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Title: Samuel & James Laird, Philadelphia, to Mother and Family
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelaird, samuel/32
SenderLaird, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceT 3683: Deposited by Rev. and Mrs. M. Crooks. #TYPE EMG Samuel and James Laird, 28 December 1852, Philadelphia, to Their Mother, Sisters and Brother.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
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TranscriptPhiladelphia December the 28th 1852

My very Dear Mother and sisters and Brother I Now take up my pen with
much pleasure to inform you that we ar [are?] all well at present
thanks be to God for all his grachious [gracious?] blessings to us
hoping thes [these?] few lines will find you all engoying [enjoying?]
the same blessing as it leaves us now at present Dear Mother we
received your kind and welcome leter [letter?] dated [DC?] the 18th
which gave us much pleasure to hear that you wer [were?] all prety
[pretty?] well we wer [were?] sory [sorry?] to hear of your being
purley [poorly?] in helth [health?] but we hope its onley [only?] the
change of the winter as we now [know?] the winter sets very hard on
you Dear Mother James and me is still living in the same place
yet brother liks [likes?] his place very well the [they?] ar [are?]
all very kind to him and liks [likes?] him very well it gives me much
pleasure to see him geting [getting?] along so well Dear Mother also I
wish to saey [say?] that James is goining [joining?] the Church for
the first time in this country if it should pleas [please?] the Lord
to grant us his blessing at this time to strention [strengthen?] our
[souls?] and prepair [prepare?] us for our hevenly [heavenly?] communion
we ar [are?] gowing [going?] to comm[emor]ate our [saviours?] Deth [Death?]
on the 26th of this month as we hope we shal [shall?] have the
opertunity [opportunity?] of receiving his blessing to strenthion
[strengthen?] us through this vail [veil?] of tears and the many temptations which is daily surounding [surrounding?] us space will not allow me to say any more on this subject at present Dear Sister I wish to spak [speak?] a few words to you now wee [we?] wer [were?] all very glad to
hear that your helth [health?] is continuing so goo [good?] and that
you have got a good situation and satesfied [satisfied?] with it Dear
sister brother James and [Abel?] Wants you to Get us half a dusen
[dozen?] of shirts [?] for each as we now [know?] you can get them cheaper
hear [here?] than wee [we?] can by [buy?] them in philadelphia the
[they?] come very Dear sister Nancy sais [says?] if you would
pleas [please?] get them Made with A Neck square and the plets
[pleats?] of the brest [breast?] [about?] one inch and quarter [broad?]
you need not get Any necks on them onley [only?] the Band with one Button in it Dear sister youl [you will?] pleas [please?] Make them fulley
[fully?] half A yard long in the [?]t [for?] the [they?] ar [are?] worn
very long hear [here?] Dear sister I need not say any thing more
abought [about?] them now Dear sister we hope by this time you have
your mind Made up whether your are gowing [going?] to come hear [here?] or
not Dear sister thers [there is?] one thing we can say we have no
reason to regret our coming thank the Lord we ar [are?] awl [all?]
hapy [happy?] and well and satisfied with our situation I will also enform
[inform?] you that Brother James received on Christmiss [Christmas?]
Morning 14 dollars as a christmiss [Christmas?] present from the
famely [family?] We live with Dear sister it giv [give?] me much
pleasure to hear it and I think it will giv [give?] you the same so
far as I can hear the [they?] ar [are?] perfictley [perfectly?]
satesfied [satisfied?] with him Dear sister youl [you will?] pleas
[please?] and rite [write?] soon and let us now [know?] [what?] [you?] ar
[are?] gowing [going?] to do so or will have time to write before you be
[leaving?] as we [intend?] of sending the Money [for?] the [?] [Dear?]
[Sister?] [?] more on this subject at present Dear Father we now wish to
spake [speak?] a few words to you now we wis [wish?] to giv [give?] you
[our?] [opinion?] on the subject to you [?] [?] [?] John if you think of
[put?]ting [in?] to a traid [trade?] you cannot do beter [better?] not [?]
[?] hear [here?] he can [learn?] his traid [trade?] into [?] four and a half [apprentices?] is paid 2 [dollars?] and a half per week for ther [their?] bord [board?] [?] 30 Doulrs [Dollars?] a year for ther [their?] [clo?]thing we think you would be very foolish to [?] him [?] 9 years when he can get it [?] 4 in [charge?] [?] can get any traid [trade?] [he likes?] [?] [?] [?] [?] Dear [Brother?] if you [think?] [of?] [sending?] him [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] we will do [all?] that we can for him Dear Brother I [?] [say?] [any?] [thing?] more now I will [?] [?] it to your [?] [?] you think best to [?] thers [there's?] one thing if you [?] [him?] [?] take so good care of him as you would [?] I am better I need not say much more [now?] as I intend to say a great deal more in the next leter [letter?] youl [you will?] pleas [please?] let Unkel [uncle?] Horner now [know?] that his Children is all well and is gowing [going?] to rite [write?] soon
William Cambells Daughter is well Robert Kinkades both is all well
also Alex Willi[s?] is well James McCorkill Daughters is well Samuel Bell
and Martha Dunlap is well youl [you will?] pleas [please?] let [William?]
Watt now [know?] that his sister is wel [well?] Dear Mother [I?] [have?] got nothing more to say now Elisa and William Mullin [sends?] [their?] love to you all in the kindest man [manner?] Cusins [cousins?] Margret Rachel and [?] [sends?] their love to you all in the kindest manner Dear [?] Brother James and Nancy and [?] joins me in sending your [love?] to you all in the kindest manner you pleas [please?] giv [give?] [our?] love to all our [friends?] [?] in purticular [particular?] Wm [William?] Porter and family [family?] no more at present But remains your [?] [?] and Affectionate suns
[sons?] to Deth [Death?] samuel and James Laird
I [?] [?] youl [you will?] pleas [please?] [Make?] the [shirts?] to open in
the Brest [Breast?] with 2 buton [button?] in the brest [breast?] and I in
the [neck?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]