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Title: Alexander Lawson, Lurgan, to Patrick Laverty, Pennsylvania.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelawson, alexander sr/145
SenderLawson, Alexander Sr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationweaving business?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLurgan, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationMechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
RecipientLaverty, Patrick
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by E. Michael Laverty, 630 Union St., #2f Brooklyn, New York 11215, U.S.A
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh.
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TranscriptTo Patrick Laverty Carlisle Cumberland County Pennsylvania

Lurgan May the 11th 1817

Dear Brother I take the favourable Opportunity of writing these
few lines, hoping to find you in good health as it leaves us at
present, thank God - for all his mercies towards us. we are all
very happy to hear you are well and alive for as we have not
heard from you this five or six years so that we really thought
you were dead. we are all happy to here [hear?] that you are so
comfortably situated in life. for if you were in Ireland it
would not be so. I hope you are Married to your Satisfaction and
as Providence has been so kind to you and preserved you through
so many dangers. I trust you will devote your Life to him and
take up Joshuas resolution that you and your house will serve
the Lord. many changes have passed and many strange times have
gone over us since you Last heard from us but thank God he has
preserved me and my famely [family?] from a great many of the
misfortunes that are abroad in the world. we live Comfortably in
the midst of bad times and I hope we will be thankful to God for
all his mercies we have had four Children since you left this
place. the Eldest of the four is Called Ann the second was Maria
but she died at three years old. the third Alexander and the
youngest is margret [Margaret?]. I have no Brother now to send
you word about. they are all gone into Eternity. William and
Richard died within eleven or twelve weeks of each other. my
mother is in her aunt house still but very poorly in health
but thanks be to God while others are Calling round me I still
am spaired [spared?] a mounument of his mercies. I might say a Great deal
Concerning the Situation and affairs here but as Mick Reynolds
has wrote to you it saved me a little however there is one
thing I would mention to you relating to your Brother A. he is
but poorly Situated at present. trade is so very bad that he
has had Little or nothing to do this Long time. he is Living
in Moira and has Seven Children and all Girls so you must think
he would need a little assistance. I know from your disposition
if you were near him you would Stand his friend, but as you and
him are both situated as you are, you must be directed by your
own feelings and ability. all your old friends and acquaintances
are very happy to here [hear?] from you. your Letter Gave them so much
pleasure that all went from hand to hand and was Carrassed [caressed?]
by all. you speak of the Season being wet and Crops bad but it was
a General thing for there never was such a season seen here.
before every thing seemed in danger of being Lost but providence
interposed and there was more of the Crops saved than was
expected. I would have wrote often to you but I knew not where
to write, but I expect you will write to me every opportunity
and you may be sure I will [----?] it for [--?] anything would
Give me more pleasure than to here [hear?] from you. if you Could
ever think of Coming to Ireland you would Certainly be received
with open arms by all your friends but more especially by your
Sister Jane and me but alas there is little encouragement here
for any one. your Sister Molly and Roderick has been in England
these three years but they are now in Dublin. William Richardson
and James, is living together in Dublin now and William has got
a great Match. Maria is living in Belfast and is Married there
to a Captain of a Ship of the Name of McMaghan [McMahon?]. Jane Brown
Desires to be remembered to you. She is living in the house with
my Mother at present and Philip Carol Sends his love to you, and
all you [your?] old acquaintances is glad to here [hear?] from you. When
you write send us word if Maria had wrote to you or not, Mary
and Thomas Joins in Love to you. Sally and Jane Sends there
[their?] Love to you and all the rest of The Family. Betty Wiley
Desires to be remembered to you. Jenny and all the Famely
[Family?] Joins me in Love to you and your Wife and Famely
[Family?] and Believe me I shall ever remain your affectionate

Brother Alexander Lawson

Jane Brown This is your Nephew
Desires me to let Thomas Lawsons
you know that Writing
her Father and
Mother is Both