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Title: Lord Caledon, Quebec, to Countess Caledon, England
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelord caledon/21
SenderLord Caledon (James Du Pre Alexander)
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
OriginQuebec, Canada
RecipientCountess of Caledon
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 2433/B/8/38: Deposited by the Trustees of the Caledon Estates.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9510186
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count761
TranscriptCitadel of Quebec
September 24 1841
My dear Mother
You will see by the papers the death of Lord
Sydenham he had a fall from his horse which
broke his ankle and he died in great pain
from a compound of [gout?] mortification &
lock jaw - we are not yet certain as to who
is coming out. I was unlucky in not being in
time to send my letters by the last mail but was
out in the country and the roads being bad I
did not get back till just too late to save
my distance - We do not know what is to be done
about McLeod no leave is given till after the
trial - our General is gone up the country on a tour
of inspection - The Queen seems to have [put?]
a good face on the matter when she could no
longer help the Tories from [coming?] in I am
anxious to hear if Lord [Stuart?] gets any thing
With the exception of [Beutries?] accidents these are
good accounts from Caledon. I trust however that
his accident will not be serious though I dare say
he will feel it for some time. What has become
of Pepys as I saw in some paper about the Bishop
of Sador and man and they gave him another
name I hope that he has changed from [preferment?]
not death - [Wedderburn?] has gone into another
regt. [regiment?] I tried to be civil to him, but I found after
a time that it was not possible to get on with
him if he was treated harshly by any one it was
entirely his own fault I think he was mad which
is the only excuse can be given for various modes
of proceeding, he was ignorant of his profession
negligent, a great liar, and altogether I do not
think he had one redeeming quality I do not
mention this to be ill natured against him
but merely as he complained, that we cut him
because he was a Dr which was not at all
the case. he was obliged to leave for his misconduct.
I hope to be exchanged into the
other Battn [Battalion?] which a douceur will I think
ennable [enable?] me to do, but this is a secret as giving
money for duty is not according to the rules &
Regulations of Her Majesties service - I have
got some more of the drawings of this country -
from the same man that I sent over before - I lady
[-erulam?] should by any accident enquire of you after the
celebrated Charles, tell her he is well and gone up the river
for a few days to shoot which will account for his not
writing, and I believe he had forgotten to do so
two or three last times. I see ny one of the papers
from the western parts of the states that the
[Winnebagos?], Pottawattamies, Pawnees &c [etc.?] have
all joined to exterminate the Sioux and as there
are a party of the Chippeways [Apineboins?] &
others from the north forming a large party
for the same charitable purpose I am afraid
my poor friends will meet with some difficulties
before the winter I am quite sorry for them although
they are a set of scamps yet they were civil
enough to me and I should be sorry for them
We have not heard the result of McLeods trial
yet but I hope a few days now will settle it one
way or another I am getting the skins of the different
birds of this country preserved and will have a
good collection of them to send home soon
and I have succeeded in getting most magnificent
wild turkey - Some birds were sent me
from one of the north west posts but nothing
very good except a large snow owl and a curious
species of pigeon I hope you have better weather
at home than we have here, the rain last
night absolutly poured down, but it was
much wanted all the saw mills in the country
being stopped by the droughts - I dont know
whether I told you of a curious thing that happened
here just after I left Quebec for my journey
the cliff below where we have a battery
hangs over the houses of the lower part of the
town, some of our people heard a noise like
thunder one day and shortly after they were
sent for down the town to give assistance
a great mass of the cliff had been given way and
[remainder missing?]