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Title: Thomas Lawson, Lurgan, to Patrick Laverty, Pennsylvania
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelawson, thomas/63
SenderLawson, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationweaving business?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLurgan, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationMechanicsburg, Penn., USA
RecipientLaverty, Patrick
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright retained by E.Michael Laverty,630 Union St.,#2F Brooklyn,New York 11215,U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
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TranscriptPathrick Laverty Esq.Mechancsburg
Cuberland County Pennsylvania

Dear Uncle,
we received your kind letter in July last year and we are
glad to know that you were on the land of the living we were
sorry to hear of the death of your two daughters we were also
glad to know that the rest of your famely [family?] was in good
health it is a case of thankfulness to God that our Family and
famely [family?] connexions [connections?] is still alive and in
the enjoyment of health after so many of our Townspeople and
aquaintances were taken away this Summer by Cholera there was
upwards of 90 deaths in the town and Neighbourhood a great many
of them was children and young persons thank God my Mother is
still on the Land of the Living she is always very poorly in the
morning with a severe Cough which she had nearly this 20 years I
would have answered your letter sooner only for some little
alterations that has taken place in our Famely [Family?] My
sister Marys Daughter Elisa McLeerys [McCleery?] that was reared in our
house since the Death of her Mother which happened in the year
1828 was married last friday the 17 of this month to a
respectable young man of the name of James Henry a Saddler to
trade he keeps three Journeymen constantly employed and has a
Shop Opposite the Castle lane on the other side of the street in
the House where Mr.Thomas Overend formerly lived her brother
Alexander McLeery [McCleery?] always lives with us and weaves
in the cellar I omitted mentioning that Eliza lived with my
Sister Margret this two years past the wrought at the Dressmaking
and had a great trade.Dear Friend you are aware that after the Death of my
Sister Jane this month two years ago that my young Sister
margret went in to her house to live and has carried on her
business in the Groceryline together with her own an was doing
well She still misses Elisa badly it is generally believed in
the town that Elisa has made a Great match
Dear Uncle My Mother is often talking about you she always keeps
the lock of Hare [Hair?] that you sent as a keepsake she was very
uneasy about you before she got the last letter when any of the
Neighbours got letters from America She would say that every one
got letters from there [their?] friends but her I hope in future
that you will not neglect writing often and we are all Glad to
hear from you and your Famely [Family?] My Sister Janes Son
Thomas Caulfield that I mentioned in my last letter to you is
still in Quebec he has got promotion he is now Bombadier we had
a letter from him the 12 of July last about the time that we
received your last letter there is several of your old
acquaintances often enquiring after you Old George Matthews has
been speaking to me twice lately about you and requested me the
other day to remember him to you when I would write he is some
years older than my Mother there is another man of the name John
Fairy has been enquiring about you he is old and greatly Failed
likewise old Mr Thomas Warren that is Clerk of the Church these
35 years past since old Mr Magouean Died he is often enquiring
about you I was up with him the other night to get the old
Registry searched for your Age her very kindly searched for it
and got it I send you enclosed in this letter the certificate in
his Sons handwriting a respectable yound [young?] man who is
clerk for Mr Morriss Office the Attorney in Lurgan I may mention
your Age in this letter for fear anything should happen the
certificate you were Baptized the 10th of September 1775 you
mentioned in your last letter to let you know what part of
Philadelpia Sarah Develin [Devlin?] and her husband and Famely
[Family?] lived I am sorry to inform you that that I cannot she promised
faithfully when parting with my Mother at the door the day she
left Lurgan that as soon as she would land and get settled that
she would write and give us all the information that she could
she likewise promised to write to you and got your address from
me her Sister Mary and Husband three fine Children together with
her youngest Sister Jane Reynolds all Sailed from Belfast for
New York about the 23rd of June last we have got no account from
them yet her Husband was a very respectable Master Tailor this
some years in Belfast I have received also Newspapers From you
this Morning one of them Dated the 30th of July and the other
the 1st of August we feel grateful to you for them
My Mother sent a paper to you some time ago she has been often
talking about it I intend to send you some newspapers shortly Mr
Thomas Bullock is often enquiring about you he wishes me to
remember him to you he also requests you when you write to again
let him know if you see or hear anything about his friends you
request I would write to give you the Address of my Brother
inlaw that lives in Belfast George Caulfield No9 McCroys Row
Ballymaccarret Belfast, there is a great appearance of an
abundant crop there is a fine Crop of Potatoes there is a few
rotten ones But the Crop is so great that they will not be
missed the Harvest has commenced Oatmeal Is 6D the
Stone India white 11 1/2D Yellow 10D a Stone Flour from 1s 9D to
2S the Stone we have cheap provisions and plenty of Trade for
everyone that is willing to work My Uncle Arthurs
Famely [Family?] will. Aunt lives comfortably beside Moira her
Daughters is all Married well but the oldest one that keeps
House for her Uncle John in Rilwulin near Moira, we heard Awful
accounts of the Ravages of Cholera in different parts of America
there is a great deal has died in different parts of Ireland
Especially up in the South and West where the Famine was My
Brother Alex and my sister Ann still lives with My Mother and me
Alex I still manufacture Camrick and has made money every member
of our famely [family?] Joins in sending there [their?] love to
you and every member of your famely [family?] So no more at
present but remains yours Thomas Lawson

Letter dated August 22 1849
Rec'd Spt [Sept?] 11th 1849
If you write (Address Mrs Jane Lawson)
Lurgan County Armagh Ireland
or if you address your cousin say (Thomas Lawson)

For follow-up information, Patrick married Ann Barbra Ditto on
May 11, 1815, at Lisburn, York County, Pennsylvania, and had 12
children. He passed away on October 2, 1853. His son, Theodore
Cyrus, went to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, opened
his pharmacy in Middleton, Pennsylvania,and attended the wounded
at the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.