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Title: Samuel Laird & Brothers, Philadelphia To Parents [Ireland?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelaird, samuel/19
SenderLaird, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlooks after cattle
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceT 3683: Deposited by Rev. and Mrs. M. Crooks. #TYPE EMG Samuel, James, Sera and John Laird, Philadelphia, 30 June, 1853, to Their Father, Mother, Sisters and Brother.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9002006
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count266
TranscriptPhiladelphia Gune [June?] the 30th 1853

My Dear Father and Mother Sisters and brother I now take this
opportunity of writing to you these few lines to let you know
that we have arrived safe. After a passage of Five weeks and three
days from we left Moville till we landed on the warf [wharf?] in
Phildelphia [Philadelphia?]. Dear Father I now wish to let you
know how we got along on the passage. Aunt Sarah was sea sick
for four weeks. Dear father I was only sick for abour four
hours. Dear father we are both in good health at present thak
[thank?] God for his gracious benefits to us. Dear father we
were not changed out of the cabin that we were in. uncle sam met
us before this that the ship halled [hauled?] into the warf [wharf?]
he took us away then. Dear father uncle sam and uncle
James is both well at present they are both in one place they are
getting along first rate uncle Sam is gowing [going?] to the
country in July. Dear father we both like this country very well
as far as it as come yet we had a very plesent [pleasant?]
passage we had no storm that signifyed [signified?] Mrs Robson
was very kind to us all the way I now send my love to my mother
in the kindest maner [manner?] I hope she will not vex herself
about me for I am as happy and content as ever I was in my life
time. I now send my love to uncle John wife and family and to
Aunt Rebecca and family and also to uncle Sam Horner wife and
family you can let him know that his daughters is well and in
good places. I send my love to John Wilson and to John Horner
and also to William Campbell and James Smyth please let me now
[know?] how they all are. let William Campbell now [know?] that
Nancy and Sarah Campbell is both well Sam Bell and Martha Dunlap
is well. William Mullan Robert and Eliza is all well the [they?]
send their love to you all in the kindest manner [?] Dear father
uncle sam and uncle James and Nancy sends their love to you all
in the kindest manner. Aunt Sarah and I sends our love to Mist [Mistress?]
and D Denham and also to Mist.[Mistress?] Hanna and how she has her
health now. We all send our love to M.C Porters family in the kindest
maner [manner?] and we hope the [they?] are all well and in good
health. Aunt Sarah sends her love to the Mist. [Mistress?]
Keers and to Mister Keer and wishes to now [know?] how
the [they?] are. please let Mist [Mistress?] Denham know that
Margreat [Margaret?] Hunter has got a situation
please let Mist. [Mistress?] Denham know that she
stoped [stopped?] in uncle sams till she got the place. Dear
father your old friend John Barnet was dead and buried eight days
before that we landed. please give my love to Margy Cargill and
to James Kelly wife and family and let me know how they all are
and I hope to see Margy out in this country for I think she would
do well in it. You can let Mrs Wiley know that Alexander is well
but he is not in work at present. Dear father I have got no
place as yet but I Intend to go to a trade a [as?] soon a [as?] I
can find one. My Dear Mother And sister and brother After a long
silence I wish to speak a few w[ords?] Dear Mother we ar [are?]
all well at present I thank the Lord for it we hope this will
find you all enjoying the same as it leaves us at present Dear
Mother Sister Sera and John arived [arrived?] safe And in good
helth [health?] Gune [June?] the 20th Dear Mother we had a very
hapy [happy?] meeting Dear Mother I was in the ship before she
com [came?] intew [into?] the warf [wharf?] and took [them?] hom
[home?] before that Brother knew anything of it the [they?] lik [like?]
this cuntry [country?] very sister sera sems [seems?] to be very
content for [so?] far Dear Mother I have not much time to say much
now I am About gowing [going?] to the Cuntry [country?] for a
short time but I intend to rite [write?] you a long leter
[letter?] when I get home Brother James and me is well and still
living togather [together?] Dear Mother we ar [are?] both very
hapy [happy?] I like my place very for so far I hav [have?] got a
good Deal to do but I am well paid for it I have 4 Horses now and
4 [Carriages?] to look after and has plenty of time to play to [too?]