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Title: Samuel & James Laird, Philadelphia, to Mother [Ireland?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelaird, samuel/7
SenderLaird, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceT3683: Deposited by Rev.and Mrs.M.Crooks. #TYPE EMG Samuel and James Laird, Philadelphia, 27 February 1853, to their Mother.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9002005
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TranscriptPhiladelphia February the 27th 1853

My Dear Mother & Sisters and brother I
wanst [once?] more take up my pen with much pleasure to enform
[inform?] you that we ar [are?] all well at present thanks be to
god for his kind mercies to us hoping thes [these?] few lins
[lines?] will find you all enjouying [enjoying?] the same
blessings as it leavs [leaves?] us at present Dear Mother we received your
kind and welcom [welcome?] leter [letter?] Dt [dated?] Feb 22 which
which giv [gave?] us great pleasure to hear that you ar [are?] all well and
that Mother is always able to go abought [about?] Dear Mother we ar
[are?] all hapy [happy?] and well as we could wish to be we ar
[are?] still living in the same place as yet Dear Mother Brother
with his boss a few dais [days?] ago and he told me James was a
first rate fellow he sais [said?] if he stais [stays?] with him
he will do for him hearafter [hereafter?] in fact the [they?] ar
[are?] always giving him presents Dear Mother James is very wise
and stedy [steady?] he is a credit to himself and mee [me?] Dear
sister we wer [were?] very glad to hear that your helth [health?]
is continuing soe [so?] good and you always hav [have?] the noshion
[notion?] of coming to see us I am sure it will be a very hapy [happy?]
meeting with us when you com [come?] we ar [are?] very glad to
hear that John Laird is coming along with you youl [you will?]
find him very usful [useful?] to to you coming along we think he
is very wise for coming hear [here?] he will be paid for his work
Dear sister Brother James sends you the sum of 6 lb pound 10
shillings sterling and I send the sum of 2 lb pounds sterling one
for the shirts and the other for Mr Wm [William?] Porter
youl [you will?] pleas [please?] return him my sincear [sincere?]
thanks for if for keeping it so long might have sent it before
this onley [only?] Neglect youl [you will?] pleas [please?] Give
my love to them all in the kindest mmanner Dear Sister in regard
to you bringing Clows [Clothes?] with you you need not be
providing any more perhaps the [they?] would not the fashion
hear [here?] you may bring what ever you have with you ned [need?]
not by [buy?] any boots or shoos [shoes?] the [they?]
dont anser [answer?] this country youl [you will?] remember to
bring A good black vail [veil?] with you youl [you will?] pleas [please?]
bring aon [one?] for Nancy and what ever the charg [charge?] is
sheel [she will?] pay you Dear sister in regard to your
[seastor?] we can say litel [little?] abought [about?] it wee [we?]
hear that you will be provided with food already [?]ct
acording [according?] to the new act of parliment [parliament?]
we cant say how treu [true?] it is youl [you will?] have the
opertunety [opportunity?] of nowing [knowing?] and if its the
case you might bring som [some?] oatmeal with you youl [you will?]
find it very usful [useful?] to make a litel [little?]
gruel [whilst?] in the [?]le you might bring sum [some?] Potatos
[potatoes?] and som [some?] ham and eggs and som [some?] oatmeal
you might bring som [some?] tea and coffee and a littel [little?]
Drop of the [Crater?] Dear sister you ned [need?] not by [buy?]
any thing that you can help you ned [need?] not care for bringing
any money with you for Jam[es?] wants you to have all you can
with Mother for he expects to have som [some?] thing for you when
you com [come?] hear [here?] if God spairs [spares?] helth [health?]
Dear sister youl [you will?] giv [give?] the 10
shilings [shillings?] to sister Rebecca we expect that John
Wilsen is A Good Boy and mind his book we entend [intend?] to
do something [something?] for him yet Dear sister youl [you
will?] try if you poosbly [possibly?] [?] get a singel [single?]
Birth [Berth?] in the stearage [steerage?] end and get your goods
put under it and be very particuler [particular?] for its grait
[great?] place for stealing by them Before you start from derry [Derry?]
Dear sister Elisa and William is sending for Robert Abullin
perhaps youl [you will?] all com [come?] togather [together?] you
will be company to each other coming along I ned [need?] not say
anything more on this subject at present Dear Mother you Ned
[need?] not be freting [fretting?] of sister coming hear [here?]
she is coming to a good country ther [there?] is one thing you
ned [need?] not want for any thing that will make you comfortable
god spaires [spares?] us helth [health?] Dear Mother I am hapy [happy?]
to inform you that I am leaving my place and gowing [going?]
to live in the hous [house?] with Brother James I think we
shal [shall?] be very hapy [happy?] togather [together?] the [they?]
ar [are?] very [?]seous [anxious?] for us to be with them this
com [came?] rather unexpected on me which I am very glad for this
hais [has?] me a grait [great?] deal beter [better?] than before
my pay is thirty Dollars per month you may think its purty
[pretty?] hard [g?] to [skear?] up 10 pounds per mounth [month?] I
should work along time in Irland [Ireland?] for it ther [there?]
is a grait [great?] many when the [they?] com [come?] to this
country sais [says?] the [they?] wer [were?] sory [sorry?] for
stoping [stopping?] so long in Irland [Ireland?] perhaps before
the [they?] be long hear [here?] the [they?] would be very glad
to be back in irland [Ireland?] the [they?] get intow [into?]
habits of drink and bad company and then the [they?] loos [lose?] their
carecter [character?] and No person will giv [give?] them anything
to it then the [they?] feel the want of irland [Ireland?]
the [they?] want ther [their?] friends to gow [go?] still But any
persen [person?] that wishes to conduct himself ther [there?]
[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] can get along
well I have not got [?] say [?] thing more on that
subject at present Dear Mother in regard to Mrs Atkin coming to
this country its a thing we would not say much about about it
thers [there is?] wain [one?] thing its purty [pretty?] hard on a
man coming hear [here?] [?] he has got som [some?] money in his
pocket [?] Man that has got a litel [little?] [?] [?] [?]
[?] he can [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] Dear Mother We hav [have?]
Nothing More particuler [particular?] to say at present Cusen
[cousin?] Margaret and Rachel and Gain [Jane?] is all well the [they?]
send ther [their?] love to you all Nancy Campbell and Sera [Sarah?] is
well Ale & Will[iam?] is well Robert Kinkades famely [family?] is
well Samuel Bell and Martha Dunlop is well
Elisa Mullin and William sends ther [their?] lov [love?] to
you all Dear Mother we have nothing more to say at present youl
[you will?] pleas [please?] giv [give?] our lov [love?] to all
our freinds [friends?] and nabours [neighbours?] in the kindest
maner [manner?] Brother James togather [together?] with Nancy and
me goins [joins?] in sending our lov [love?] to you all in the
maner [manner?] No More at present but remains our dear
Affectionate suns [sons?] to Deth [death?] Samuel and James Laird
may god bless you all