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Title: Patrick Lavin, Danielsonville, Conn., To Son & Daughter
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelavin, patrick/27
SenderLavin, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationout of work on account of bad health
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDanielsonville, Conn., USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT.2035/1: Copied by Permission of Dr E Green, History Dept. University of Manchester, Manchester 13. #TYPE EMG Patrick Lavin, Danielsonville, Windham Co., Connecticut, U.S.A., To His Son & Daughter. 1855.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8811036
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log05:12:1988 GC created 11:09:1989 ET input 12:09:19
Word Count859
TranscriptDanielsonville November 8th 55

Dear Son and loveing [loving?] daughter i [I?] recd [received?] your
welcome Letter dated the 4th and was happy to hear of your [being?]
in good health as we are in at present thanks be to
God for his [kind?] mercys [mercies?] to us - dear Daughter you mentioned
to me you wrote to me 4 months since But if you
done so i [I?] never recd [received?] it and i [I?] must let you know
i [I?] was much disatisfied [dissatisfied?] [you?] whereas you never
[answer?] any of my letters untill [until?] this time i [I?] sent two
letters and post paid them and never got ans [answer?], also wrote
to John Mc[Gram?] and paid it and got no ans [answer?] therefore
i [I?] never intend post paying no more letters whereas
i [I?] never get an ans [answer?] dear Daughter [I am?] to anounce
[announce?] to you i [I?] remitted to you in this letter the sum of
15 Dollars thats [3 = 6?] [?] sterling [1 de?] are only allowed 4 British
on every Dollar and our Dollar is 6 there in remitting Bills to
Brittan [Britain?] we loose a third you [recollect?] you
shall pay [a?] discount [?] [?] [?] whereas
i [I?] paid it goes free of any expense to you i [I?] hope for the
time to come you will always write to me so
long as i [I?] live i [I?] am to let you know my health
is not the best at present i [I?] had to quit work 2
months past excuse my pen for my hand is not
steady dear daughter your talk is about hugh
comeing [coming?] out to this country Hugh would have
good Business here whereas he is a good stout
Healthy man if he was only acquainted with the
work But it would be a very short untill [until?] he would
be acquainted a good servant man can get here 15 dollars
per month for 8 months from the 1 of april to the 1
of December thats 120 dollars or 24.00.0 British money found in bed board
and washing & mendings the other 4 months the wages is slack only 10 dollars
per month the first of april is the only time to be
here for hireing [hiring?] But any man thats here the latter end
of june he is [in?] for [paying?] season and for
July and August a man that can mow will
get 25 dollars per month for them 2 months
dear hugh you never let me know what wage
you had or how you were doing let me know
in your next letter what wage you have weekly
or how you are situated i [I?] should think if you
have not got a pig you should buy a little store one
also as soon as you receive cash for this letter order
write to me imediately [immediately?] whereas i [I?] will remain unhappy
untill [until?] i [I?] get your Ans [answer?] dear Hugh if you had
a wish to come out to this country we should pay your
passage whereas many a man comes out here and
leaves his family after him for one year and sends
then for his family But i [I?] dont understand how
Biddy and the children could so i [I?] should think
the [they?] could not by no means i [I?] wish you and
family was all here if you were Biddy and
the children could live with us where [you?] would
pay no house rent or fire wood candle light
untill [until?] such time as you should gather yourself
I have not much to say untill [until?] my next
letter so anw [answer?] this letter as it comes to
hand be sure and send me all Particulars
in your next letter no more at Present
from your Loveing [loving?] father and mother
untill [until?] Death Patk [Patrick?] and Ann Lavin
so we all join your Brothers and sisters
in love to you Hugh and children
Provisions is very high in this country flour per Barrel from 10/12 to
12/2 Dollars [?] [make from?] from 2/2 Dollars to 2-75 cents Butter 30 cents
Beef from 10 to 12 cents pork 15 cents eggs 22 cents per dozen
Please direct to Patrick Lavin Danielsonville Post office Windham county
and state of Connecticut
i [I?] shall send more Particulars in my next Letter dear Daughter i [I?]
never heard from your Brother John this 4 years and Better understand his
not liveing [living?] or i [I?] should hear from him
i [I?] nearly forgot your Sister Mary is in good health and sends her best
respects and kind love to [?] her and husband and her child Ann [all send
love to you?] her farm is 160 or 180 acres of land she has 24 head of
Cattle [?] [?] [?] is got married to a young man [?] [?] [?] [in all
America?] On the [?] [?] [?] all join in sending [?] [?] [?] best respects
[?] [?] [?] [?] you recd [received?]
Cash [?] [?] am allways [always?] to
[?] [?] you