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Title: Thomas Kirkpatrick, Canada, to Rev G Kirkpatrick, Dublin
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filekirkpatrick, thomas/64
SenderKirkpatrick, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstudying to become a lawyer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKingston, Ontario, Canada
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientRev George Kirkpatrick
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1424/11: Purchased From John A. Gamble, 44 Taunton Avenue, Belfast 15 #TYPE EMG Letter From Thomas Kirkpatrick at Kingston, [Ontario?],[Canada?], to The Rev. George Kirkpatrick, 64 Eccles Street, Dublin, Ireland, 3 March 1825.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
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The Revd George Kirkpatrick
No 64 Eccles St
New York
Kingston 3rd March 1825
My Dear George
Your long and etertaining [entertaining?] epistle of the
twenty fourth of November arrived here a few days ago, and I am only
sorry that I cannot in return send you a sheet as well filled (exclusive)
of the quilling by Alexander for which I beg you will give him my thanks)
and as amusing. The routine of business and common occurrences being
almost always the same, it is extremely difficult for me to fill my monthly
dispatches as well and in an etertaining [entertaining?] manner as I would
wish, however as all my dear friends at Coolmine know my intentions, they
will not I am sure on that account relapse in their correspondence
But now to commence, not exactly as you did with self, (which I can
assure you was a very satisfactory theme) but with home concerns
Colley's nephew, Alexander Foster, whom I suppose you have
heard of, has just joined us at Kingston, having last Hilary Term
passed the 'fiery ordeal" of an examination before the benches of
the Law Society of York, where he acquitted himself with great
Eclat, as you might expect from a pupil of our brother in law, he
of course resides in Mr Hagermans house, and will I hope make
a good companion for me both in my amusements and studies, of
my progress in the latter, I cannot boast much as yet, as the
employments of a lawyer clerk do not admit of much time for close
application, and more especially in my situation, as in addition to the
common business of the office I have the charge of the Custom House
duties (Mr Hagerman being collector for this Port) which are at some
seasons of the year not very light, I have however laboured through
the mazes of Blackstines Commentaries and a few other Law books,
I have the advantage at present of making use of Mr Hagermans
Library, in which he has a very good collection both of Law books
and other miscellaneous publications, my library is not much increased
since my arrival in this country, though I am very desirous of having
a good collection of books, I suppose that notwithstanding your frequent
change of abode, you have made many additions to the excellent library
you were forming when I left home, I wrote to Francis some
time ago giving him all the information in my power concerning
the Clergy in this country, Colley also promised to write to him and
to advise him strongly to proceed to this country when he is ordained
should nothing better offer at home, and surely the utmost of his
expectations, viz [videlicet?] a good Curacy,
cannot be compared to stepping at once into an income
of at least three hundred a year in this country; should
you be desirous of obtaining more information on this head, I would
refer you the annual report of the Missionary Society, in which
you will see an account of the state of the Episcopal Church in the
North American Colonies and also the wide field there is for the exertions
of a zealous clergyman in them, the publication I should think can
easily be obtained in Dublin, There is now a very fine opening for
a clergyman at Kingston the school being vacant which of itself is worth
#200 per annum, and the prospect of a further allowance for assisting
the present clergyman in the performance of his duties - You have I suppose
heard of the formation of the Canadian Sand Company in England, they
are to purchase from Government most of the vacant Crown and Clergy
reserves the proceeds arising from the sale
of the latter will of course be appropriated
to the support of the Protestant Episcopal Church
in this Province, and will I dare say cause the
Bishop to appoint Clergymen to several places, where there are Churches
but no resident clergyman. this has been the most extraordinary
winter that ever occurred in the recollection of the oldest inhabitants
we have had but one fall of snow of any consequence & that did not lie on
the ground three days, the consequence will be injurious to the country
if we have severe weather towards the latter end of this month, but at
present, we have most delightful weather, and spring seems to be coming
fast, the ice in front of Kingson is decaying fast, and it is very dangerous
to cross to Long Island which is about three
miles from the shore, indeed a man lost his life
crossing the day before yesterday, accidents of that kind happen
very often here, the intercourse with the Island being so great that
even such occurences do not deter people from attempting to cross when
the ice is dangerous, About ten days ago we had excellent skaiting
[skating?] I made an excursion on skaits [skates?] up the bay of Quinte and
in three days skaited [skated?] nearly fifty miles! When last I heard from
York all our friends there were well, except slight colds in the children,
which are hardly to be escaped this time of year,
My paper being out I think it is time for me to
conclude with a kind remembrance to all friends at home from my dear
George your ever affect [affectionate?] and attached brother
Thos [Thomas?] Kirkpatrick