Rowland
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1364/I/21: Presented by W.L. Young Esq., The Old Rectory, Drewsteignton, Exeter, Devon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9011062
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Transcript4 Hanover St [Street?] New York
March 12th 1866
Rowland Redmond Esq
Care of Mess[Messrs?] Brown Shipley Co.

My dear Sir
You will think I have taken a long time to answer
your kind letter of 31 Jany [Janurary?] the fact is since we
moved the stock exchange Some 3 or 4 months ago into our new
building in Broad St. [Street?] the Board has increased the
number of daily sessions, so that when I get back to my
office at 4 pm I generally feel pretty well used up &
consequently disinclined to do any thing more than I can
possibly help. If all there [their?] sessions only brought in
a corresponding ammount of business I would not mind but
commission business has been very dull for several months -
as for "[linen?]" the market has been a very difficult one
cooperate in principally cliques, so that one has to do a
good deal of fishing without much result _ nibbles
frequently proving only 'nibbles' _ Taxes on the other hand
are disgusting. There I have had my growl, so will go on to
something else!
I enclose your accounts made up to 1 [st?] nov 65 -
showing a Ballance at your credit of $41948.70
and a debit of a/c [account?] W.S.R [?] of $20340.76 -.
On 1 [st?] nov. I credited the latter a/c [account?] for
100Shs [Shares?] Chicago [___?] for which I sold at 106 _
thinking I was doing you a service in making the profit
thereon [thereupon?] - it continued dull for some time &
lately took a jump up to about 120 - on the strength of a
big dividend. Today it still rules at 116 @ 118 Meanwhile

I undertook cooperate in a hundred shares of [lanten?] for
you, in special information that it was likely to advance
materially - I made a few turns when the confounded thing
became dull - the result is I hold 100 Shs[Shares?] for the
a/c [account?] which hand in about 41 1/4 - the present price
is 43 3/4 @ 44 - I am still assured that it is going up and
in that hope am holding on. On regard to your Mariposa - I
was strongly advised to hold on to it & believing a good deal
in obituialley [habitually?] maintaining one position until
events & time bring out a good result. I have followed the
advice _ The Coy [Company?] issued a Preference stock to
such holders of the old stock as would pay in $5 per share &
agreed to recieve payment in a scrip's which they issued to
the Bondholders in exchange for unpaid [-------?] coupons –

I [----?] [bought?] $1000 Scrip's at 80- which enabled me to
convert your common stock into P'f'd [preferred?] at a difference of $4
per share instead of $5 - and have since then sold your
preferred stock [----?] [bought?] back the common at a
difference exceeding $5 per share - this operation I have
repeated once or twice, so that it has diminished the cost of
the stock one or two per cent - you now hold 200 shares of
that common stock - I confess it is very annoying to have it
continue so low - so dull - My information came from an
excillent [excellent?] source - who still feels very
confident of one day obtaining at least 30 for the common
stock - but hope deferred is rather more than no hope at all.
Still the new processes for obtaining the gold from the ore
are highly spoken of I ought to produce a good result. Some
of the Colerado [Colorado?] gold Coys [Companies?] have
advanced materially in price in concequence [consequence?] I
cannot help thinking that Mariposa must yet have its twice.
Mr Wm [William?] Redmond has paid in
sundry amounts to your credit - your a/cs [accounts?] stand
today $8547.82 at debit of a/c [account?] W.F.R.
$47138.73 . credit of your own a/c [account?] - -
I had hoped to have made your a/c [account?] more active - but
our stock market has been a declining one - and I do not make
a good "Bear"- All my instincts & courage are the other way.
The only comfort I can give you therefore is that I have not
let you in to any "good thing" or lost you any money for you
- and am in so far at least better than the man with "one
talent" that you will recieve your own if not with using at
least with 0% interest at your coming - I am delighted to
hear that this will take place in May - and shall hope to
welcome you back with