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Title: Samuel Brown, Philadelphia to Nephew James [Brown?], Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, Samuel/69
SenderBrown, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmentions giving up the painting business
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientBrown, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 3688/F/9: Deposited by C. MacLaughlin Esq.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9102110
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptPhiladelphia Dec [December?] 30 1816
Dear Nephew
I recieved [received?] your letter Dated 20th July
last, which gave me a great deal of satisfaction to hear
that you and all the family was in good health and
also your Brother William giving up the idea of coming
to this country as the interest of his father so much depended
on him in the business, indeed I was always against him
coming but James Brown wished him and himself
wrote pressing letters to come. But it is an old creed of
mine never to insist on any one of my Relations to come here
But if they do come they shall not want a friend. Dear
James you mentioned in your letter your mind was unsettled
and had a thought of coming to America I should be glad
to see you and could be of service to you. But not withstanding
if you have good propects [prospects?] in Belfast was I in
your place I would not risk a change for this country
is altred [altered?] very much, all the young men that has come
here lately would be glad they had not come here.
But your coming would be very different as you
mentioned you could be supplied with goods from
your friends and even then your mind would be uneasy
in making safe sales but I hope the time will
soon be better Mr Creighton and myself has many
studys he often comes to me to find out people before he makes
a sale, he is a fine young man and has been very
fortunate since he come here. But I have often
pitied him seeing him so much concerned in getting
in his money, he has made very few bad debts,
Bussiness [business?] in this city is very bad and has been so
these years back But our Failures has not been
so great as in New-York we look much for the opening
of the United States bank for relief goods from England
of all kinds is sold here at vandue [vendue?] and hardly brings
Currency for sterling in many things,
the reason is thus, Merchants before they fail
sends them vandue [vendue?] and forces sales to get Cash
but that business will soon be done and I think
in the spring we will have old times and goods
will bring a fare [fair?] price the Caligoes [Calicoes?] you sent me
as a sample is not much [looked?] for this would bring
18 to 20 Cents [per?] yard the Country is so stock[ed?] with all
Kinds of Dry good[s?] it would be hard to say what
would answer next Spring Linen is very Steap [steep?] at
Present but still in Demand and I understand from
Mr Creighton the safest article as th[is?] Mus[t?] Rise
in price in Spring Table linen is all so [also?] a good
article if [f----?] your Friend Mr Young stopped
Here an [on?] his Return from Baltimore to N. [New?] York
and took [Breakfast?] I had his Company but a short
time But understood his Prospects was not good
he mentioned being unesy [uneasy?] being out of Buisness [Business?]
and hints that takin[g?] good[s?] to the Country was
Profitable such as [pudding?] I amediately [immediately?] proposed to
[let?] him have 3 or 4 Hundred Dollars and find
him credit which he [seemed?] [would?] answer but
must go to New York to see his friend and after
he arived [arrived?] [he?] wrote me that he had an offer
from the English Counsal [Counsul?] of a grant of 1000 Acres Land
in Cannidy [Canada?] but to [commence?] the making of [Pot?]
[Ash?] [potash?] and allso [also?] proposed to me to suply [supply?] him with
1500 Dolls [Dollars?] which would be Registered to carry the
Buisness [Business?] on but I Could not Comply With the
Demand from being Inguaged [engaged?] in the U.S [United States?] Bank.
I had subscribed 16 or 17 thousand Dollars and
to meet the installments I could not comply I have
not heard from him since I wrote to him
he must have seen a great part of the Country
as he said he walked above 1000 miles on foot,
this will be put in your hand by Captain Coan [Cohen?]
a much respected friend of mine and a worthy
Honest man and a man of Good information
he has been Intemate [Intimate?] with me this 9 months Ever
since he came from South america he will
give you a full Acct [Acccount?] of all your friend[s?] from Belfast
that has come here Latly [lately?] and some of them is
not [doing] well he has some bank stock and
other property Here which he has left me
the Power of Atorney [Attorney?] to manage for him
if he should want Any information you
Will oblige me in Giving him Such, he is a
Man of truth and Trust, you mentioned about
the money Mrs Cary was to Get Please let Mr
Coats know she Receivd [Received?] it Long ago Mrs Hull
is in this City and I believe Doing Well your
Uncle Thomas is allso [also?] Well and Doing very Well
James Brown is Very Well and Does Well.
I shall give up all the Painting th[is?] nex [next?]
Month to [?] the beginning of this letter is my
[I?]an Williams writing a very promising boy 11 years
old N.B. You must ask Capt. [Captain?] Coan [Cohen?] any news as
he is not of much words he will give you
More Information than I Can by Writing of our frinds [friends?]
you Wish to Know the Price of Beef Pork [etc?]
Mr Creighton had 24 Barrels consigned to him which
he sold @ [14 dollars?] [per] Barrel @ 4 months Pork is 20 dollars [per?] barrel
Hams or Gammon in Spring if [?] would Bring 18 cents
[per] pound if well cut and safe but should be smoked and dryed.
and [Saltpetered?] butter if sweet and Good in firkins would
bring 28 to 30 cents [per?] pound here now I cant say how It might
[Do?] in spring you might Risk a few firkins if you Chuse [Choose?]
Linen bought in your market from 15 d to 3s 3d would would [sic]
answer here if sold in Cheap our Meat Markets is Cheaper
than in Sumer [Summer?] Beef now is from 8 cents to 12 1/2 [per] pound.
Pork 8 1/2 and 9 Dollars [per?] Hundred say the [Hog?] in market
Butter fresh 37p cents to 40 [per?] pound Mutton [7?] and 8 cents
Potatoes plenty but something [Dear?] say 62p to 75 [per?] Bushel
the [they?] will be about one dollar in spring flour
is on the Rise the [?] asks from 13 to 14 dollars [per?]
Barrel 0ur Wheat Crop has not been very good
and India [Indian?] Corn still worse which is the cause of
Pork and Potatoes being Dear Pork I think will be High
in Spring and the [Cause?] of the butter being so
High was the failor [failure?] of our Hay in Sumers [Summers?] not more
than half Quantity, Dear James give my Kind
Love to all my Brothers and sisters and Hoping
these lines May find them all in good Health
is my Wish I Hope you Will not forget your
Promise of Writing to me often Dear James I
Remain your afectionte [affectionate?] Uncle
Sam [Samuel?] Brown
Excuse Bad Writing
NB I wish you could find out
the year I was born ask Brother
Robert I think he knows.

I Have sent [?] to Coan
a spy glass for Brother
Hugh in the [Country?]
James says he has one